How To Use Peer Reviewed Research In Your Academic Paper

In this recurring and evolving age of information, one shouldn’t limit themselves to curiosity and exploration for knowledge. Everything starts with an idea and becomes the foundation of something new or better that contributes to society. If you’re seeking solutions to problems, the best way to find it is through evidence and research, thus you’re encouraged to write academically.

Academic writing is a piece of uniformly written work with brief, concise, truthful, and systematic evidence. This aims to find a solution to a problem and its results are either an invention or innovation.

The research process of academic writing doesn’t solely involve collecting preexisting information from different sources and combining them to label as your own. Instead, research involves a thorough investigation imbued with critical thinking. In order to write your academic paper, analytical thinking skills are paramount.

With that being said, when writing your academic paper, you should gather information only from reliable sources, such as peer reviewed research. These scholarly works are important pillars of science that should be utilized with full responsibilities by the researchers, while gaining its benefits as well.


What Is Peer Reviewed Research? 

Basically, peer reviewed research is a scholarly article, journal, research paper, or any written work that is reviewed by two or more experts in their designated field, along with suggestions and recommendations for revision, before being accepted for publication. There’s no researcher and research that produced a perfect work for the first time, thus the need for a larger room for improvement.

Peer reviewing matters greatly on the field of science. As a researcher, you should hold ethical responsibility for the sake of the quality and truthfulness in your work. You have to keep in mind that findings and results that you collect will contribute to the advancement of society. Thus, it’s only proper to put research, upon which researchers make claims about certain phenomena, under scrutiny by anyone accountable for it. 

There are numerous approaches to peer review, but generally, the two most common are: single-blind peer review and double-blind peer review. In a single-blind peer review, the reviewer knows who the author is but the reviewer’s name is hidden from the author. On the other hand, both parties are anonymous to one another in a double-blind peer review.

A peer review process is complex and strict, simply because of the importance it holds to the scientific community. If you’re interested more in discovering peer review and its manifestations, make sure to check out this post: What Is Peer Review In Science? A Complete Guide.


Importance of Using Peer-Reviewed Work On Your Paper

Now that the concept and importance of peer review is explained, let’s now go to the significance of incorporating it into another body of work. First of all, take note that not all journals and its enclosed articles are peer reviewed, especially free-to-access, online journals. So when you search for sources in your academic paper, and if you’re particular to peer reviewed research, you’ll have to dig in deeper. 

In terms of finding reliable and complete peer reviewed sources online, your university library account is essential to access those information. First, you can search for peer reviewed sources in your own university’s database and make sure to filter the ‘refereed’ from those that are not. 

In Google scholar, most peer reviewed journals only feature their abstract and a few short information about the research. Other peer reviewed journals that show their complete research might not have as good quality as those private ones, so take advantage of utilizing your university subscription. 

Generally, academic journals are categorized into ‘tiers’ which classifies their standing within the field and their selectiveness in accepting articles for their journal. The higher a journal sits on the ranking, the higher their reputation in providing top-of-the-line research, as well as their standards for accepting. Before papers are being submitted in their system, they always provide author guidelines that will be the basis of their acceptance or rejection. 

By definition, peer reviewed research are definitely reliable and credible sources to, not just add into your paper, but prioritize in doing so. They sit on a higher standard, quality, and authority in providing what information you need, as compared to non-peer reviewed ones. Basically, they’re not just ‘something’ to incorporate, but should ideally be on your work.

How To Incorporate Them Into Your Paper

Once you’ve found peer reviewed research to include on your paper, the next challenge now is how to incorporate them into your paper properly, with utmost critical and analytical thinking. Take note that peer reviewed research belongs under any scientific work, thus they’re cited as how all research would be, but we’ll get into the specifics later.

Before adding sources into your paper to prove your claims, you’ll have to find them first. But, it can be difficult to recognize peer reviewed research from non-peer reviewed ones, so you need to be creative in finding them. Most professors will require you to utilize peer reviewed research anyway. Peer reviewed works can also be referred to as “scholarly journals” or “refereed journals.”

To make your hunt a lot easier, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Limit your database, filtering only peer reviewed research. Whether you’re searching for sources in your university’s database or the online database, always narrow down your search through selecting that option or feature before clicking the search button. As mentioned earlier, some high quality peer reviewed research might only show a short summary, thus widen your exploration.
  2. Search in reliable websites and databases only. No matter how difficult finding sources can be, always make sure that you’re getting information only from legitimate and reliable websites. Some of the best and most reliable databases are listed here by the University of Michigan.
  3. Confirm that the publication is a peer reviewed research. Now comes to the most detailed part is to authenticate a peer reviewed research, especially if you weren’t able to identify if your source is really peer reviewed. Thus, you’ll have to look for journals physically. Although they’re not entirely successful with all resources, here are some suggested steps:
  • Look up for the masthead of the paper, usually enclosed in a box at the front or end of the whole publication. This contains necessary publication information. If you still haven’t identified it as peer reviewed, proceed to the next step.
  • See the masthead if there’s any information about methods for journal submission. Usually, there’s a written “…submit three copies…” if they’re peer reviewed, suggesting that the work has to be submitted to the reviewers first before being accepted for publication. However, this is not always the case.
  • Lastly, do your own judgment. Definitely, there are criteria to check if the work is professionally written. Check for technical terminologies, complete research parts (abstract, chapter 1 to 5, accessory parts), and most importantly, legitimate bibliographies and footnotes. 
  • If you have already conducted these steps but you’re still not sure if it’s peer reviewed, don’t be afraid to consult your instructor, colleagues, and even your institution. More sources from different minds means that you can have more diversity in your work.

Once you’ve compiled all your peer reviewed sources, it’s time to write your academic paper and incorporate these ideas in a unique and informative way. Now, onto the real process of putting these peer reviewed research into your academic paper, here are some tips that you can treat as a writing guide:

Start Early and Steer Clear From Procrastination

Everyone has probably gone through this at some point of their life: not starting a task immediately and finding themselves procrastinating right before the deadline. Writing an academic paper obviously takes time, and since your scholarly sources are written to be understood by mostly experts, it will take more time for you to incorporate them into your paper. 

To overcome this challenge, start your research early. Once you step into the process of incorporating and analyzing your scholarly sources, they’re more difficult to read and translate in your way. Most ideas will be new and unfamiliar to you. Thus, compile relevant peer reviewed research papers and start reading the abstracts and summaries first to identify if they’ll be helpful for your topic. 

Then, sort out all scholarly sources that are relevant to your topic, then start reading them thoroughly. The most time-consuming part of your research is definitely the second chapter which comprises the review of related literature and studies, which you will discuss the findings in scholarly journals that are related to your topic.

Conventionally, the second chapter always goes after the first, obviously. However, writing the second chapter first before the statement of the problem can give you a broader view of the topic.


Follow The Style Guide Of Journal Of Choice

Academic papers are always written systematically through following a specific format. Since journals and publication platforms sometimes vary in terms of formatting, always follow the style guide of your journal of choice. If your paper is a subject requirement, then use your professor’s provided style guide. 

Practicing this skill will be helpful when you continue to write during your academic and corporate future. Every journal has their own style and configuration so make sure that you follow them strictly, and set your personal preferences aside.

When incorporating your scholarly sources, never copy paste them as is, especially if they have a different style guide. These sources are meant to support and give evidence to your claims, so you need to explain them in a way that is connected to your topic. Make sure that you use these information while complying with the required style guide.


Make Use of Proper Citation

Peer reviewed or not, academic research has to be credited to its rightful authors. Failure to meet this ethical responsibility leads to a serious crime known as plagiarism. When mentioning ideas that are not originally yours, always make use of proper citation. 

Generally, sources and references are used not just to prove your claims, but it can also present facts and statistics, highlight relevant examples and illustrations, give authority to a certain idea, and so on. Before you add a source in your paper, it’s noteworthy to identify the purpose of utilizing it and how it will be presented in the best possible way. 

When utilizing your sources and writing them in your own words, always cite the source. Generally, there are three major citation style guides used in academic writing, depending on your field or topic:

  • American Psychological Association (APA): Education, engineering, social sciences
  • Modern Language Association (MLA): History, art, English, music, philosophy, linguistics, language, religion
  • Chicago Manual of Style: Supports two styles: (1) Chicago Notes and Bibliography, history and humanities, and (2) Chicago Author-Date, natural sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences

At the end of your paper, the list of all scholarly sources utilized in your research is always expected, and this is known as either the bibliography or reference list. 


Integrate Your Sources Seamlessly

If you’ve successfully compiled all your scholarly sources, determined the purpose of using them, and identified which citation style guide to use, it’s time to integrate them into your paper through three methods:

  • Paraphrasing: In paraphrasing, you put the relevant ideas from the source and translate them into your own words, while still giving credit to the original author. Paraphrased texts are almost the same length as the original text since you’ve put attention to details, but in your own words. It’s best to use this method when the original idea wasn’t clearly explained and you seem to have a better way of doing it.
  • Summarizing: As the word suggests, summarizing is creating a summary of an idea, thus highlighting only the key, concise points of a text. Summarizing is best to do when presenting all the main ideas in a paper briefly.
  • Quoting: When the ideas that you’ll incorporate into your paper are entirely important and specific, you have to quote them directly from the author. Always enclose these direct quotes in quotation marks and add proper citations. 

With overflowing resources, you might become too overwhelmed and overuse these information. Always keep in mind to be selective and concise. Include only relevant information that can contribute to your paper’s topic, since not everything in your scholarly journals will be directly relevant to your research. You’ll definitely encounter using two to three paragraphs, if you’re lucky enough, amidst a scholarly paper with multiple pages.

While filtering out only the essential information, also take note to stay focused on your topic. Your sources are only meant to support your claims, thus your paper shouldn’t be centered on these. Moreover, don’t overuse too many sources and quotations into a single paragraph.


Salient Points

Research is a mesmerizing endeavor that never stops – you think of a central idea to solve your problem, find relevant information to support them, and try to prove your claims. It’s a continuous learning process that encourages people to keep on pursuing their curiosities. While scholarly sources are abundant in different fields of science, you should be able to recognize, classify, find their purpose, and incorporate them into your research in a logical manner. 


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7 Serious Problems K-12 Students Go Through

The educational system is constantly under the control of the government. It’s never stable. The teachers and other superior bodies invent the innovations, and implement them, change the existing order. Sometimes one cannot do without the complete restructuring of the system. And people often ask: what’s the point? Education should be effective and reach its main aim: form an all-round and versatile personality. 

But despite all efforts, the K-12 students still face crucial problems. By the way, K-12 means compulsory education in the USA, Canada, and other countries. It usually stands for the number of years, starting from kindergarten till 12th grade. The students from other countries often are jealous of the K-12 educational system. Better conditions, the possibility to choose the subject, and other advantages cannot cut down the existing shortcomings.

Still, the most common issue among all students in the world is the academic workload. Their schedule is demanding; that’s why most of them experience apathy and depression. If you know that feeling, it’s time to change your life. This problem has a solution – academic writing service To know more about the services and conditions, leave a message like “Write my essays for me”. Why should you waste your time and health on the assignments, which are difficult to implement. Value your time. Give the work to professionals and see how your academic performance increases.

The Issues That Should Be Changed in the K-12 System

The issues in education always are the subject of great discussion. Reorganizations in education always suppose that people move away from traditional forms and models. And the more serious the amendments, the more problems and challenges appear. It’s a great mistake to think that discussion of problems is only teachers’ and parents’ responsibility. 

But the students have the primary right to express their opinions because they are direct participants of the educational process. They’re the subject of education. That’s why it’s reasonable to address their meaning. The most significant problems of modern K-12 education are the following:

  • The financial issues are as old as time. The State structures often experience poor financing, and education isn’t an exception. It has a direct impact on students. The uncomfortable environment in the classroom, which are in need of renovation. Moreover, because of poor funding, schools have insufficient staff. The lack of resources influences the quality of knowledge people acquire. 
  • Too early age for choosing the strand. Students are forced to choose the major when they’re less than 16 years. This choice affects their future, and in such age, they can’t adequately define their abilities and aptitudes. Due to it, most of them will lose interest in studying several years after.
  • The use of outdated methods of studying. Teachers should elaborate on new ways to interest students. It’s better to establish a dialogue between the teacher and the student. Discuss this problem and find the assignments and methods of collaboration that will interest students. Learning should be hands-on, problem-based, and encouraging. 
  • Students lack the skills, which aren’t connected to the studying – social, behavioral. The greatest attention is paid to subjects and sciences, whereas one of the education’s objectives is the all-rounded personality, social being. Establishing a mindset, ability to communicate with people, etc., are even more important in further life. 
  • The absence of versatility. They are focusing on one area if controversial. On the one hand, the student learns what he or she wants. On the other, it contributed to the narrowing of worldview. In this case, to find a balance is important.
  • Bullying and discrimination. These are the issues that are acute in modern educational surroundings. Children are suffering. They experience aggression from classmates and teachers. The situation worsens when the students are from a racial or ethnic minority. As a result, children don’t want to go to school; their self-esteem is undermined.
  • Students are still afraid of testing. This method of evaluation also requires a revision. Now the teachers and students adjust the curriculum according to the tests. And the whole process comes down to the banal test preparation. It can be justified. Standardized testing was used as a measure of the teacher’s professionalism: the better the scores, the more effective the teacher.

Local and state governments should pay more attention to these problems. They usually tend to overlook and change the spheres, which don’t need it. That’s why the task of the participants of the educational process is to draw their attention to the issues and develop options for their solving.

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Writing ideas: Literature Examples of Courage as Essay Topics

The literature provides students with endless opportunities to write and express themselves. Courage is one of the more frequent topics, but this doesn’t make it any easier to write the essay. If you’re asked to craft an essay on the topic of courage, the wide array of choices you can find in the literature will only make this harder for you. 

Surely, you can always go for simple essay topics, ones that have been discussed so often that you won’t have to do a lot of research. However, if you want to make great impression and get the highest grade, you must use all of your creative forces and select one of the best essay topics for college students. 

How to Choose English Essay Topics on Courage

When you’re given the assignment to write an essay that discusses, describes, or arguments courage, your main focus is not the plot – it is the idea of the paper. This is especially important with admission essays where you not only have to share an interesting story, but actually give something unique and attractive to the admission board. This is what will prompt the board to allow you to enroll in the university of your choice.

The courage theme can be found in many literature pieces today and is easily recognizable. However, it is not easy to explain. When it comes to courage essay writing, this needs to be both analytical and argumentative. In many cases, that requires analysis of your own experience and impressions from the literature piece. 

If you’re out of ideas and cannot pick an essay topic to write on, you can always use to guide and motivate you. Generally speaking, you can choose between the following types of essays that use the courage theme.

Definition or expository essays on courage

If given this task, you need to explain to the reader the notion of courage as used in the literature piece. This will demand either real or fictional examples that illustrate your own definition of courage. You can’t just say that courage is ‘an act of bravery’. The essay type itself requires a more thorough definition of how you see and understand courage as presented in the piece. After all, there are plenty of heroes in many stories, but your essay quality will depend on your point of view, who you see as a hero, and why. 

The biggest mistakes students make in this case is to tell the entire plot without focusing on the actual definition. As the name suggests, the essays should define courage as you see it, not analyze the entire piece.

Analytical or argumentative essays on courage

Even though they both explore the theme of courage, argumentative essays are entirely different from definition essays. Your topic might be the same here, but your purpose is different. The goal with this essay type is to make the reader think about courage and what is right or wrong. You need to question courage as a notion, speculate its nature, and perhaps even discuss different points of view in terms of courage in people. 

In this case, there is not such a thing as easy essay topics. As long as you choose a specific point and stick to it, every piece of literature with courage elements in it can be turned into a great argumentative essay.

Reflective essays on courage

Finally, you may be given the task to write a reflective essay. This is probably the most dreaded task among students – to use their personal experience to discuss the courage theme. This is what makes it one of the more popular admission essay topics. You need to compare the literature to your own life, failure, success, and basically – courage.

Examples of Essay Topics Using the Courage Theme

Now that I’ve established the types of essays you can be asked to write on courage, I’m presenting you with my favourite literature topics that discuss courage:

  • Vanity and hypocrisy in Henry Fielding’s Joseph Andrews
  • Heroes of the past, present and the future
  • Time to Kill vs. To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Lady Macbeth’s kind of hero
  • Courage in ‘The Lord of the Rings’
  • The courage of the Baudelaire children in ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’
  • Kinds of bravery in the ‘Allegiant’
  • ‘The Kite Runner’ and the author’s portrayal of courage in the novel
  • Was Macbeth a failure as a king or a courageous person?
  • Beowulf in today’s society
  • Crane and The Red Badge of Courage


Courage is a very common topic in the English literature. As such, you’ll probably have it assigned at least once during your education. When you do, you might find it hard to choose a topic. There are many different perspectives toward the theme of courage, which gives you endless opportunities to write about it. 

In this article, I’ve presented you with some excellent topics for courage essays. I hope that these helped and – if they didn’t, that you’ll find the guide useful in finding the best topic for your paper. 


Author’s Bio:

Michael Turner is a linguist and literature expert who teaches university students in the US. According to Turner, a literature professor’s biggest mission in life is to show his students how magical words can be. Thanks to his grasp of technology, you can learn about his insights and read his short lectures on many blogs online. 

Want to Study Abroad – Follow These 6 Tips

A wide array of people flew out to the United States and other countries every year for studies. Leaving your own country and studying abroad is certainly not a walk in the park. Starting from meeting people and making friends, to worrying about the student budget for your studies, you have a lot to deal with. This write up includes six tips that will help you in studying abroad and get your degree from the place, you have always dreamed of living in

Find the right support system

Now that, you are totally new to the place and do not have too much idea about it, it is indispensable that you should have people whom you can trust and who can provide guidance, bestow support during your studies. The very first weeks of studying abroad in the UK can be really crucial and troublesome as you will encounter difficulties in making adjustments. As you have a familiar voice, it will be really helpful in alleviating the loneliness and removing stress.

It is recommended to chat with your friends and family at home on FaceTime. You can consider sending them videos and pictures of your experiences. If something is bothering you, feel free to share the same with your near and dead ones. You need to be honest about your feelings with them while making adjustments.

You may fall in love with the place and have a lot of friends while studying abroad. However, still, it is better to have a friend or family as your support system. You will be able to deal with stress at ease as you have them as the concrete support before leaving for abroad. Intentionality is recognized to be the key and thus you need to speak about your desire so that your friends, teachers, and family members can check in on you while you are feeling low or time.

Documenting every experience and opt for new things

Be it the Instagram accounts or those travel blogs, it is a must that you should document the experiences of your study abroad program. This will help you in revisiting those memories in the future. This will also encourage you in order to try new things. At times, international student loves to make a scrapbook and fill the same with little gratitude lists and photos. You do not require sharing any sort of documentation. All you need to do is keeping those pictures and videos for friends and families. It is considered to be a simple and perfect option for cherishing those memories.

Do not commit the mistake of comparing your experience of abroad studies to others

If you find a person having the best study abroad experience within their very first few weeks of staying abroad, they may not be speaking the truth. Pretending may not be that hard and social media makes it easier. The experience of abroad studies is different for every person. There are going to be lows and highs. You have to accept the fact that you are not going to be happy all the time. At times, you may find difficulties in making adjustments and at some point, you may be missing home. But, you will eventually settle down and make more connections.


Finance happens to be one of the vital considerations you need to look out for during your abroad studies. It is a must to have or save some additional money which will be useful to you during travel. It will help in getting involved in specific events and activities. Accidents do not come with a tongue and a little extra cash may be really useful. You should ensure that financial challenges are not putting any interruptions in your abroad studies. Both the study abroad university and home college provide grants or loans. Hence, it is recommended to conduct research of your own and make the most of those opportunities.

Conduct your own research

If you have any questions regarding your abroad study program, Google should be your go-to option. Whether you want to know about the cost of living or you have queries regarding your academics, it is necessary to conduct research on your own. You may do your own research if you want to know about the culture shock of the country, the public transportation, you are considering to go in order to study abroad

Network with people

You should open up with other study abroad students as it will be useful in widening the perception of the world. Interact with people, start making new friends and you will start enjoying eventually.

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A new term, an old problem

Though students regularly submit large writing assignments to their teachers, a term paper looks like a problem that has never been seen before each time one is given out. You have to cover a large amount of material in this project, and you often do not know how to start. As you put this assignment aside for later, time passes by quickly. And when you are reminded of this project, you need to work really hard to keep up with deadlines. This is the most common problem with term papers for most students.

Another issue comes up when you finally start your assignment. How to put everything you learned over a semester into one paper, even if it is a large one? Here you need to think of its structure thoroughly. It must also include a practical section supporting the theory you give. All in all, writing a term paper can be pretty hard but quite possible with some help.

What if you try to complete your paper as fast as possible?

Doing writing tasks right before the deadline is hard but not impossible. Have courage to postpone your plans and get several free days to do your term paper. Discipline yourself. Decide how much work you have to do everyday and stick to this plan. Define the structure of your term paper. Find all the necessary materials and start writing right away. Remember that the earlier you start working on your task, the easier it will be to complete.

If you do not know how to write a term paper, ask your teacher to show you some examples or find free samples on the internet. We do not recommend rewriting what exists on the web—it is an easy way to plagiarize. If you do not know much about your discipline or cannot format your term paper properly, it is better to ask expert writers for help.

Where to find a writer

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Cheap term papers—pros and cons

As every other student, you certainly want to buy this cheap term papers. Here is the good news. Many academic help websites will offer you an affordable price per page so that your final cheque will depend on the number of pages in your assignment. You can always make your order cheaper if you need, or you can request some additional features, like expert proofreading, to make it even better. Still, we do not recommend using websites that offer super cheap prices per page. You risk getting a plagiarized paper in the end.

On the other hand, if you are lucky to find a writing service with fair prices, you can surely use it for academic emergencies in the future. The cheaper your papers are, the more of them you can afford to buy. We only advise not to choose overly cheap writing services to avoid troubles with your teacher.

Pick the writing service that best meets your demand

As the due date of your term paper submission approaches, you may get more and more interested in finding the right academic help service. We must say that you will find this task easier than doing the entire assignment yourself. When choosing among plenty of websites offering you help on the internet, pay attention to customer reviews and guarantees. A trustworthy writing service will give your money back if something goes wrong, and they will check your term paper for plagiarism for free. Do not be afraid to place a free quote if such an option is allowed. This way, you will know for sure that your task will go to the right person.