Taking Real Estate Courses Online? Here are 8 of the best online journals that will help you through it

Studying real estate online can be a good idea if you want to be a licensed realtor, especially with the current pandemic. But even without it, taking courses online is a cost-effective way to get that license without the hassle.

Still, that means becoming savvier in doing your research and getting reputable sources. After all, you won’t have a library at your disposal. But fret not, because we’ve listed 8 of the best online journals to help you with studying real estate courses online.


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The Journal of Real Estate Research

The journal of real estate research provides key insights not just for academics but for real estate practitioners as well. The focus area of this journal is to cover business decision-making as it applies to real estate. This means it might be useful to areas like development, management, market analysis, and real estate valuation. Skimming through this journal might help you make valuable decisions as you scroll through real estate prices in Toronto and the like.

The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

Read this journal whenever you need to see real estate through the double lens of finance and economics. This journal’s scope includes the structure of real estate markets, the different roles of various financial and non-financial institutions, and even public policy and regulation. Subject areas of this journal are centered around urban economics, housing, regional science, and public policy.

Journal of Property Research

The journal of property research focuses on applied research focusing on property investment and development. You can find papers here in any area of real estate investment and development. The major areas of focus are property investment and finance and land development. The former focuses on the application of techniques developed for real estate from other kinds of investments. The latter deals with a multitude of issues regarding property development and redevelopment.

Real Estate Economics

This journal, Real Estate Economics, has a lot of articles about real estate that spans topics from tax rules to corporate real estate so this is a good journal to read for a broad range of topics before looking at more specialized journals.

Journal of Sustainable Real Estate

This is a more specialized journal that focuses on sustainable real estate. As such, their topics focus on energy efficiency, environmental improvement, and reduced carbon footprint as it relates to real estate.

Journal of Real Estate Literature

The Journal of Real Estate Literature on the other hand, focuses on the academe side. Its objective is to provide information for real estate educators and researchers. So expect a lot of published research, dissertations, and the like.

Journal of Housing Research

The Journal of Housing Research’s primary goal is to provide high-level research from core businesses and urban studies researchers. Topics you can expect from this journal include economics of housing markets, brokerage, and international housing issues, among others.

Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education

The Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education is another publication by the American Real Estate Society (ARES). Its main objective is to encourage excellent real estate practice in both training and teaching. Read through this journal if you want to know more about teaching real estate in study areas such as development, management, finance, marketing, valuation, and market analysis.

As you look for more journals for your studies, another tip that’s important to note is looking at a journal’s Impact Factor. More reputable journals have higher impact factors, so aim to look at journals on the higher end. Also, it’s important to look for journals that are peer-reviewed so you can ensure that the information is more trustworthy than journals that aren’t.

There are, of course, a lot more journals available online if you look around, But these 8 are the ones we’ve found cover the widest range of topics that you might need as you study real estate online. If you want to practice what you’ve learned, you can check this site and see what your newfound knowledge can do.



Top reasons to host your Hytale server remotely

Hytale is an upcoming sandbox role-playing video game, which is likely to be launched in 2021. Hytale is essentially based on the block building concept of Minecraft and is already being nicknamed as Minecraft 2.0. With the game creating ripples even before its launch, user expectations are at an all-time high. From the looks of a trailer released in 2019, Hytale has an extremely captivating and vibrant user interface. This is very much in line with the makers’ promise of a ‘world of adventure and creativity’.

One of the most defining features of Hytale is that the game is built for competitive play. This means that while ‘single-player mode’ remains available to users, playing with friends is sure to level up the fun. As any gamer would be aware, servers are a must-have for a multiplayer game and Hytale is no different from the rest. While some players may like to set up a server on their own, many others opt for remote servers that are readily available online. Many popular game server specialists have already announced that they will start offering remote Hytale server hosting as soon as the game is released. 

With the launch of Hytale just around the corner, now would be a good time to assess if remote servers are capable of giving you the bang for your buck. Let’s look at some of the key reasons for you to consider opting for online server hosting providers versus setting up a server on your own:

  1. Convenience: Most remote Hytale server providers utilize high-end infrastructure, which enables easy, one-click set-ups. This is a far cry from setting up a server on your personal computer, which is a time-intensive and tedious task.



  • Seamless gaming: Hytale boasts of vivid graphics and exhilarating adventure. From minigames to video play capability, the game is set to leverage an array of dynamic systems. A personal server running on a residential internet connection may not be the best resource for these enhanced features. Remote servers generally run on a high-quality internet connection that is sure to provide a hassle-free gaming experience without latencies of any kind.




  • Financial benefits: Contrary to what a lot of people may believe, running a self-hosted server is an expensive task. You will need to bear the cost involved in keeping your computer powered at all times. There may also be a need to invest in cooling devices and other ancillaries. With remote gaming servers, not only do all these costs get eliminated, but you can also earn through in-game monetization. This is an added benefit that is being offered by several online game server providers.




  • Diversity of tools: Opting for a remotely hosted Hytale server will give you access to a vast collection of weapons, costumes, and buildings, as many game server providers offer additional plug-ins to users. This stands in enormous contrast to using a personal server, where you are restricted to a pre-existing set of features.




  • Protection from stray attacks: DDoS attacks are a major concern in internet security today. Such an attack aims at crashing a server and interrupts gameplay. Online Hytale server providers come with DDoS protection so that you can continue to play without disruptions.




  • Troubleshooting support: Managing a self-hosted server can be difficult, especially when you face technical glitches and outages. With game server specialists, you can rest assured about this aspect, as most of them come with 24/7 support for quick troubleshooting.




  • Data backups: In-house servers are more vulnerable when it comes to data loss during disaster situations. With remote Hytale server providers, you never have to worry about losing game data as automatic data backups are in place at set intervals. 


If you are aiming for superior game performance with enhanced user experience, it is worthwhile to opt for remote server hosting providers. Online Hytale servers are a smart way to cash in on the endless possibilities that this exciting game has to offer. 

Importance Of Using Health And Safety Software In Today’s Pandemic

As of late, the pandemic that has shaken the world in the late 2019 is still present. To successfully battle it, it’s not only the medical world that’s playing the game. Rather, it’s now a contributive effort among different sectors to survive. Thankfully, technology is also on everyone’s side, providing ease, effort, and help as people scramble on towards this health crisis.

One of the key players in technology that contributes to managing the pandemic is a health and safety software. Having this software in place, particularly in the workplace, may help keep everyone safe from this deadly virus. 

In addition to that, here are other benefits of using health and safety software:

  1. Enables Easy And Fast Mobile Reporting Of Data

The importance of fast reporting of data in your organization is one that most people have probably not thought of. But it’s a very important aspect, especially now that some employees are scattered–with many being asked to work from home. If you’re the manager of a small business or an organization with a limited amount of resources, you need to be thinking about this every day. If you don’t, your company is probably paying a lot more money than it should.

When your data is fast, it’s easier to make the necessary changes to the way things are going to work. It makes it easier for your employees to do the things that’ll improve your business and get the information that you need.

Now that many organizations are striving to get back on their feet and go full force with their operations, the importance of having fast data is highlighted even more. If your workforce is constantly on the move, you’ll need to ensure the timeliness of data being reported to them. That way, they can, for instance, keep the distance from an employee that still hasn’t gone home, and has started to display symptoms at work.



  1. Allows For Streamlined Data Collection

A streamlined data collection with information from reputable sources, such as VirusSAFE EDU, means having greater flexibility in your business processes. You need to have a data collection process that matches the exact processes and needs of your business.

For instance, businesses that have re-opened have to strictly comply with contact tracing procedures. Health and safety software enables businesses to keep all these pieces of information in one place, making it easier to comply with any health checks or tracing procedures that need to be done.

  1. Enhances Workers’ Safety

Workers’ health and safety are now considered a major concern and priority, especially during this pandemic. This is because almost all industries and large organizations are now facing serious health threats due to various factors, like poor working conditions, diet, lack of personal hygiene, and high levels of stress among others. That’s why some industries have become infamous among workers as well as society as a whole because of the high level of injuries and illnesses sustained by their employees. 

In today’s time, this safety has more to do with the onset of possible diseases while in the workplace. You wouldn’t want your employees to contract the flu, virus, and others while they’re inside your work premises.

With health and safety software in place, the workers’ safety is enhanced. That’s because workers will now have easy access to all pieces of information they’ll need to learn more about this virus. 

With this software, all information is in one place. More so, these are all trustworthy and verified information. Hence, your workforce will know better how to keep themselves safe and how to avoid contracting the virus from others.

Thus, prevention is a key factor to eliminate such issues. Thus, it’s important to develop preventive measures to reduce these risks, making it necessary to have a program or plan to ensure that there are adequate workers’ health and welfare provisions in place.

  1. Enables Data Logging On-The-Go

Mobile applications are now being used in the application of health and safety software. Remember, right now, collecting data while people are on-the-go is the new norm. This is the most convenient way of logging data and spreading it to the rest of the employees. 

Regardless of the mobile device you and your team are using, this can be used to log and view data, which is useful for better management of the virus.


All these said, if you don’t have one yet for your business, you may want to consider having a health and safety software system in place. Even though it’s going to cost you quite a bit to get things started, in the long run, the benefits it’ll bring to your organization will always prove to be worth it. Thus, apply with a trusted provider for your health and safety software application needs.

4 Reasons Why Securing Data is More Important Than Ever

Professionals that run businesses have many things to keep in mind. From keeping track of profits to training employees, these tasks are essential, no matter the type of business. Data security and digital file management are just as important. Documents are e-shared more than ever before, and it’s the responsibility of each employee to keep sensitive information in the right hands.   

One of the safest ways you can share documents safely is through a data room. Here, we’re going to tell you four reasons why you should only share documents in these secure digital environments and take cybersecurity seriously.

1) Protects from Breaches

For any business, transactions with both employees and clients are of the utmost importance. With the advanced technology available to the public these days, there are many ways with which you can protect your data. However, there are also many methods with which someone can breach your security!

According to the data room experts at https://www.firmex.com/, one method for compromising data is through automated bots. Sometimes, it’s not a real person doing the heavy lifting. Hackers use bots to distract your security team, so they can gain access to your files. Understanding the different ways your security can be compromised is the first step towards combating these breaches.

2) Helps Save Money

Securing your business’s data will help save you money in the long run. A breach can cost a monumental amount of money for your company. According to IBM,the average cost of a data breach in the United States is $3.86 million dollars in 2020. It also takes an average of 280 people to fix the breach.

That money can be better spent on a data room plan, which offers space to share files securely with both employees and clients. With proper measures in place, you can rest assured your company is in safe hands!

3) Keeps Business Running in an Emergency

Many businesses today rely on online records to keep their business afloat. Imagine one day waking up and none of your files are there anymore. This could be due to a breach, natural disaster, or equipment failure. This can halt your operations for weeks, or even months! 

If your information is properly protected in a data room and backed up, you no longer need to worry about this possibility.

4) Builds Trust in Your Company

Taking the time to properly build your online security can help build trust in your company. Clients should know that any information they send to you is confidential. Employees will also appreciate the effort you take in securing their files so their personal information is never in jeopardy. 

You’re taking a huge risk with a lack of proper security. One breach can tarnish your reputation with workers and clients alike. Not only will this cost you money while you fix the breach – you may not be able to build your clientele in the future, either!

In Conclusion

With the rise of online file sharing, losing data is a concern for businesses more than ever. That’s why you should make sure you take the proper precautions today. This security will save you time, money, and the trust of the people involved in your business.

Research the types of security that will work best for you. Data rooms, firewalls, antivirus, and backup/recovery plans are just a few of the most popular ways professionals choose to protect themselves. You should also make sure your plan is synchronized across the entire company so you’re protected on all fronts.

How Is A Clinical Nutritionist Different From A Dietician

Health and wellness are crucial to maintaining a high-quality life that isn’t anchored in diseases and chronic conditions. Nutritionists and dieticians help people include healthy diets into their lifestyles as a means of maintaining wellness. 

Although both terms can sometimes be interchanged, there are actually a few differences between a nutritionist and a dietician. For you to make accurate education and career decisions, it’s important to know these differences. 

Here are a few pointers of how a nutritionist differs from a dietician: 


  • Education


The certifications that are required when becoming a nutritionist differ from that of a dietician. A nutritionist may obtain a Master’s degree in clinical nutrition. The certifications that follow include Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist, among other recognitions. 

A dietician, on the other hand, can study a degree in nutritional science or any other closely related degree, such as economics, sociology, anthropology, and psychology. Furthermore, dieticians have to be regulated by a government board, which is not a requirement for a nutritionist. In some cases, having obtained the basic required education, one has to write a licensing exam to be fully acknowledged as a dietician. 


  • Career Path 


The career paths of a nutritionist and a dietician differ. A nutritionist works in commercial spaces such as workplaces, private households, and fitness centers. The working partnership here is to provide consultation regarding the best possible health and wellness diet plan that people may include in their lifestyles based on the client’s unique plans, affordability, and the food science behind. Nutritionists can set up house visits, build private practices, or facilitate online based consultations. 

Dieticians work in the health sector because of the medical-angled training and education that they have to pass. As a result, dieticians are required to diagnose illnesses and provide tailor-made diet plans that aim to alleviate the symptoms and conditions of patients and clients. This means dieticians can work in nursing homes, schools, hospitals, and registered wellness centers. 

The fact that a dietician requires medical-based guidance means that they can with a team of physicians, doctors, nurses, and medical chiropractors for example. Nutritionists, however, can operate without the involvement of medical experts. This means that a nutritionist can be more flexible and creative about their practice. 


  • Legal Involvement 


Depending on the location, dieticians are bound by law in terms of scope of practice. This means that dieticians are acknowledged by law and are located in various professional directories for consumer location. 

Nutritionists, on the other hand, are not as bound by law and can operate on their terms. This means nutritionists can publish blogs, market services, and operate without the legal processes required for a dietician. 


  • Reaction Diagnosis


Dieticians are trained to handle health conditions that may be caused by various food types. For example, a dietician can diagnose a hive break out as caused by a food allergy to a dish containing peanut-butter. Dieticians have to study the unique case of food allergy so that they can implement a different food diet for the client by eliminating allergy-causing foods. 

Nutritionists, on the other hand, can provide a list of foods that you can include for the best possible health condition. Nutritionists, however, have to refer you to a dietician if you seem to respond negatively to a type of food. Then, one may continue to work with a nutritionist after having received medical-based guidance from a dietician. 


  • Client-Based vs. Science-Based


Both nutritionists and dieticians are required to give evidence-based food advice. Nutritionists, however, can form their practice based on the information that clients share with them. For example, a client can share that they would like to include food that may boost more energy throughout the day. 

A dietician, on the other hand, can’t base food guidance based on the information that the client shares. For example, if a client states that they’re constantly tired throughout the day, blood may need to be drawn to medically analyze the cause of fatigue and they’ll advise accordingly. 


A dietician and nutritionist share a common cause for wellness that’s driven by high-quality food diets. However, you must not confuse or consider both as the same as there are certain differences between these two important field. The differences lay in the type of education that’s required, the career paths, diagnosis processes, and the working dynamics between client and practitioner. 

If one is unwell and requires professional guidance, a dietician is required. On the other hand, if one is seeking to achieve optimum health through food science, a nutritionist is qualified to offer these services.

How to Study Abroad in the US: Ways in Which Writing Services Will Help You Study

Writing an a+ essay while you are studying abroad is not always an easy task. This is the moment when you could use the help of essay writing service.  Those can provide you with a number of useful tips as well as show you the needed support when it comes to complicated assignments. Are you ready to learn more about essay writing services? Find more details about how an en essay writing service can help you study abroad and a review of APlusEssay service to see if it is a good company. 

How Essay Writing Services Can Help You with Your Studies 

Are you not sure about the top essay writing services being a good idea? It is understandable since there are many places that cannot be trusted with your assignments. 

  1. You can focus on your studies more. It can be hard to concentrate on subjects that are more important to you when there is always a lot of stress out on you when it comes to piles of homework that never end. 
  2. There will be more time for other things. Going to another country to study is always an interesting experience, so freeing your time for other activities will help you explore the new place and feel like a real citizen of this country. 
  3. It will be easier for you to adjust. Living far away from your home can be hard. This is why there is no shame in using the assistance of the experts with all the assignments you have to work on. 
  4. Your grades will remain great. Good grades are always a good motivation to keep studying, and essay writing service will help you with staying on track with that. 
  5. The level of stress will decrease. You should always take care of yourself, especially if you are in a place you are not used to. 

A + Essay Service Review: Is It Really Worth It? 

  1. Affordable professional essay writing service. A+ Essay is a place where you can get a paper for a price that won’t hurt your savings or budget. Here, you can purchase a high-quality paper for sale that will earn a good grade. 
  2. 24/7 help. This reliable essay writing service works around the clock, so you can get answers to any questions and any kind of assistance at any time. Not every essay writing service is ready to offer this feature, so it is definitely a great bonus for customers.
  3. Good reviews and positive feedback. Most clients of this trustworthy essay writing service are satisfied with what they get. If you read their reviews, you will see that most of them are positive. Around 98,5% of customers who have chosen this company have later received great marks. To learn more about the service, you can visit websites that review them and see what they have to offer yourself. 
  4. Great quality of assignments.  Your order will be completed according to all the instructions, which means that a good great is a guarantee. If you are not sure about the quality of the professional essay writing service, you can request samples of papers that will help you understand what kind of quality you should expect from the A+ service. 
  5. Fast completion of the orders. If you have a lot of upcoming deadlines, you should use this service to get done with your papers as fast as possible. A+ Essay offers quick and urgent delivery, and as you can see it from the reviews, those actually work. 
  6. Professional writers who will work on your assignment. With A+ Essay, you get a chance to work with a team of experts who can be called the true experts in this field. If there is something you don’t understand, you can always speak to them and explain your problem. 

Find the Right Assistance with Your Papers Now 

A good online essay writing service will provide you with all the necessary materials and assistance you need in order to keep achieving academic heights. APlusEssay is the top rated essay writing service that would be able to assist you with all kinds of tasks. There are many good essay writing services, and if you are ready to start working with one of them, APlusEssay is a good place to do that. Just keep in mind that it is very important to share your ideas and concerns with the service so they would be able to give you the best solution.

Correct grammar: is it possible in the era of messengers?

Young people communicate through text messages all the time. Many parents try to prevent their offspring from spending too much time online, but it’s hardly going to change any time soon. Another worry that unites preoccupied adults is the kids’ ability to speak and write English properly. The language kids use in their text messages is very different from the language the students are expected to use in their written assignments. So will the future generations learn to write properly or will texting change our language forever? 

One of the most prominent researches in the area was conducted by Clare Wood and Nenagh Kemp at Coventry University in the UK in 2014. While similar studies have been done in the past, it was the first study ever to consider the long-term consequence of frequent texting on the kids’ writing skills. To begin the study, Kemp and Wood asked 83 primary school students, 78 secondary school students, and 49 college students to provide them with all the text messages they’ve sent in the last two days. Consequently, the texts were analyzed to determine how often a particular student uses so-called textisms. After collecting the text messages, researchers asked the students to take several grammar, writing, and reading tests. Besides taking the test at the beginning of the study, the students were also invited to repeat the tests 12 months later. 

The results of the study came as a surprise: there was no correlation shown between frequent use of textisms and poor grammar skills among students. In fact, young people who used textisms more often performed even better than their peers and showed more improvement over the course of a year. While that was true for middle school and high school students, college students who used more textisms did achieve worse results than their colleagues, although the correlation was quite weak. 

So are fluent texters actually better at writing than students who don’t use textisms? It is still quite early to draw such conclusions. However, many scientists have their theories regarding the positive (or at least neutral) effect of texting on writing proficiency. 

According to John McWhorter at Columbia University, we shouldn’t be surprised by the results of the study. He claims that texting has nothing to do with proper writing. Instead, it’s a “spoken” language. Just like no one talks like they write their novels or essays, we aren’t supposed to use the same structures in texting and other forms of writing. One might argue that people used to write letters to each other and still used proper English for interpersonal communication. But texting has its own norms and culture. With texts, we can communicate through writing just as fast as we can communicate through talking. That’s why it calls for innovative language structures. Texting requires a language that is concise and expressive at the same time, which can be achieved by emojis and abbreviations. Punctuation or capitalization, on the other hand, are not helpful at all. 

The authors of the research support McWhorther’s claims and suggest that texting should be viewed as a new way of interaction with the language, not a threat to the old ones. Kemp says that texting can be considered as an additional literacy skill since it’s essentially expressing what you would say in speaking in the written form.

Interestingly enough, there’s also a plausible explanation of why texting has a more positive influence on younger children than on college students. When kids are learning how to write and how to text, they get familiar with the language by playing with it and finding different ways to express their thoughts. Abbreviations and symbols such as emojis are not exactly new kids have always been using them in their written notes and letters. Wood also brings attention to the fact that the majority of texting abbreviations are phonetically based. Therefore, by using them, children are practicing phonics a skill of understanding the relationship between sounds and letters that is widely taught in primary classrooms. So when children write “2” instead of “to/too” or “cya” instead of “see you”, they are unintentionally learning about the connection between sounds and letters that represent them.

If playing with the language really leads to better spelling and grammar among young people, it makes sense that college students who use textisms wouldn’t show as much writing improvement as middle school and high school students. That is because when we get older, we don’t see texting as a way to play with the language and find creative ways to use sounds and letters anymore. When we are adults, we don’t see it as an experiment, but merely a social norm and a way to fit in. 

So as long as the schools keep teaching children formal writing and grammar skills, grammar nazis can stay calm. Although most of the kids seem to understand it without further assistance, teachers should specifically mention when you have to follow all the rules and when it’s not that important. And if your children are struggling with grammar and writing, don’t blame texting. Instead, check out pendrago review that will help them become successful students and proficient writers.

How to Navigate a Competitive Business Landscape

Making use of a great idea and turning it into the foundation of a startup business in your chosen industry can be an exhilarating and challenging ordeal. However, trying to keep your new business afloat in a competitive industry is often more frustrating than rewarding. Your startup has to deal with industry veterans that can overshadow your company outright, alongside dealing with startups with similar ambitions and drive.

While things are undoubtedly challenging in a competitive industry, it does not have to be a miserable experience. By taking steps in the right direction early on, you can future-proof your company and successfully stand out from the rest of the crowd, something that could very well net you important clients. Here are just a few ways to help you navigate a competitive business landscape.

Absorb as much relevant knowledge as you can

Your industry will likely have plenty of breakthroughs when it comes to the best and most modern ways of getting the job done. For the construction industry, you will find new ways to cast concrete or new and more efficient methods to construct a variety of buildings. For the restaurant industry, it will have to do with the latest food trends and techniques regarding storage and POS systems.

Even if your startup cannot take advantage of modern techniques right away, there is no reason you cannot record the knowledge and keep it stored for the time when you can use it. Such a habit will also give you insight regarding potential plans for your competition.

Making full use of solid insurance coverage

Making sure that your business is fully insured is not just recommended – it is mandatory. That said, how you acquire the insurance is up to you, and there are plenty of different choices to consider. In such a scenario, your choice will dictate whether or not you can take full advantage of your coverage. From workers’ compensation to general liability, small businesses benefit from a variety of different coverage options.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to capitalize on the situation through the use of business insurance online. Insurance is about making the right choices now to potentially save an exorbitant amount of money later. Arranging insurance online is also a good way of saving money on essential services.

Take marketing to the next level

Last but certainly not least, one of the most challenging aspects of keeping a company afloat in a competitive business landscape involves pushing your relevance through brand exposure. The best way to get the job done without overextending would be through the use of any social media platform. Not only does it provide a foundation for quality digital marketing, but you do not have to pay a single cent to keep a social media account.

Navigating any competitive industry as a small business can be quite a challenge, but it does not have to be a process of trial and error. The tips above provide your company with a means of getting the job done while keeping risks and costs low.



Free Essay Writing Practice

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WritingEssays: Benefits of Working With the Service

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How to Ace Your Upcoming Entrance Exam

The months leading up to your entrance examination could be the most pivotal of your life. After all, these months will require intense preparation and determine how well you do on the tests. These months are also the difference between smooth sailing on the test and abject failure. There are certain strategies you can use to ace the exam and get into the school. Here are the strategies and guidelines that you should follow.

Finding the Right Study Materials

It is almost impossible to ace an exam without careful preparation. That preparation starts with having the right study materials to help you gain all the insights you need about what will be on the exam. The first step to prepare for your test is to research the materials needed. You can even search for people who have successfully passed the test and ask them. You also have the option of asking teachers and other instructors who are familiar with that test. For example for the Praxis, a test you must pass to be licensed to teach after completing your college education, you can use Praxis Core Writing Practice tests. This type of smart preparation will put you ahead of the curve when it comes time to complete everything successfully.

Creating a Study Schedule

Cramming has been proven to be a colossal failure when it comes to passing and retaining information for tests. Your best bet is to space out your study schedule to learn as much information as possible, and you get the benefit of retaining all that information for your eventual courses. Focus on creating a schedule that is actionable and maintainable. It’s no use scheduling 18-hour days when you know you won’t be able to keep up with a grueling schedule. It is all about having something that won’t burn you out before the test. It would help if you also left ample time in that schedule for breaks and to clear your head.

Motivating Yourself

The schedule you got there won’t be enough. You also have to keep your study motivation levels up during those times when you’re feeling discouraged. Doubt and discouragement can come in many times during the process of studying for the test. You will question yourself and think about what could go wrong. This is where having a good group of people around you to help you prepare for the test comes in.

Getting a Social Group

Finding people who are also studying for the test can be the difference between success and failure. Since you are all working towards a common goal, you’ll be able to lean on each other during those times when one of you is feeling down. It is also a great way to learn new strategies from each other to help with preparations. If you have a good study group, you will end up being more effective than going at it alone. However, the opposite is true, and a bad study group can pull you down like a giant anchor weighing down a ship. The key thing to do here is to find a good group and provide value to them.

Be in the Best Condition Possible on Test Day

All your preparations mean nothing if you don’t show up ready to go on test day. Doing meditation the night and morning before taking your exam could potentially put you in the right mental state to be focused and confident during your exam. Another factor you should think about is your diet and exercise routine. Finally, the most important thing is to get enough sleep the night before you take your exam. It will keep you mentally ready and alert to do your best.