Techniques for overcoming Exam Anxiety and to boost Confidence

When you are young, there are no more stressful moments than during exams at school. This anxiety often starts the night before and lasts through the test itself. For some, this period is even longer, starting a few days before and not ending before the results are given out. Here are a few techniques that will help a student overcome exam anxiety and boost his confidence.

Get some Help

What causes exam anxiety? The sensation that we are never quite ready for them. And in most cases, this is true. If we are lucky, the teacher will ask a question on a subject that we know by heart, but if we are not, it can all go wrong. Therefore, the best solution is to be ready for anything the teacher can throw our way. To do so, you need outside help. Private tutors are there to make sure that you master all the information that is provided to you. He or she will guide you through the teacher’s syllabus, so that when you sit down to respond to the questions on the exam, you won’t be worried anymore, but oozing with confidence.

Do not overstudy the Night Before the Exam

That is a common mistake most students make. They waited till the previous night in order to start studying for the exam they will take the next day. Not only will it not suffice, but they find themselves going to bed late, showing up at school tired instead of having a fresh mind. This will cause a lot of anxiety, as the person won’t be able to focus as they should. Rather than cramming all of your revisions into one night, it’s much better to create a study plan and to begin a couple of weeks before the exam to ensure you commit what you’ve learned to your long-term memory. Sleeping well before a test is one of the most important things that you can do to reduce your anxiety.

Don’t get Overwhelmed by the Number of Questions on the Test

When you sit down for an exam, most of the time, you do not know how many questions there will be and what they will be about. The worse mistake that you can make is to start looking at each of them, one by one, without responding. In such cases, if you find yourself facing many requests that you don’t have a response to, you will most probably start panicking right away, and won’t be able to concentrate anymore. This will only render the task at hand, even more difficult. Start with the first question on the paper, and worry about the rest as it comes along. If you can’t answer one question, move on to the next and return to it, only once you have gone through the whole thing once.

Eat Well before an Exam

The important word in this subtitle is “well,” which doesn’t mean “a lot.” Otherwise, you will feel heavy and lethargic. Make sure to get protein into your meal, whether it is breakfast or lunch. In the morning, add some fruits, and for lunch a good heap of vegetables. Try to avoid ingesting too many carbohydrates. Don’t drink too much water, coffee or other liquids, if you don’t want to be disturbed by your bladder the whole time.