Vol 5, No 11 (2019) International Journal of Scientific and Technological Research

Vol 5, No 11 (2019)

Table of Contents


Effect of Sulphur and Boron on Yield, Quality, Nutrient Uptake and Post-Harvest Soil Nutrient Status of Hybrid Sunflower PDF
Kalaiyarasan. C, D. Tamizhselvan, S. Jawahar, S. Ezhilkumar, K. Suseendran, S. Madhavan, S. Ramesh 1-8
Effect of Different Chemicals on Growth and Yield of Rainfed Sorghum PDF
Kalaiyarasan, C, N. Indianraj, K. Suseendran, M.V. Sriramachandrasekharan, S. Jawahar, S. Madhavan 9-12
Investigation of Relationships between Salt Stress, Potassium Application and Macro Element Uptake in Pepper Plant PDF
Fikret Yasar, Omer Oztas, Ozlem Uzal 13-17
Seismic Performance Comparison of a Building Made with Old Masonry Bayburt Stone According to Old and New TBDY PDF
Omer Can 18-24
Clustering Analysis of Morphological and Phenological Data in Einkorn and Emmer Wheats Collected from Kastamonu Region PDF
Fatih Demirel, Kahraman Gurcan, Taner Akar 25-36
Seroprevalence of Brucellosis in sheep and goats in Duhok and Sumel districts of northern Iraq PDF
Nazik Mahmood Ilyas, Ferda Karakus 37-41
Comparative Analysis on Multiple Criteria Decision Making Techniques: An Application PDF
Duygu Usta, Ali Hakan Buyuklu 42-58
The Effect of Supplemented Pellet Binders in Broiler Compound Diets on Fattening Performance and Pellet Quality Criteria PDF
Songul Senturklu, Murat Zincirlioglu 59-70
Contract Management and Disputes in the Construction Industry PDF
Ruveyda Komurlu, Kubra Yeni 71-77
Investigation of Change in Reading-Math-Science Literacy Scores in PISA Applications with Multivariate-Multilevel Model PDF
Sule Otken, Duygu Anil 78-92
Effects of Different Bioactivator Applications on Fruit Quality and Plant Growth in Strawberry PDF
Sevinc Sener 93-99
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizers on Yield and Antioxidant Enzymes of Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) under Water Stress Conditions PDF
Amir Rahimi, Fatemeh Ahmadi, Gulen Ozyazici 100-109


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Vol 46 (2019) Journal of Philosophy, Culture and Religion

Vol 46 (2019)

Table of Contents


Journal coverpage PDF
Journal Editor
Child Sexual Abuse Dialogue: The Place of Religious Sermon Discourses PDF
Clemenciana Mukenge, Evans Chapanga, Prosper Takavarasha, Decide Miti 1-11
Competitive Strategies of Islamic Banks: A Case of Pakistan PDF
Hamid Hussain, Sadia Khatoon, Zahid Sarwar 12-23
Islam in the Gibe States of Ethiopia; It Introduction, Expansion, and Consequences from c. 17th to Early 20th Century PDF
Biruk Wodnimu 24-25
Renewal Under Modern Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) (Sami Hmoud as a sample) PDF
Husain Mohammad Ahmed Alrababah, Yusuf Mohammad Ahmed Alrababah, Nedal Hasan FALAH ALMomani, Ibrahim Mohammad Rababah 26-34


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Vol 9, No.21 and No.22 (2019) Journal of Natural Sciences Research

Vol 9, No 22 (2019)

Table of Contents


Journal coverpage PDF
Journal Editor
Comparative Study of HBV Light and GR4J Conceptual Hydrological Models for Assessment of Impact of Climate Change on Water Availability of Awata River Watershed, Genale Dawa Basin; Southern Ethiopia PDF
Asfaw Kebede 1-9
Performance of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) varieties Using True Potato Seed (TPS) at Gerado, Northeastern Ethiopia PDF
Hassen Yassin Mossa 10-16
Control of Vector Borne Diseases of Public Health Importance: The Role of Integrated Vector Management and Indigenous Knowledge PDF
Oda Gizaw 17-24
Contribution of Non-Timber Forest Products in Rural Communities’ Livelihoods around Chilimo Forest, West Shewa, Ethiopia PDF
Gadisa Demie 25-37
Effects of Residual Organic Manure and Supplemental Inorganic Fertilizers on Performance of Subsequent Maize Crop and Soil Chemical Properties PDF
Almaz M. Gezahegn 38-45
Rasheed Ibrahim, Smart Bello, Seghosime Sule 46-55
Smart Bello, Samuel O. Eguoaje, Eriakha E. Collins 56-65


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Vol 9, No 21 (2019)

Vol 62 (2019) Journal of Marketing and Consumer Research

Vol 62 (2019)

Table of Contents


Journal coverpage PDF
Journal Editor
Analysis of Poultry Production and Marketing in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: The Case of Small Scale Intensive Poultry Producers PDF
Sena Amsalu 1-11
Structure Conduct and Performance of Poultry Market in Some Selected Area of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia PDF
Sena Amsalu 12-20
Analysis of Increasing Customer Value Through Quality of Service and Consumer Perception (study of Indomaret Tangerang customers) PDF
Ismayudin Yuliyzar 21-27
Mechanisms for Improving the Marketing of Agricultural Products for Increased Profitability PDF
Cajethan U. Ugwuoke, Patience Ngozi Odoh, Godwin E. Eze, Benedicta A. Omeje, Nnennaya S. Monwuba, Scholastica U. Ekwueme 28-33
The Efficiency Level of E-Marketing Strategies and its Impact on the Enhancement of Hotel Establishments Position in Consumer Mind (Comparative study between the hotel establishments in Jordan and Saudi Arabia) PDF
Mahmoud Abdel Muhsen Irsheid Alafeef 34-48
Orientation management in organization as a tool to increase the employee productivity PDF
Ali Hawas Alharbi, Fahad Hawas Alharbi, Khalifah Salman Almadhi, Ahmad Naif Alharbi, Riyadh Ismaeil Albader, ALmalki Mohammad Musallam, ALmayouf Abdulmajeed khalled 49-53
Performance of Watermelon Marketing in Enugu State, Nigeria PDF
Ikenna Charles Ukwuaba, Festus Ugwuoke Agbo, Eberechukwu Johnpaul Ihemezie 54-67


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ISSN 2422-8451

Vol 91 (2019) Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization

Vol 91 (2019)

Table of Contents


Journal coverpage PDF
Journal Editor
The Effect of Global Technology Towards Progressiveness of Criminal Acts on Narcotics Carried Out by Children PDF
Fanny Tanuwijaya, Abdul Wahid, Sunardi . 1-7
Filling the Gaps: Proposed Review to Improve Qatar Environmental Law PDF
Abdelnaser Zeyad Hayajneh 8-16
Combating the Crime of Money Laundering in Light of Banking Secrecy Acts and Their Impact on Legal Liability , A Comparative Study PDF
Ali Jabbar Salih 17-26
Breakthrough the Legal Principle of the Civic Court Procedure PDF
Fence M Wantu 27-30
Franchise on Treaties Law in Indonesia as Continuous Business Model PDF
Sri Hudiarini 31-37
Judicial Analysis on Ownership Evidence for Shareholders in a Scripless Share Trading System in Stock Exchange PDF
Suratman ., Moh. Bakar Misbakul Munir, Ana Rokhmatussa’dyah 38-44
Legal Pluralism Approaches and Customary Land Rights Disputes on Indigenous Law Communities of Sentani Papua PDF
Frans Reumi 45-58
The Power Structure of Ondoafi in the Adat Village Government System of Jayapura Regency PDF
Hendrik Krisifu 59-69
Standardization of Murabahah Products in Sharia Banking Business on Bank NTB Sharia PDF
Hartika Fitriana 70-74
Harmonization of Regulations Regarding Press Coverage Respect the Principle of Presumption of Innocence in the Press Law PDF
Mustawa ., Judhariksawan ., Said Karim, Maskun . 75-79
Policy Problems in Financing Vocational and Technical Education: Implications for Technological Advancement PDF
Cajethan U. Ugwuoke, Blessing I. Onyebuchi, Chinyere R. Okwo, Godwin E. Eze, Jane E. Agege, Lilian U. Ekenta 80-85
Settlement of Commercial Disputes in the World Trade Organization (WTO) PDF
Ma’en Juwaihan 86-94
Health Related Reforms as a Predictor of Change of Behavior Among Inmates. A Study of Correctional Facilities in Kenya PDF
Solomon Gikundi Koome, Charles Wafula, Raphael Nyonje 95-105
The Civil Liability of Street Shooting and Photography Under the Jordanian Civil Law PDF
Enas Qutieshat 106-116
The Effectiveness of International Law in Resolving International Armed Conflicts PDF
Derar Fares Masoud 117-129
Existence, Enforcements and Practicability of the Legal Frameworks for the Protection of Women and Children’s Rights in Nigeria PDF
Zainab Abass, Wasiu Babalola 130-136
Legal nature of the challenge to admissibility of the action for the annulment of the administrative decision “A comparative study” PDF
Ayman Yousef Yusuf Al-Rafou ‘ 137-145
The Integration For Morality Values In The Concept of Law PDF
Muh. Sjaiful, Zahrowati ., Wa Ode Zuliarti 146-150
The Financial Grant Legality from the Local Government to Customary Villages PDF
I Wayan Suambara 151-160
The Development of Politics of National Defense Law in Safeguarding Indonesia’s Sovereignty in the Era of Globalization PDF
Sudarto ., Abdul Rachmat Budiono, Herman Suryokumuro, Setyo Widagdo 161-168
Comparison of Village-Owned Enterprises in Indonesia and Township and Village Enterprises in China PDF
Suartini ., Rachmad Safa’at, Iwan Permadi, Istislam . 169-176


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