7 Best Colleges Who Produce The Most Academic Journals

Once a student enters college, a necessary part of their academic pursuit is to write papers and journals. Depending on your chosen institute and field of study, it can even be a requirement for graduation to come up with these papers. Of the variety of papers that you’ll be gaining exposure to during your academic journey, a common category that you’ll surely come across is academic journals.

This refers to scholarly documents published by experts. Before they make their way to the public, they would normally have already undergone a thorough peer-review process. In general, an academic journal is not published to earn money. Rather, its purpose is to share information with the public, so that knowledge can be passed on to benefit others.

That said, some universities have truly excelled in this pursuit. Some of the universities that rank the best in terms of number and quality of academic journals are the following.

  1. Harvard University

Of course, it would come as no surprise to anyone that Harvard has made it to this list. In fact, Harvard always makes its way to all listings of excellence, such as College Rank. When it comes to academic journals, Harvard tops the list, particularly when talking about nature and science.

Harvard is considered a top-notch university, not just in the United States, but in the rest of the world as well. It boasts quite a long list of notable alumni that have made a name for themselves as experts in their respective fields. Hence, the quality of academic journals that it produces is consistently high. 

Going beyond scholarly articles, Harvard has also produced a number of inventions that have changed the world. These include oral contraception and the vaccine for smallpox.

  1. University Of Toronto

The University Of Toronto is second on this list, because of its comprehensive scope of subjects and degrees offered. The overall performance of its alumni is also excellent, publishing not just academic and scholarly journals, but also achieving prominence in their respective fields. If you happen to be an international student who’s considering attending the University Of Toronto, it’s a great choice because of its high population of international students.

The University Of Toronto also consistently receives an A or the highest rating for the following:

  • Academic research
  • Quantity and quality of research publications
  • Top-cited publications
  1. Stanford University

If you’re interested in quality academic journals in different fields of science, Stanford University also produces quite an impressive number. It ranks well in terms of chemistry, physical sciences, and life sciences.

Stanford University has also produced notable authors as their alumni, one of which is bioengineer and neuroscientist, Karl Deisseroth.

There are several good reasons why Stanford stands out, and these include:

  • It has some of the best research facilities, in terms of technical capability and laboratories.
  • It allows students the freedom to be innovative in their research.
  • Its professors and research advisors are top-notch professionals who are prominent in their respective fields.



  1. John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University is one of those institutes that consistently features well in rankings, in terms of overall academic performance. This also includes its outstanding plethora of academic journals.

This university focuses on applied science and technology, so most of its academic journals are also centered on this field of study. The Whiting School of Engineering, in particular, is the one that excels notably, due in part to its commitment for outstanding research and academic standards.

Another great advantage of John Hopkins University is that it has quite a number of academic partnerships with international peer organizations, allowing their collaborative research for better academic journals to regularly materialize.

  1. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

MIT is often labeled as one of the world’s most prestigious higher education institutes. It has earned its spot on this list, as it has an impressive 150 years’ worth of background in research to boast of. More specifically, the emphasis of its academic journals lies in the field of entrepreneurship and applied science.

In 2018, MIT became very famous for one of its published research journals, which investigated which kind of news spread faster – true or false news. It was featured in over 360 news stories. The final verdict? Lies spread faster.

For all these reasons, MIT is a great choice for academic research and studies, including the following:

  • Its rigorous curriculum forms the basis of top-notch published journals and articles.
  • Its faculty are prominent names in the field of engineering and science.
  • It enables you to participate in the Undergraduate Research Program, which caters to all the academic journals that it has published, even before you make it to grad school.
  • It enables you to work alongside some of the best and most brilliant names in the industry for the completion of your research paper.
  1. University Of Michigan

Another college on this list from the United States is the University Of Michigan. When students make their way to the halls of this college, they are guaranteed endless opportunities, as evidenced by the scholarly and academic journals that graduates have produced.

The University Of Michigan boasts a wide breadth of educational opportunities, mainly due to its status as a public research institution. 

  1. Max Planck Society

The Max Planck Society is the most successful research institution in Germany. This puts it on equal footing with the rest of the prestigious research institutions in the world. Eighteen Nobel Laureates have passed through here, so you can rely on their academic journals to be wide-ranging and of excellent quality as well.

The Max Planck Society is so successful that it’s able to come up with over 15,000 publications each year consisting of renowned scientific and academic journals.

Not surprisingly, Max Planck is also the birthplace of many notable discoveries in the field of science. These include matters as complicated as antiretroviral treatment for HIV-Aids.


When you initially think of an academic journal, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is unlike any other publication. It’s not a simple commentary, nor is it written by journalists. The authors of these academic journals are experts that have excelled in their fields. Hence, this list comprises some of the best universities that have become known for publishing the most academic journals.

Great Tools to Help When Writing and Publishing Your Academic Journals

From the collection of data for research to its publication, there are many parts involved in creating a research paper. Because of this, doing research isn’t a simple task. Getting your research work published is more than just creating content.

Thankfully, there are many available tools that researchers can use in building their research. Check out the following:

Writing Software

Writing your research paper calls for many steps, including adding images, tables, or scientific equations. You may also need to include footnotes and cite references. Sometimes, you may need to use a word counter for a specific word requirement. Now, choosing the best writing software depends on your personal choice.

While there are many researchers who are content with open-access software, such as LibreOffice and OpenOffice, some are willing to spend a few bucks to use Microsoft Office Word. For the scientific community, however, Latex is a popular choice.

In a research paper, it’s ideal to ensure that your document is free from grammatical errors, typos, and wrong sentence structure. Even if your content is good, if it contains bad grammar, it can still be judged wrongly. Thus, using a writing software that also has a grammar checker would be truly helpful to improve your text.

Research Software

You need tools and software when doing research. In laying the groundwork for your investigation, a free tool to help you is Google Scholar. With this tool, you can easily look for works that are similar to yours and find out how their research can help you.

If your work involves analyzing data, you’ll also need to have the appropriate software. A common tool to help you perform basic graphing and statistical analysis is Microsoft Excel. Depending on your area of research, you may need to have other data analysis tools to improve your work.

Reference Tools

In organizing the references you’ve used in your paper, you need handy referencing tools. These tools come by different names, including citation app or software, reference management software, citation manager, or literature management software. All of these means a tool that’ll let you save and format your references.

It’s crucial to select a software that will let you consistently save the references that you used in your writeup. There are various options out there including Paperpile, Mendeley, and Zotero. These free resources allow you to collect the references you read and save them later for easy access.

Project Management Software

Working on a research manuscript involves deadlines and multiple tasks. With everything that needs to be done on time, it’s easy to get caught up and be overwhelmed. Thus, it’s a good idea to find a project management software that will help keep you on top of your work. With such a tool, you can easily lay out the activities that need to be done by whom and when. For many researchers, it’s helpful to visualize all tasks and know the expected timeline for doing them.

There are a bunch of options available to all kinds of researchers. Some of these include Scrivener, Microsoft Project, and Microsoft OneNote. Using these tools, you can save tables, images, lab results while you do your research, too.

Formatting Tools

Today, there are lots of journals with their own guidelines and formatting rules. Take note that publishers come with a specific style guide. If you want to publish your paper with them, it’s important that you follow their specified format. 

You can start with templates provided by Google Docs or Microsoft Office Word. However, if you want your work to automatically follow a specific format, you can try Typeset or Overleaf, which are free tools.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism happens when you use text from someone else’s work without citing the original author, which is a serious academic misconduct. Regardless of using it word for word or paraphrasing it, it’s still considered plagiarism if you don’t give credit to the rightful person. 

A common way to plagiarize academic work is using your previously published work without stating that it was already used. This is called self-plagiarism. When you publish your work, the publisher also holds the copyright of your text and you’d need to ask permission to use it or you can also mention the source.

There are various plagiarism checking software you can choose from. This will ensure that you only submit work that’s free from plagiarism. 

Some of this software includes DupliChecker and Turnitin.

Final Thoughts

Writing and publishing research work isn’t an easy thing to do. With the many steps to undergo, you’d need some tools to help manage the tasks until its completion. 

While there are only a few of these tools mentioned above, you’re free to explore other software and tools, which can help you finish your work and finally have it published.

Civil and Environmental Research 2014 editions

Vol 6, No 2 (2014)

Table of Contents


Performance Evaluation of Nigerian Ports: Pre and Post Concession Eras PDF
Olaogbebikan Jimoh Eniola, Ikpechukwu Njoku, Faniran Akin Oluwatosin, Enosko Okoko 1-13
A Review of Some Indices used for Drought Studies PDF
Jones F. Agwata 14-21
Effects of limestone and super-plasticizer on the fresh properties of self-compacting concrete PDF
Anthony Nkem Ede, Adefemi Adetunji Adegbite 22-27
Physical Master-planning as Panacea to Physical Planning Challenges in Nigeria Cities: Case Study of Abuja, Nigeria Capital City PDF
Obinna Ubani, Arc Emeka Mba, Lucy Ugwu 28-34
Investigation of Properties of Concrete Using Sawdust as Partial Replacement for Sand PDF
Olugbenga Joseph Oyedepo, Seun Daniel Oluwajana, Sunmbo Peter Akande 35-42
Relationship between Labour Performance and Variability in Blockwork Workflow and Labour Productivity PDF
John Ebhohimen Idiake, Shehu Ahmadu Bustani 43-53
Non-Linear Buckling Analysis of Non-Prismatic Steel Columns Subjected to Axial Compression Loads PDF
Najla’a H. AL-Shareef 54-75
Effect of Cost Control on Building Projects Delivery in Nigeria PDF
Ayodele, Elijah Olusegun, Alabi Michael Olumuyiwa 76-79
Sustainability Strategies in Engineering Infrastructure Maintenance in Developing Countries: Selected South Western Nigeria States Case Study PDF
Owolabi Dele, Amusan Lekan M, Ogunde Ayodeji, Tunji-Olayeni P 80-93
Eccentric Problems of Hydraform Building System for Low Cost Mass Housing Construction: Evidence from Some Sites in Northern Nigeria PDF
Baba Shehu Waziri, Bukar Kadai, Hassan Sani Biu 94-99


Vol 6, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Geoelectric Evaluation of Subsoil for Optimum Cocoa Yield in Parts of Ondo State, Southwestern Nigeria PDF
Muraina Z. Mohammed, Isaac R. Ajayi 1-8
Impacts of Water and Sanitation Activities on the Environment in the Upper Mara Basin PDF
H. N. Ngugi, P.G. Home, U.N. Mutwiwa 9-16
Geochemical Assessment of The Trace Elements in Selected Bottled Water from Baghdad City-Iraq; Environmental Impact Approach PDF
Saad Zeki A.Kader Al-Mashaikie, Ena’am Juma’a Abdullah 17-23
Measurement of Radon Gas Concentration in Soil and Water Samples in Salahaddin Governorate-Iraq Using Nuclear Track Detector (CR-39) PDF
Ali Abdulwahab Ridha, Mahmood Salim Karim, Nada Farhan Kadhim 24-30
Analysis of Uniformly Loaded Simply Supported Rectangular Plates with Lifting Corners Using Strip Moment Ratio (SMR) method. PDF
Ephraim M.E., Orumu S.T. 31-38
The Effect of Driver Behavior Mistakes on Traffic Safety PDF
Mohammad Abojaradeh, Basim Jrew, Hadeel Al-Ababsah, Ammar Al-Talafeeh 39-54
The Place of Soil Geotechnical Characteristics in Road Failure, a Study of the Onitsha-Enugu Expressway, Southeastern Nigeria. PDF
Onuoha, David Chijioke, Onwuka, Shalom Udeagha 55-67
Water Handling And Hygiene Practices On The Transmission Of Diarrhoeal Diseases And Soil Transmitted Helminthic Infections In Communities In Rural Ghana PDF
Henry Ofosu Addo, Kennedy Kwasi Addo, Langbong Bimi 68-79
Ranking the Factors that Influence the Construction Project Management Success: Malaysian Perspective PDF
Jolowo Micheal, Deepak T.J., Venishri .P, Ir. Siow Yun Tong 80-88
Anomalous Seepage Flows and Piping in Oje-Owode earthdam: Granular filter-drain media as controlling measure PDF
Oladipupo S. OLADEJO, Josiah ADEYEMO 89-95
Towards Urban City with Sustainable Buildings: A Model for Dhaka City, Bangladesh PDF
Khalid Md. Bahauddin, Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman, Fahad Ahmed 96-104
Environmental Problems of Sachet Water Waste Disposal in Nsukka Urban, Enugu State, Nigeria PDF
Nkiru Daisy Ezeokpube, Chinwe Joy Obiora, Philip Ogbonna Phil-Eze 105-113
Characteristics And Management Of Solid Waste In Ghanaian Markets – A Study Of WA Municipality PDF
Patrick Aaniamenga Bowan, Millicent Timol Tierobaar 114-119
Reducing the Impact of Uplift Pressures on the Base of a Concrete Dam by Configuration of Drainage Holes (Hypothetical Case Study) PDF
Imad H. Obead, Haider M. AL-Baghdadi, Riyadh Hamad 120-131
Drivers’ Behavior at Signalized Intersections Operating with Flashing Green: Comparative Study PDF
Wael Awad 132-139

Paper submission email: CER@iiste.org

ISSN (Paper)2224-5790 ISSN (Online)2225-0514


Advances in Physics Theories and Applications Latest Editions

Vol 28 (2014)


Vol 27 (2014)


Advances in Life Science and Technology Recent Editions

Vol 17 (2014)

Table of Contents


Compared levels of specific divalent trace elements in hyperlipidemia and hepatitis sera patients PDF
Namama S. Hamad, Dler. M. Salh, Avan A. Ahmed 1-5
Seminal fluid; the Natural Guard of Seminal DNA PDF
Mohammed Baqur S. Al-Shuhaib, Ali Hmood Al-Saadi, Mufeed J. Ewadh, Mahanem Mat Noor 6-8
Review Article: A trends of Salmonella and antibiotic resistance PDF
M. G. Abatcha, Z. Zakaria, D. G. Kaur, K. L. Thong 9-21
A Study on the Antioxidant Defense System in Breast cancer Patients. PDF
Athar Ali, Manzoor Ur Rahman Mir, Khursheed Alam, Dilafroza ., Ahmad Aarif Reshi 22-25
A Study on Knowledge and Practice of Post Menopausal Women on Health Maintenance in A Selected Rural Community of Mangalore Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka PDF
Jacintha Veigas, Rajgopal ., D. S. Veerabhadra Swami, Jipi Varghese 26-29
Educational status and religion influence uptake of voluntary HIV counseling and testing by Ghanaian antenatal clinic attendees. PDF
Reginald Nana Kofi Gyapong, Bright Selorm Addy, Kwame Ohene Buabeng, Edmund Bray, Valerie Cobbinah-Abraham 30-38
Effect of Mobility on the Quality of Life among Older Adults in Geriatric Home at Makkah Al-Mukarramah PDF
Hanan I. Ahmed, Esraa E. Mohamed, Sahar M. Aly 39-50
Biofunctional molecules from Citrullus colocynthis: An HPLC/MS analysis in correlation to antimicrobial and anticancer activities PDF
Alaa M. Shawkey, Mohamed A. Rabeh, Ashraf O. Abdellatif 51-62
Cardiovascular Diseases Correlation with Trace Elements in Hilla City PDF
Mena Yahya, Mufeed Ewadh, Monem ALshok 63-66



Vol 16 (2014)

Vol 3, No 13 (2013) Journal of Natural Sciences Research

Vol 3, No 13 (2013)

Table of Contents


A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Purdue Improved Cowpea Storage Bags, Sealed Jericans, Azaradirachta Indica (Neem) and Actellic in Cowpee Preservation PDF
DALUBA, N. E., OKOYE, A. C. 1-4
Agronomic Traits and Physiology of Maize at Various Levels of Water Application PDF
Hayatiningsih Gubali, S.M. Sitompul, Sudarto ., MTh.Sri Budiastuti 5-12
Application of Radiometric Surveys to Delineate between Sedimentary Terrain and Basement Complex: A case study of Sagamu and Abeokuta, South Western Nigeria PDF
Joseph .O. Coker, Amidu .O. Mustapha, Victor Makinde, Johnson .K. Adesodun 13-16
Effects of Varying Levels of Inorganic Fertilizer Application on the Underground and Nutritive Response of Panicum maximum cv. T58 (Guinea Grass) PDF
Aderinola Olusola Adewumi 17-22
Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Infection among Alcoholic Consumers at a Local Community, North-East Nigeria. PDF
James A Ndako, Amina Yahaya, Josephine O. Amira, Debby T. Olaolu, Tabitha A. Akande 23-29
Effectiveness of the Atkins Diet as a Treatment of Weight Reduction PDF
Siti Khadijah Jasni, Nurul Atiqah Osman, Nur Syaza Tajola’aurus 30-32
Contributing Factors to Patients Overcrowding in Emergency Department at King Saud Hospital Unaizah, KSA PDF
Ayed Awadh AL-Reshidi 33-41
Evaluation and Comparison of Water Qualityparameters from Fresh Water Surface Streams and Hand- Dug Wells in Isiokpo Community, Rivers State, Nigeria. PDF
Obunwo C. C, Opurum I. J. 42-45
Evaluation of Four Cowpea Lines for Bruchid (Callosobruchus maculatus) Tolerance PDF
Oluwafemi D. Amusa, Adebayo L. Ogunkanmi, Kehinde Bolarinwa, Omoche Ojobo 46-52
Screening and Characterization of Biosurfactants Producing Microorganism formNatural Environment(Whey Spilled Soil) PDF
Shaikh Rajesh Ali, Banani Ray Chowdhury, Prajna Mondal, Sisir Rajak 53-58
DNA Fingerprinting, Chemical Composition, Antitumor and Antimicrobial Activities of the Essential Oils and Extractives of four Annona Species from Egypt PDF
Seham S. Elhawary, Mona E. El Tantawy, Mohamed A. Rabeh, Noha E. Fawaz 59-68
Isolation and Characterization of an Anticonvulsant Principle from Leaf Extract of Pyrenacantha Staudtii PDF
Oladoye S.O, Fakunle C.O, Adeoye O.A, Fashola G.O 69-73
The Developmental and Physiological Interactions between Free Radicals and Antioxidant Defense System: Effect of Environmental Pollutants PDF
R.G. Ahmed, S. Incerpi, F. Ahmed, A. Gaber 74-110
Quantitative Analysis of a Forest Fragment in Olokemeji Forest Reserve, Nigeria PDF
Aderopo Akinsoji 111-114
Effect ofAlcoholic &Water Extracts of Costusspeciosus (Koen.)Some Species of Aspergillus spp. that Causing of Pulmonary MycoticInfections (I) PDF
NeeranObied AL-Ameri, Zahraa Falah Azeez 115-119
Preliminary Assessment of Shatt Al-Arab Riverine Environment, Basra Governorate, Southern Iraq PDF
Balsam Al-Tawash, Hadi Salim Al-Lafta, Broder Merkel 120-136
Structural Interpretation of Abakiliki – Ugep, using Airborne Magnetic and Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) Data PDF
Goodhope Anyanwu, Luke Mamah 137-148
Studies of In vitro Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of Extracts and Isolated Compounds from Parinari curatellifolia (Chrysobalanaceae) PDF
Halilu, M.E, October, N, Balogun, M., Namrita Lall, Abubakar, M.S 149-154
Surface and Ground Water Pollution in Abata Ogun Agricultural Wetland PDF
Badmus Abdurrahman Adeleye, Asimi M. Adetunji 155-162
Geoelectrical Assessment of a Proposed Dam Site around Ehuhe area of Oji River, Southeastern Nigeria. PDF
Ibeneme S.I., Ibe K.K., Selemo A.O., Udensi S.C., Nwagbara J.O., Eze I. O., Ubechu B.O., Onwuka C.O. 163-170
Hearing Loss and the Elderly – A Primer PDF
Adedayo O. Olaosun, Olawale Ogundiran 171-175
Uranium Concentration in Human Blood using Fission Track Etch Technique PDF
Anees A. AL-Hamzawi, M. S. Jaafar, Nada F. Tawfiq, Najeba F. Salih 176-181

Paper submission email: JNSR@iiste.org

ISSN (Paper)2224-3186 ISSN (Online)2225-0921

Vol 3, No 17 (2013) Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare

Vol 3, No 17 (2013)

Table of Contents


Effect of Regulated Deficit Irrigation on Growth and Yield of Sorghum PDF
Adzemi Mat Arshad, Ibrahim W, Wan Zaliha W S 1-8
Factors Influencing Initiation of Breast Feeding among Post-Partum Mothers in a Teaching Hospital of Osun State, Nigeria. PDF
B. L. Ajibade, Oladeji M. O, E.A. Oyedele, Amoo P.O, Makinde O.Y 9-14
Feed Resources and Seasonal Nutrient Composition of Predominant Forages for Small Ruminant Production in Iwo Local Government Area of Osun state, Nigeria PDF
Funmilayo BAMIGBOYE, Olaniyi Babayemi, Adegboyega Adekoya 15-24
Impact of a Designed Nursing Intervention protocol on Myocardial Infarction Patient’s Outcome at a selected University Hospital in Egypt PDF
Abdelhameed Mahros Abdelhameed, Warda Youssef Mohamed, Yousria Abd El-salam Seloma, Hanan El-sayed Zaghla 25-35
Epidemiologic Attributes and Virulence Profile of Salmonella Tennessee isolates from Infections associated with Peanut Butter National Outbreak PDF
Chau H. Nguyen, Seongbeom Cho, Mahdi A. Saeed 36-42
Adaptive Mechanisms of Rural Fishermen Towards Climate Change On Quantity of Fish Caught in Asari-toru Local Government Area of Rivers State Nigeria. PDF
Henry Unaeze, Adaba Ibim 43-48
Heritabiliy Studies In Some Sweet Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor. L. Moench) Genotypes PDF
R. A. Sami, M. Y. Yeye, M. F. Ishiyaku, I. S. Usman 49-51
The Effect of Household Characteristics on Child Mortality in Ghana PDF
Michael Ofori Fosu, Ir. Peter Romeo Nyarko 52-58
Identification of Badh2 Mutation Type among Indonesian Fragrant Rice Varieties PDF
Djarot Sasongko Hami Seno, I Made Artika, Waras Nurcholis, Tri Joko Santoso, Kurniawan R Trijatmiko, Bambang Padmadi, Dewi Praptiwi, Jap Mai Ching, Zainal Alim Mas’ud 59-65
Glucosinolates, Glycosidically Bound Volatiles and Antimicrobial Activity of Brassica oleraceae Var. Botrytis, (Soultany Cultivar) PDF
Mohamed S. Hifnawy, Rabab M. Abdel Salam, Mohamed A. Rabeh, Mahmoud A. Aboseada 66-81
Management of Root Knot Nematode Affecting Banana Crop by Using Organic Amendment And Biological Products PDF
Zahra Ferji, El Hassan Mayad, Mohamed Alfalah 82-85
New Agricultural Land Measurement Adapted in Langowan, Minahasa, North Sulawesi, Indonesia PDF
Loing, Jeane Catty 86-92
First Report on Fusarium solani, a Pathogenic Fungus Causing Stem Rot Disease on Dragon Fruits (Hylocereus sp.) in Bali PDF
Wiwik Susanah Rita, Dewa Ngurah Suprapta, I Made Sudana, I Made Dira Swantara 93-99
Hematological Indices of Clarias griepinus (Burchell, 1882) Fingerlings Fed Diet Containing Graded Levels of Calabash (Lagenaria vulgaries) Seed Meal PDF
Mamman, T., Ipinjolu, J.K, I, Magawata 100-104
Effect of Some Thermal Processing Techniques on the Proximate, Mineral and Anti-Nutrient Compositions of Bambara Groundnut (Voandzeia subterranea, (L) Thour) Meal PDF
Isikwenu J. O, Nwanbe R . N, Elechi F. N 105-109
Adaptation, Biomass and Ethanol Yields of Sweet Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) Varieties at Dryland Farming Areas of Jimbaran Bali, Indonesia PDF
I Gusti Ayu Mas Sri Agung, I Ketut Sardiana, I Wayan Diara, I Gusti Made Oka Nurjaya 110-115
Assistive Technology For Hearing and Speech Disorders PDF
Adedayo O. Olaosun, Olawale Ogundiran 116-120
Determinants of Output among Pig Farmers in Abia State, Nigeria PDF
Kelechi Igwe, Amarachi Ifekaonwu, Samson Amao, Clara Igwe 121-126
Donkey-Cart Transport, a Source of Livelihood for Farmers in the Kassena Nankana Municipality in Upper East Region of Ghana PDF
Maurice M. Braimah, Issahaku Abdul-Rahaman, Daniel Oppong-Sekyere 127-136
Effect of Partial Rootzone Drying Technique on Growth Performance of Sorghum PDF
Adzemi Mat Arshad, Ibrahim W, Wan Zaliha W S 137-142
Variations in Phosphatase Activity of Crude Oil and Used Crankase Oil Polluted Agricultural Soil. PDF
Reginald C. Ohiri, Agha, N. C., Nwachukwu, N. 143-149
Immune Response to Hepatitis B Virus Vaccine PDF

Paper submission email: JBAH@iiste.org

ISSN (Paper)2224-3208 ISSN (Online)2225-093X

Vol 4, No 14 (2013) Innovative Systems Design and Engineering

Vol 4, No 14 (2013)

Table of Contents


Shunt Active Power Filters Based On Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter and Hysteresis Band Current Controller PDF
EM?N TACER, Akram Qashou, Nezihe yildiran 1-17
Design of A Portable Hydraulic Water Borehole Drilling Rig PDF
A.R.S. Dienagha, G.C. Ikenyiri, Steve Odi – Owei 18-26
Experimental Verification of a New Technique for the Dry Separation of Palm Kernel and Shell Mixture PDF
Adewale Olasumboye, Olufemi Koya 27-33
A New Power Line Communication Modem Design with Applications to Vast Solar Farm Management PDF
Fawzi Al-Naima, Ramzy Ali, Ahmed Abid, Zabih Ghassemlooy, Zhiwei Gao 34-48
Management of Infrastructure For Water and Petroleum Demand in KSA By GIS PDF
Magdy Shayboub Ali Mahmoud, Samir Mahmud Adam Abdalla 49-75
New Product Development and Customer Knowledge Management in Pakistani Firms: an exploratory study of processes and activities PDF
Hira Sakrani, Joe Bogue, Tooba Tariq Butt 76-96
Analysis of Wind Turbine Driven Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator under Different Loading Conditions PDF
Gaber El Saady, El-Nobi A. Ibrahim, Hamdy Ziedan, Mohammed M. Soliman 97-111
Errors Analysis in Distance Relay Readings with Presence of FACTS Devices PDF
Gaber El-Saady, Rashad M. Kamel, Essam M.Ali 112-130
V/F control of Three Phase Induction Motor Drive with Different PWM Techniques PDF
Gaber El-Saady, El-Nobi A. Ibrahim, Mohamed Elbesealy 131-144
Wavelet Based Analysis for Transmission Line Fault Location PDF
Mazen Abdel-Salam, Adel Ahmed, Wael Ahmed 145-156

Paper submission email: ISDE@iiste.org

ISSN (Paper)2222-1727 ISSN (Online)2222-2871

Vol 3, No 11 (2013) Information and Knowledge Management

Vol 3, No 11 (2013)

Table of Contents


Use and satisfaction with online public access catalogue in selected university libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria PDF
ONUOHA, Uloma Doris, UMAHI, Felicia O., BAMIDELE, Itunu A. 1-5
Post Implementation Performance Evaluation of Enterprise Resource Planning in Saudi Arabian Public University PDF
Ali, Syed Imran 6-14
The Relationship between the EPS & the Market Stock Return (Case Study: Industrial Sector-Jordan) PDF
Ashraf Mahammad Al-Rjoub, Nizar Mohammad Alsharari, Anas Ali Al-Qudah, Nawwaf Hamid Alfawaerah 15-23
IT Change Management Challenges in Kenya PDF
Stanley Mwangi Chege 24-29
A Comparative Analysis of E-Readiness Assessment in Nigerian Private Universities and Its Impact on Educational Development PDF
Amassoma Ditimi, Dauda Ayanda 30-37
A Survey of Reading and Internet Use Habits among Undergraduate Students in Selected University Libraries in Nigeria PDF
QUADRI, Ganiyu Oluwaseyi, ABOMOGE, Solomon Oluwatise 38-46
Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment among Teachers of Public Senior High Schools: A Case Study of Tamale Metropolis PDF
Ernest Dery, Felix Puopiel 47-52
Transition of Space Technologies and the Spin-Off Technologies Realised: An Incentive for Continued Investment in Space Exploration PDF
Samuel Ayokunle Olowosejeje 53-62
Measuring the Effect of the Perception of Knowledge Management on its Utilization in Public Sector in Jordan: A comparative Study to Determine the Change in the Utilization of Knowledge Management Between 2004 – 2013 PDF
Haitham Ali Hijazi, Hadeel Al-hroot 63-74
Information and Knowledge Valuation using the Information Theory and Informative Matrices PDF
Juan Carlos Piedra-Calderón, Rubén González Crespo, J. Javier Rainer 75-93
Impact of Knowledge Management Processes on Organizational Performance: An Empirical Study in Institute of Technical Learning –Iraq PDF
Moyaid S. Alsalim, Nawal Y. Mohamed 94-104
The Impact of Social Networking Sites on the Purchasing Behaviours of Online Travel Community Members PDF
Alexander Twumasi, Kwame Adu-Gyamfi 105-111
The Influence of Information Technology Capability, Organizational Learning, and Knowledge Management Capability on Organizational Performance (A Study of Banking Branches Company in Southern Kalimantan Province) PDF
Agus Pebrianto, Suhadak ., Kertahadi ., Djamhur . 112-120

Paper submission email: IKM@iiste.org

ISSN (Paper)2224-5758 ISSN (Online)2224-896X