[Paper Version Available] Bank Lending Products & Securities: A Conventional & Islamic Banking Approach

Bank Lending Products & Securities: A Conventional & Islamic Banking Approach by Ibrahim Mohammed Lawal

Published by IISTE in United States. ISBN 978-1-62265-155-9, ISBN-10: 1622651553. To get a copy of the book, please contact order@iiste.org.

Islamic banking is considered as an alternative to the conventional form of banking system as it provides financial services in accordance with the shariah. The adoption of this form of Islamic banking is gradually taken the centre stage in the parlance of the financial world. This book tries to explore comprehensively both the Islamic and the conventional banking approach in relation to bank Lending products and securities (Collateral). This book is divided into ten chapters. Chapter one sets out to give an overview of the conventional banking system where its origin, definition and its various types was discussed. It also introduces the concept of lending as well as highlighted the various cannons that govern lending. Chapter two discusses the major lending products that are obtained in the conventional banking system such as overdraft, import overdraft, import and export finance facility, foreign currency loan, letter of credit confirmation line, invoice discounting facility, local purchase order, term loan, direct credits, leases, loan syndication, specialized loan. The chapter ends by also highlighting some of the retail loans. Chapter three proceeded by introducing the concept of security (collateral) its various features in order to ascertain when a security is good or not. The chapter ends by highlighting some of the benefits attached when obtaining security (collateral) when it comes to lending. In chapter four, the various forms of securities that are acceptable by conventional banks was also discussed. Amongst which are land, debenture, stocks and shares, life insurance, cash deposit, guarantee. Other types of securities were also mentioned such as equipment lease agreement, assignment of debts, factoring, bonds and money market instruments. The concept of Islamic banking was introduced in chapter six, its origin and its current performance in the various regions of the world was discussed. The chapter ends by discussing further the principles that are guiding the operations of Islamic banking. Chapter six sets out to examine the various sources of funds that are available for the smooth operation of its activities. Basically the sources that are avaibale internally and externally was mentioned. Chapter seven dwells deeply on the various lending modes that are obtainable in Islamic banks. Amongst which are Murabahah, Musharakah, Mudarabah,, Ijarah, Istisna’a, Tawarruq, Bai-salam etc. Chapter eight focuses on security in an Islamic perspective. Its types in islam and also discussed the position of security in Islamic banking on whether it is acceptable or not. Chapter nine discusses the various forms of securities that are acceptable by Islamic banks which was discussed based on an Islamic approach. Amongst which are land, debenture, stocks and shares, insurance (takaful), cash deposit, guarantee, Islamic Bond (Sukuk) other types of securities were also mentioned such as Ijarah lease agreement, assignment of debts (Hiwalah), and factoring, Islamic money market instruments. The book ended by examining the difference and the similarities between Islamic banking and the conventional banking.

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[Paper Version Available] A Collation of the Drama “Journey to the West”

A Collation of the Drama “Journey to the West”

Published by IISTE in United States. 978-1-62265-202-0 (online)  /  978-1-62265-203-7 (paper). To get a copy of the book, please contact order@iiste.org   

Journey to the West is a classic Chinese mythological novel. It was written during the Ming Dynasty based on traditional folktales. Consisting of 100 chapters, this fantasy relates the adventures of a Tang Dynasty priest Sanzang and his three disciples, Monkey, Pig and Friar Sand, as they travel west in search of Buddhist Sutra. The first seven chapters recount the birth of the Monkey King and his rebellion against Heaven. Then in chapters eight to twelve, we learn how Sanzang was born and why he is searching for the scriptures, as well as his preparations for the journey. The rest of the story describes how they vanquish demons and monsters, tramp over the Fiery Mountain, cross the Milky Way, and after overcoming many dangers, finally arrive at their destination – the Thunder Monastery in the Western Heaven – and find the Sutra…………

Chinese title: 《雜劇〈西游記〉》校勘本   50 USD / paper version

English title: A Collation of the Drama “Journey to the West”

Author’s name in Chinese: 利忘川  校勘

Author’s name in English: Lethe Li

ISBN information:  978-1-62265-202-0 (online)  /  978-1-62265-203-7 (paper)

Publishing time: August 2019.

Categories:  Nonfiction > Social Science

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[Paper Version Available] The Hero’s Destiny — for the Beethoven 250 Years Anniversary

The Hero’s Destiny — for the Beethoven 250 Years Anniversary

Published by IISTE in United States. 978-1-62265-198-6 (paper), 978-1-62265-199-3 (online). To get a copy of the book, please contact order@iiste.org   

This is a Western classical music monograph written by overseas Chinese. It contains the author’s achievements in writing for many years, that is, more than 200000 words of works with Beethoven as the theme, in the form of poems, essays, essays and comments. It covers all aspects of Beethoven’s life and career, from birth experience to emotional life, from the background of the times to ideological awareness, from work review to music appreciation. The book is rich in historical materials and information, rigorous in argument and incisive in comment, and fluent in writing. It comes from a non academic Beethoven scholar. One of the characteristics of this book is that it has a distinct personality and is free from the constraints of traditional rules and regulations. Based on a comprehensive and profound understanding of the historical figures and their works, the author has put forward some original arguments and opinions in some important professional topics and fields.

Chinese title: 英雄命運 貝多芬250年祭     36 USD / paper version

English title: The Hero’s Destiny – for the Beethoven 250 Years Anniversary

Author’s name in Chinese: 章凝

Author’s name in English: Zhang, Ning

ISBN information:  978-1-62265-198-6 (paper), 978-1-62265-199-3 (online)

Publishing time: August 2019.

Categories:  Nonfiction > Social Science

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Can Schools Combat Exam Anxiety In Teenagers?

In today’s modern climate, academic success all too often is solely measured by formal test results. The pressure is on schools to ensure their cohorts excel, and with a heavy emphasis on preventing dishonesty through exam proctoring and ever-stricter protocols, it’s no wonder that test anxiety has become an increasingly prevalent problem among teenagers. 

While test anxiety may not be a brand new phenomenon, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t lead to a host of performance issues which can impact severely on students’ outcomes. Mental health issues, non-completion of exams, poor attendance and feelings of panic are all associated with this challenging time in students’ lives. So, how can schools identify which students are likely to struggle most? And how can staff identify then respond to those students’ needs so support can be offered to those who need it?

Creating A Positive School Exam Culture

Evidence shows that it’s possible to create a positive school exam culture where the pressure involved in taking exams is recognized, managed, discussed and, ultimately, addressed. Teachers in such schools can support and help students through this challenging and difficult exam period by adopting a whole-school, holistic approach to better mental health.

The basis of strong academic performance relies on social, psychological and physical needs of students being met. When students have the right environment paired with plenty of exam practice and revision opportunities, they can achieve optimal performance.

Which Needs Must Be Met To Ensure Academic Success?

Students have varying needs which must be met if they are to achieve the desired academic outcome:

  • Physical health – ensuring adequate exercise, nutrition and sleep
  • Psychological health – ensuring confidence, positivity and relaxation about abilities and performance 
  • Social health – ensuring authentic contact with family and friends 
  • Psychological support – ensuring adequate help with anxiety and exam stress

How Can Schools Support Students In Managing Exam Anxiety?

There are three areas where schools can offer support to students when it comes to managing their exam anxiety:

  • By teaching specific revision and examination techniques to increase students’ sense of competence. This can be achieved by holding skill-building interventions. 
  • By helping students to identify, challenge and share any negative thoughts and feelings about exams in a supportive setting.
  • By offering support to manage the symptoms of stress before, after and during exams through the teaching of relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

Promoting Positivity In the Classroom

While exams may be stressful, it’s important for students to recognize that they are an essential and inescapable part of their school career. As such, they need to find healthier ways to cope with the negative thoughts and feelings that can arise as a result. While schools are under increasing pressure to ensure that their pupils excel, they must also acknowledge their responsibility to their students to provide them with a positive exam culture and a supportive ethos within the classroom environment so that the worst cases of exam anxiety can be avoided. With the right training and the right approach, schools can help young people to not only cope in this challenging period of their lives but also to achieve the outcomes that they deserve.

How to Get the Most out of Conferences and Workshops

Conferences and workshops are a great way to develop new ideas. Whether in a business or academic setting, they bring people together in order to find the best solutions.

Organizing these events can be quite the task. However, as long as you follow a few simple steps then you will be sure to get the most out of your conferences and workshops. Below we outline how to go about the planning and organizing of these events.

Overall Theme

All great conferences and workshops start and end with a great theme. It is important to know what message you want speakers to deliver and what information you want attendees to take away. Another way to think about a theme is what the goal of the event is. Once you have an idea on the overall purpose of the whole thing, then you can go about planning the details.

Consider the wording for the theme of your conference. If it is an academic workshop, then it might be appropriate to use a longer title with technical terms. If it a business conference for social media companies, then it probably makes more sense to use simple language that is more catchy.


You will find once you start diving into the details that there are a lot of them. Here are some of the most important things to check off your list.

  • Location. What venue will it be held at? Is it available for your planned dates? Do you need catering?
  • Transportation. How will the attendees get to the conference? Do you need to arrange travel?
  • Attendees. Who will be invited? What date do they need to register by?
  • Speakers. Who will the speakers be? What topics will they present?
  • Workshops. How will the workshops be organized? What are the size of the rooms?
  • Equipment. What equipment will be needed for registration, workshops, etc.?
  • Food and Entertainment. When will there be breaks? Will meals be provided? Will there be social events, awards, etc.?
  • Social Media. How will the event be covered? Will there be hired photographers and/or press coverage?


Running conferences and workshops can get expensive, fast. Make sure that once you have all the logistics organized that you start to budget everything. If there isn’t enough money in your budget then you may have to make adjustments.

You can also try and find sponsors or apply for grants. If you are running an academic workshop there are often lots of public and private grants to apply for.

Business conferences can also often find sponsors. For example, if you’re running a conference in the video game industry, try to get a video game company or an energy drink company to help sponsor the event.

The best way to get money is to go to the people or companies that will benefit from you having a successful conference or workshop

Get Outside Help

There will always be some roadblocks along the planning process. Sometimes it can be hard to develop new ideas with the same people you work with everyday. If this is the case, it can be a good idea to hire someone to come in and help shake things up.

Companies like Icreon can help develop new ideas to make sure your conferences and workshops keep up with the latest developments in your field.


Good conferences and workshops can help develop change in business and improve companies. Attendees, whether they are students or professionals, can learn a lot from them. It is important for event organizers to plan an overall theme, figure out the logistics, and make sure they can afford the whole thing. When troubles arise, it can be useful to get outside help to ensure you get the most out of your conference or workshop.

Vol 10, No.21 and No 22 (2019) Research Journal of Finance and Accounting

Vol 10, No 21 (2019)



Vol 10, No 22 (2019)

Table of Contents


Journal coverpage PDF
Journal Editor
The Effect of Global Financial Crisis on the Financial Performances of Commercial Banks of Ethiopia PDF
Minyahil Assefa 1-8
Influence of Liquidity on Idiosyncratic Volatility of Stock Returns among Listed Firms in Kenya PDF
Job Cheruiyot Aiyabei, Olweny Tobias, Irungu Macharia 9-17
Influence of Earnings per Share on Idiosyncratic Volatility of Stock Returns among Listed Firms in Kenya PDF
Job Cheruiyot Aiyabei, Olweny Tobias, Irungu Macharia 18-26
Cost – Driving Strategy Under the Use of E-business to Achieve A Competitive Advantage in A Digital Economy Environment PDF
Reem Oqab Hussein Al- Khasawneh 27-32
Executive Pay Composition and Corporate Financial Health Maximisation PDF
Stanley OGOUN, Emmanuel ATAGBORO 33-40
Gaining and Maintaining Employee Trust in Academia: The Cultural Setting Perspective PDF
Yvette Ferguson Arthur, John Kingsley Arthur, Kofi Sarpong Adu-Manu 41-49
The Effects of Ligitation Risk and Investment Opportunity Set Affected by Good Corporate Governance on the Company’s Earning Quality PDF
Adelina Suryati, Etty Murwaningsari 50-59
Corporate Governance, Financial Characteristics, Macroeconomic Factors and Performance of Manufacturing Firms Listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange PDF
Moses Odhiambo Aluoch, Erasmus S. Kaijage, Cyrus M. Iraya, Martin Ogutu 60-74
The Impact of Financial Crisis on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Access to Credit in Nigeria PDF
OWUALAH, Sunday I., OHADEBERE Emmanuel Chukwuemeka 75-85
Post-Implementation Benefits and Challenges of the Balanced Scorecard: Evidence from the Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Sector PDF
Dileepa N. Samudrage, Darshika T. Jayewardene 86-99
The Effect of Financial Distress, Management Turnover, Audit Opinion and Reputation of Public Accounting Firm to Auditor Switching PDF
Atika Zarefar, Vera Oktari, Arumega Zarefar 100-111
Role of Accounting Standards for the Future of Islamic Financial Institutions PDF
Faran Ahmad Qadri 112-114
The Effect of Financial Performance on Firm Value Included in the SRI Kehati Index on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, as A Representation of Corporate Behavior PDF
Nila Efrida Yusi 115-120
Appropriateness of Liquidity Ratios Model in Predicting Shareholder Wealth of Non-Financial Firms Listed at Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya PDF
Obulemire Alex Tom, Paul Muoki Nzioki, Koima Kibiwott Joel 121-128
The Commitment with FDI Firms of Accountants in Noi Bai Industrial Park – Creative Application in Economics Sociological Knowledge PDF
Duc Tai Do, Thi Huyen Yen Chu, Hong Hanh Ha, Bich Thuy Vu 129-135
Impact of Liquidity Ratio on Profitability of Firm: An Empirical Evidence from Automobile Industry of Pakistan PDF
Waqar Mustafa, Waqar Ahmed Sethar, Adnan Pitafi, Shah Muhammad Kamran 136-140
The Influence of Organizational Capabilities, Strategic Management Accounting on Organizational Performance Mediated by Competitive Advantage in Companies in Indonesia PDF
Farid Wajdi, Regina Jensen Arsjah 141-151
The Role of CSR to Influence the Relationship between Institutional Ownership and Managerial Ownership on Firm Value PDF
Farid Wajdi, Sekar Mayangsari 152-162


Paper submission email: RJFA@iiste.org

ISSN (Paper)2222-1697 ISSN (Online)2222-2847

Vol 9, No.21 and No.22 (2019) Research on Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol 9, No 21 (2019)



Vol 9, No 22 (2019)

Table of Contents


Journal coverpage PDF
Journal Editor
The Dimensions of Arab Regional Security and Its Perceptions for the Period (2010-2017) PDF
Hasan Abdullah Al-Dajah, Qais Salem Al-I’weisat 1-13
Getting and Keeping a Foot in the Door: Strategies by Migrant and Informal Sector Women to Remain Relevant in the Labour Market PDF
Lillian Omondi, Eva Maria Jernsand, Helena Kraff 14-21
The Roles of Indigenous NGOs in Health Service Delivery in Ghana: Assessing the Mediating Effect of Administrative Authenticity on the Relationship Between Partnership Potential and Performance PDF
Yuanwang Xu, Edwina Naa Amerley Amarteifio, Abredu Pearl 22-29
Psychosocial Strategies, Debasing Gender- Based Violence in Nigeria PDF
Olusegun, G. F., Olatubosun, S.M., Adedokun, M.O., Abiodun, E.O. 30-32
The Influence of Studying Legal Course in the Progress of Translation Students’ Performance in Translating English Legal Sentences into Arabic at Jadara University in Jordan PDF
Mohammad AlShehab 33-41
Use of Conventional Teaching Resources in Secondary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya PDF
Patrick Makari, Stanley Ngome Mutsotso, Edwin Masibo 42-50
The Role of the Private Sector in Community Development: A Socio-Economic Study of the Hallabat PDF
Suleiman Raja Salameh ALBataineh 51-64
National Failure: Social Studies Education to the Rescue PDF
Fasiku, Adesola Mercy 65-69
School Type and the Choice of Christian Religious Knowledge Among Senior Secondary School Students in Cross River State, Nigeria PDF
Monity, Flora Michael, Udumo,Bassey Obeten, Igwebuike, Osedumme 70-76


Paper submission email: RHSS@iiste.org

ISSN (Paper)2224-5766 ISSN (Online)2225-0484

Vol 9, No 11 (2019) Journal of Mathematical Theory and Modeling

Vol 9, No 11 (2019)

Table of Contents


Commuting Condition on Derivation in Prime Near Rings PDF
Action of Direct Products of Four Alternating Groups on Cartesian Product of Four Sets PDF
Stephen Kadedesya, Lewis Nyaga, Jane Rimberia 7-27
Shadrack Mathew Uzoma, Tobinson A. Briggs 28-44


Paper submission email: MTM@iiste.org

ISSN (Paper)2224-5804 ISSN (Online)2225-0522