6 Books Most Popular With IT Developers

It’s true, coding and developing is mostly done on computers. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t something that can be gained by thumbing through an old-fashioned book. Whether you’re a new developer or a professional, finding the best programming books will put you at an advantage. The following are the best books for software developers of all levels. Reading them can help you keep your code neat, clean, and, most importantly, functioning.

Clean Architecture: A Craftsman’s Guide to Software Structure and Design

The first book on this list is by rather famous “Uncle Bob.” Those who have looked into his series (either for a summary or perhaps through a free book a friend lent you) know that he is one of the best writers on the topic. This book covers the complicated idea of clean programming architecture in a simple way. The author’s mother tongue summary of what you need to do for keeping things clean is easy to understand even for the beginners who happen to read it.

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software and Craftsmanship

This is the second of Uncle Bob’s programming books. In this one, you can expect to learn the difference between code that is functional and the one that is clean being functional as well. In the software developing world, you’ll be expected to turn out products that don’t just work but are neat. After all, the code you write will need to make sense to people who have to come along after you to change things or upgrade what you’ve written. This book will show you how to do that.

The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers

This is the last of Uncle Bob’s programming books. If there is any book on this list that is a must-have, it is this one. Here, Uncle Bob takes the mystique out of being a software developer or a programmer, explaining in details what will be expected of you and how to understand whether you should pursue this career path at all. This is a great “programmer’s 101” kind of a book, and something every coder should have tucked away on their bookshelf.

Working Effectively With Legacy Code

It’s a pain, but, for those who want to work in the developing field, it’s something that you will simply have to work with: Legacy code. Working with a code that someone else has written needs one’s attention to all the nuances. A person should be skillful too, particularly if you’re making the jump from hobby to career. This book can teach you the proper way to go about working with it. Learn the most effective ways to alter or work around it. You can also find there the question of what you should avoid doing at all costs.

The Algorithm Design Manual

Algorithms are the future of the coding world. Especially if you want to work for a large company, such as Amazon or Google, you should know how they work and how they are designed. But even if you’re hoping to work for a mid-tier software or web development business, being knowledgeable about algorithms can really make you stand out among other experienced coders. This book explains all you need to know to build a sturdy foundation for your code.

Books are still one of the best learning resources available even for a tech-centric topic such as programming. No matter if you’re a novice or an expert, whether you’re coding in your living room \ or you’ve got your own office in a Fortune 500 company, the books on this list should find their way to your nearest bookshelf as the knowledge they have is indispensable.

Improving Your Social Status in College

Why is social status so important? It’s because it gives the holder easy access to money, power, connection, influence, and a number of other good things. A person with a higher social status is virtually more respected than a person with a lower status.

A lower-status person is unlikely to have the things that usually come easy with high status; money, influence, power, and so on. For example, just imagine the way a TV personality like Kim Kardashian will be treated in a five-star restaurant – definitely different from how a regular citizen with no social status will be treated. The chefs will do everything in their power to impress her, and everyone will be scrambling to get an autograph, and maybe, a picture with her.

It may even lead to the story of an hour summary in the tabloids. That’s what it feels like!

Why is social status so important?

So, having a good social status can allow you to get whatever you want, literally with just the snap of your fingers. Just look at the number of celebrities that have evaded jail terms because of their high status and fame.

In school, social status also allows you to build up a strong network of friends, especially with other successful and high-quality people than you’d normally be unable to do. It also allows you to build a strong network of fans and followers; people that will always be loyal to you on a daily basis.

In a business strategy game, you will need the necessary connection to always get things done for you. Even after school, the status you have built along the line will help you in your career.

How to Increase Your Social Status?

There’s always that instinctive drive to achieve greatness; or high status in this case. Everybody wants to be given that preferential treatment; everyone wants to be influential; everyone wants to have that strong network of friends and fans. However, certain factors are important if you want a social status change. It’s just like playing a business strategy game, which requires tactics and high intelligence.

Actually, the kind of social status you have in college is completely based on the things that you do, whether intrinsically or extrinsically.

Canon-Bard’s theory states that the psychological reactions and emotions that we feel occur simultaneously, rather than consecutively. So, it means that social status is like the Freytag’s pyramid; the actions you take determine your rise, climax, and fall. Imagine the implication of helping a stranger struggling with their essay by just suggesting to them a free online plagiarism checker for students so they can easily scan their works and check for plagiarism. This simple action of giving a hint where to find a decent plagiarism checker for students, can easily change you from a “static character,” that nobody knows, to a “round character” that everyone wants to meet and talk to.


Extrinsic social status necessitates that you join a club, fraternity, or a sports team, regularly attend events/parties and run for political posts. These activities are external influences on your social status.

But most importantly, you can focus on your intrinsic social status; for, without them, it is virtually difficult to increase your social status

    1. Don’t Dominate, Be Humble: Surprisingly, humility tends to attract high status. When you are humble, and you respect other people, and their individual opinions, no matter how completely different they are to yours, people will come to respect you too.
    2. Tolerance: for example, when you join a frat house, and you are not tolerant, they might cancel your membership. The core value of fraternity is to teach tolerance. When people notice that you tolerate them well and you complain less about their character, however bad it may be, it increases the influence you have on people. The more people you tolerate; the more friends you have.
    3. Network: networking can also change your social status and put you at the top of the social rung. When you make a lot of friends and relate well with almost everybody you meet (just like in the analogy I gave earlier), you will create a strong social influence that can help you later in life by creating opportunities.
    4. Honesty:  Always saying your mind and telling people the truth and nothing but the truth, even if it hurts, will make them trust you better. You’ll even become the lady or the guy who always speaks the truth.
    5. Create Interest in People: The interest you have in other people’s life can help you a lot. When people know they can always talk to you about anything they may be going through, and that you’re always there to see them through their difficult situations, they will learn to respect you more. This, in turn, increases your social status.

Top Toronto Colleges for International Students

Traveling is a great experience and education can give you the best chance at it. Toronto is a heaven for education, thus attracting scholars across the globe. If you have always dreamt of studying abroad, this article is for you.

Just like many countries around the world, writing services are used by university students in Canada. PapersOwl is among the best online essaying services used, where you find someone to aid you with drafting your essay. While some services assist students to write their assignments, others only give guidance on how to go about them.

The Best Colleges in Toronto for International Students

Canada’s education rankings globally makes it a dream destination for many international students seeking higher education. The country’s capital, Toronto, is home to numerous international universities that enroll as undergraduates and postgraduates from all over the world. Below are the top colleges for international students in Toronto, Canada.

  • University of Toronto

Being the largest university in Canada, it is the best college for international students. It is a home to more than 15,000 international scholars from 150 different countries. It is by far the best school you can pick to further your knowledge as a postgraduate scholar or start your career as an undergraduate student.

Its facilities are a state of the art, thus doesn’t fall short of what is expected for a world-class university. The institution offers more diverse programs and courses more than any other campus in the country. You can pursue any program that interests you. More about this prestigious school can be found online.

  • York University

Not only is York a prestigious university in Ontario,; it is also the third largest in the country. This automatically translates to its facilities and amenities being world-class. As an international scholar, this is an ideal choice for you. They enroll learners from 178 different countries around the world. The total population is close to 53,000.

On a financial focal point, this is the most affordable institution with the quality of programs and facilities it has to offer. It is cheap and affordable to most people. Fun fact: the college boasts of offering the only space engineering program in the entire country.

  • Ryerson University

It is another perfect choice for international scholars hoping to study in Toronto, Canada. This institution accepts applications from close to 149 countries world-wide. The entire population of its scholars speak close to 80 languages from across the globe.

The college has invested in a career-driven education system based on innovation. This prepares students to compete favorably in the industrial market, thus considered to offer some of the best business programs in the country. Details on how much you pay as tuition fee as a non-citizen can be found in their official website when you ask for their help.

  • Humber College

With a population of close to 31,000 scholars, Humber College is a considerably big institution. It has a total of more than 6000 international students from over 100 countries. The school enrolls non-Canadian citizens from private high schools in Toronto Canada as well as those from within.

It is a polytechnic institution that gives its students real-world experiences in preparation of them facing their careers. It boasts of more than 180 programs that are taught on a full-time basis and 40 different areas of study. It is an ideal school for undergraduates focusing on computer, writing, engineering and business related programs.

  • Trent University

Located in Peterborough, Trent University is not among the largest universities in the country nor in the province of Ottawa. But, it is one of the best in terms of undergraduate programs and research. It only has a population of 8,000; 700 of these are international students drawn from over 70 countries.

The school is known for small sized classes that make it easy to reach each and every student personally. It is a perfect place to start your career path as an international undergraduate. A lot of online essays and articles give detailed information about what the institution has to offer.

Final Remarks

Making the right choice as far as a college is concerned is harder than you anticipated. Factors like global rankings, programs offered, tuition and accommodation fees and education system play an active role while making the decision. The 5 discussed institutions above happen to be some the best colleges in Canada.

These will give you a bearing as you make your final decision on which institution to enroll for and the programs that please you. Good luck!

How Can Practice In Essay Writing Improve Your Writing Style?

Essay writing is inevitable for college students, and they have to face it sooner or later. Even if we miraculously escape writing it in high school, we are going to be made to compose one in college or university, so the earlier we start to learn essay writing the better. Most of us hate writing essays because they are hard and you have to take care of so many things at the same time like format, diction, eloquence, and deadline that we lose track and end up having worse panic attacks of our lives.  Since this unavoidable menace will hit us some point in our lives better prepare for it then being massacred by it.

There are several tips and tricks to start writing like a pro, but all of them involve practice, time, and last but not the least writing.

  • Stay motivated

First of all, let us talk about the real situation and deal with it like adults. Hating or avoiding something does not solve any problem – rather it aggravates the situation. Sit down and think why you hate writing essays, probably because you are not good at it. Even if you struggle initially take it as a challenge, think of it as an obstacle and try overcoming it in such a manner that one day you become so good at it that people may buy essays for college online from you. We all get frustrated by things that we do not have any command over and love doing what comes easy or natural. How all youngsters enjoy typing long messages but cannot compose one paragraph even on the simple topic? The answer is simple – we can do what we are interested in. So the first step to learning essay writing is to develop an interest in writing because in a way it too comes naturally to you. Then you will continue the process whether you like it or not and creating an essay won’t be a problem for you anymore.

  • Organize your thoughts

Can you pinpoint why you hate writing essays? If not your thoughts are not organized. This is the basic problem most college students face while composing an academic piece. It would be a nice idea and jot down all the reasons why you hate writing essays, and by the time you finish your list, you will be amazed that you have created a pretty convincing case. See it was easy, now try compiling a list of things you should do to improve your style, so next time you not only create an excellent essay on your own you will be able to help that friend who asks you to make my essay better. Also, note that thoughts are not the only aspect that needs to be put in order. Gather ample material before you start writing your article because lack of information or sources will frustrate you and will eventually lead you into thinking that maybe you are not a good writer.

  • Focus on weak areas

Just like we cannot be masters of all trades, we cannot be bad at everything. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and mature approach is to work on weak areas and make them better. Go through your work to see how to make my essay better. Is it the coherence of thoughts that needs to be glued together, is it the grammar, is it the overuse of adverb, inappropriate use of adjectives, or tautology. Be honest with yourself while analyzing your own work and do not feel worried if there are more than a couple of areas that need attention. Numerous websites offer free help, or you could get books from the nearest store to help you with. Apply what you learn from them in your next composition, and you will see improvements.

  • Do not overdo

It has been established by several researches that micromanaging something is not as fruitful as keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Do not put any extra pressure on yourself by anxiously thinking on ways to make my essay better instead enjoy college and online resources to better your skill sets. You can also try writing an online diary about your daily happenings like how buying that t-shirt made you happy or how that new assignment filled you with anxiety. It has been observed that college students who maintain a journal can express their thought eloquently in writing thus create better essays. This will be much more helpful than fretting about each tiny thing like ‘how many adverbs you used’, ‘should you have used that adjective or not.’ When you have organized thoughts words will naturally flow on paper.

  • Read a lot

Reading what others wrote will not only inspire you but also will help to learn essay writing improving your writing style. Read your friends’ papers not to copy but to learn how other college students are expressing their thoughts. Improvise, and you will enhance your style in a few attempts. Go through all sorts of topics and subject; all material is easily available online. Get magazines or journals, and in few days you will be expressing yourself much more eloquently because reading will improve not only your vocabulary but also how to use different sentence structures to produce a variety of quality content.

  • Seek advice

Once you have set your mind on raising your standards, then do not stop until people want to buy essays for college from you. Try seeking advice from your mentors, friends, or anyone willing to take a second look at your essay. A third eye or a new reader ought to tell you what you could not figure out on your own. College students have the best advantage of getting sincere guidance as everyone wants to help them achieve good grades. Even if you cannot find someone offline you will find plentiful online advisers but be careful you will have to decide who’s opinion to buy and which one to reject.

Modern Teaching & Techniques That Can Electrify the Classroom

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Having a passion to teach is good, but you also need to develop techniques to teach effectively.

These are learned skills you have to improve as an educator, and the following modern methods are showing promise. The techniques should help improve your teaching methods by making your students better learners and showing you how to create a teachable environment.

Why is Creating a Learning-Centric Environment Important?

Creating a learn-friendly environment is important for students and educators. It may surprise some people, but the reality is many teachers consider quitting because students misbehave.

Understanding that this issue makes it harder to teach means you can address it. These are some suggestions that could help:

  • Create some rules, and keep them simple and direct.
  • Find ways to reward students that follow rules.
  • Avoid favoring students as much as possible.
  • Give your students choices, which makes them feel appreciated. For example, you could ask them how many pages of homework that should get.

These suggestions will help keep your classroom behaving well, but you also need to nurture a learning spirit in your students. This usually means empowering students by helping them be better learners. You can do that by considering the following:

  • Refine Note-Taking

Encourage your students to refine note-taking skills. You can teach the Cornell Method, which allows students to analyze the notes being taken throughout the lesson. This increases the chances of your students retaining the information you teach.

  • Encourage Self-reflection

Teach students to pay attention to their inner-monologue using neuro-linguistic programming. Being aware of thoughts as you learn can show you how you learn best. Encourage your students to share their feelings or thoughts on a subject.

  • Turn it Off

Today’s students depend on technology more than ever before; it can be helpful, but it is not needed to retain information. Encourage deep work, which is a method of studying that requires students to turn off distractions and focus on learning.

Molding an environment where learning can flourish is pretty involved but, as you can see, it is possible. Now, all you need to do is refine your teaching methods to get your students to learn as much as possible.

Keep Evolving as a Teacher

The following are a few new methods to consider if you want to make sure your lessons are coming across effectively:

  • Personalized Learning

Most curriculums are not formulated to meet each student individually, so there are bound to be a few shortcomings. What you can do is find a way to monitor each student’s success and level of understanding. Any student that needs additional attention or varying educational challenges should receive that. There are apps that can help you monitor your students a little better.

  • Project Based

This one might be a little strange because it involves letting the project you are working on dictate the way you teach. This may seem a little unfocused, but the reality is the world is changing, and students need to learn to adapt to any project. Consider this type of teaching a reflection of today’s gig economy that is quite popular.

  • Place Based

Some students have a hard time connecting lessons to real life. This disconnection sometimes affects their willingness to learn, which is part of the reason place-based education should be implemented in teaching lessons. Be willing to go to a location nearby where you can teach your lesson, and see how it applies to the real world.

  • Maker’s Education

STEM is important, but making sure your students learn everything you are teaching can be challenging sometimes. The aforementioned tips could help, but another thing to consider is to create projects that require skills that were taught in the lesson. This should get your students excited to learn, and it should help them retain the knowledge.

These are just some of the methods teachers can employ to help students understand and truly absorb the lessons being presented. There are other methods out there to think about and methods that haven’t been discovered yet. Learn from others, but allow your creative side to shine through, too.

Tips for Portfolio Review in College

Has art been your best hobby and interest since childhood but you don’t know how to get into your school of choice? Wondering how to make your application stand out among the thousands of applications sent in each year? Then working on a portfolio is the best chance you have to get into that school you desire so much.

In a writing portfolio, you need sufficient work to present. You can rely on support from websites like Edusson essay writing services. Likewise, you can look up for online reviews of edusson-like websites to find the best writers to help you prepare. Your portfolio needs to have work you have done; no cheating.

Tips to Adequately Prepare for Your Portfolio Review

A portfolio review is not one of the events you look forward to with a joyful face. It attracts a lot of fear and anxiety since you don’t know the kind of criticism you will get. Proper and thorough preparation is necessary to ensure that you are comfortable as your assessors come to assess your skills and critic your art. Here are some essential tips that can help you prepare for your review.

  • Produce more varieties for the event or application

The biggest mistake you can ever make in your entire career is walking into an exhibition without sufficient work to showcase. A portfolio review is like an exhibition, only that it marks the beginning of your career and not the success. You need to parade the diversity of your skills as an artist.

It is not mandatory that you have many exhibits. Instead, you should focus on producing high quality work. When preparing a paper for the review, you must ensure that it is properly researched.

  • Pick the best exhibit of art from your collection

If you have a wide variety of images, designs or articles to choose from, you should highlight some of your common and beautiful works to take with you. Pick your own authentic work to represent your level of skill and competence.

Random writing helps you have a wider variety of work to choose from once required to. Hiring competent writers and artists can help improve the quality of your collection.

  • Ensure that all your works are properly documented

Documentation is also another thing that determines whether or not you will be successful. Your work should have something unique that identifies with you. If you keep all your artwork properly, it shall be easy producing art portfolio examples when called upon.

  • Review your work keenly

If you are sending in your application attached with your collection, you ought to go through your selected work of art carefully. For a college-planned portfolio review, you must examine each piece carefully before deciding to include it in your showcase. This is one of the most important graphic design portfolio tips.

You need to show how excellent your skills are to supervisors and potential college recruiters as well. Remember, this is your once in a life-time chance to make a better artist by getting into the best college, or landing that dream job.

  • Carry along your sketchbook if you have one

If you rely on sketches before making the final drawings, you need to bring your sketchbook along too. It is like a representation of how you think as an artist, what inspires you. Some schools are attracted to potential students by going through their sketch work rather than their finished work.

Even in an art exhibition, sometimes sketches fetch better prices than the finished drawings. Moreover, it is a guarantee that your work is legit, thus you can’t be considered a scam or a con artist.

Final Thoughts

Portfolio review is nothing close to an assignment or a test, it is like a guaranteed opportunity for you to excel because you do it how you know best. For this reason, you really need to be when preparing one. It might be the only chance you get to get into your college of choice.

Remember to trust your skills and present nothing but the finest collection in your work. Your showcased work must be reliable and a perfect representation of your skills at the finest. It is through determination that you shall grasp tips on how to create an art portfolio.

Writing a good narrative essay that attracts readers

A narrative essay describes a series of connected objects, around one or more main ideas. It can be non-fictional and fictional. All persons and events revolve around the central point. It has the same format as a simple five-paragraph essay, but it also has characters, incidents, and dialogues.  

As explained by the Purdue Writing Lab, the three main components of a narrative essay task are:

  • Figures: Figures or characters are one of the critical part of a narrative essay. No matter essay is autobiographical in nature, or it is a piece of anecdote, myth, or legend.
  • Theme: the main idea(s) that the narrative essay will follow.
  • Conversations:  the interactions between figures are reflected in dialogue or conversations, which help to illustrate the worth and liveliness of the characters.

Selecting good topics goes a long way in writing a unique narrative essay. The best narrative essay ideas will mostly come from a past occurrence for example during a period in childhood. Selecting topics from personal experience or interesting stories shared by others will make the narrative essay writing journey much easier.

Narrative essay writing experts can always provide customized writing service and entice the reader to continue reading the essay to the end. Capturing interest can be done by appealing to their emotions and making the story personal. Using the first person has proven to be one of the most effective methods of capturing a reader’s interest.

Different fields use different citation styles

One obstacle that academic writers always meet is managing and citing the related references. There are many ways of citing existing research results in a research paper. The citation style sometimes depends on the academic discipline where the papers related. For example:

  • APA (American Psychological Association) is used by Education, Psychology, and Sciences
  • MLA (Modern Language Association) style is used by the Humanities
  • Chicago Style Essay (CSE) is generally used by Business, History, and the Fine Arts
  • IEEE Style:  widely used by engineering, computer science, and information technology.

Students and researchers should to consult with the graders / professors or the journal submission guidelines to determine what is required in your specific course.

Watch out for these common errors

  • Note format uses first name last name, bibliography uses last name, first name.
  • In your notes, do not reuse numbers. Each citation gets a new number.
  • Pay attention to indents
    • Notes use a first line indent;
    • A bibliography uses a hanging indent.
  • A bibliography goes in alphabetical order by author (or title if there is no author).
  • Notes are numbered and are listed in the order the sources are used.
  • Don’t put Works Cited at the top of your bibliography – that is MLA style.

Key issues need to remember before writing an engineering paper

Structure and function of the article: What to write

Engineering programs within different universities usually have plenty of writing guidelines and resources for their students to start with, such as TAMU and CMU.  In formulating the outline, it is quite important to know that most engineering articles have a general format. The writers should refer to the engineering course material or the journal submission guideline to find the format requirement. An engineering paper usually have the following parts:

  1. Abstract: backgrounds, significances, methods used and results / limits;
  2. Introduction: backgrounds, literature review, outlines of the paper, etc.
  3. Methods: the writer should be clearly explain the protocols / approaches he/she followed and concisely cite the related papers that also used the methods.
  4. Results and discussion: the writer may need to compare the results in this paper with the ones combined in other researches. The visualization / presentation of the results in graphs and tables are also quite important.
  5. Conclusions: though this section appear at the end of the engineering paper, the readers may first read the abstract / conclusion to save their time. Therefore, the writers should spend enough time on this section. Limits and future research directions can be included in this section and offer more insights to the readers.
  6. References: different journals / assignments may require different reference styles. The writers should use the correct reference style at the beginning to save their time. Tools such as LaTex can be used to management citations.

Remember the key elements in an engineering paper

Expertwriter, a professional engineering paper writing service provider, lists key elements that the writer should be quite clear before writing the paper.  The writer should ask herself / himself questions such as:

  • What is the significance of the topic?  This gives the readers / graders the reason to read the paper. The writer should check whether the topic is significant enough or not.
  • What is the purpose of the paper? The scope of the research cannot be too wide (which may require year-long research and a few hundred pages of writing), or too narrow (which makes the topic too easy to answer).
  • What do you already know about the topic?  Whether the writer of the paper is familiar with the topic will be reflected in the literature review / gap analysis section in the engineering paper.
  • What contributions do you intend to make?  This would be the most eye-catching part in an engineering paper. The contributions should be clearly explained in the abstract, at the introduction section, and the conclusion section.

Once you have noted down your ideas and created an outline, you should begin the process of research. Find sources that support your points, noting all the citation details. Identify important contributions in the field that are connected to your project. Try to summarize your initial ideas into bullets that will eventually become paragraphs. Organize your points into a logical sequence.

What is a good descriptive essay and what are the common challenges that students come across?

What is a descriptive essay?

As the name implies, a descriptive essay, is a type of essay, which describes something, such as objects, places, experiences, emotions and circumstances. Teachers usually expect students to use “sensory descriptors” that can enable readers to use their five senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight to understand the topic of the essay.  

Here is an example written by a student on a grocery store: “The grocery store in my little town rose right up from the sidewalk; standing in a street of family houses, it alone hadn’t any tree or flower bed. It was a plain frame building covered over with brick. Above the door, a little railed porch ran across on an upstairs level and four windows with shades were looking out”

The example provides vivid sensory and imagery information about the grocery store. The readers can imagine how it looks.

Structure of the essay is quite important

Students should note that a typical a descriptive essay task could be more than a paragraph. Writing resources provided by Purdue Universities indicate that a descriptive essay can be more than five paragraphs in order to fully describe the object, which can be either chosen by the students or assigned by the teachers. Students are usually expected to include at least an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Common challenges that students come across

Ewriters, a professional descriptive essay writing service provider, lists four common challenges that students may come across. First, lack of supporting information: unexperienced readers may do not have enough facts, ideas, and arguments to back the idea. Second, the writers may have limited understanding of the subject, which may lead the author write an off-topic essay. Third, writers may have inadequate time. Enough time is usually required to conduct exhaustive research. Fourth, students may have limited understanding of English. These students often find it difficult to convey their views in proper English.