Tips for Portfolio Review in College

Has art been your best hobby and interest since childhood but you don’t know how to get into your school of choice? Wondering how to make your application stand out among the thousands of applications sent in each year? Then working on a portfolio is the best chance you have to get into that school you desire so much.

In a writing portfolio, you need sufficient work to present. You can rely on support from websites like Edusson essay writing services. Likewise, you can look up for online reviews of edusson-like websites to find the best writers to help you prepare. Your portfolio needs to have work you have done; no cheating.

Tips to Adequately Prepare for Your Portfolio Review

A portfolio review is not one of the events you look forward to with a joyful face. It attracts a lot of fear and anxiety since you don’t know the kind of criticism you will get. Proper and thorough preparation is necessary to ensure that you are comfortable as your assessors come to assess your skills and critic your art. Here are some essential tips that can help you prepare for your review.

  • Produce more varieties for the event or application

The biggest mistake you can ever make in your entire career is walking into an exhibition without sufficient work to showcase. A portfolio review is like an exhibition, only that it marks the beginning of your career and not the success. You need to parade the diversity of your skills as an artist.

It is not mandatory that you have many exhibits. Instead, you should focus on producing high quality work. When preparing a paper for the review, you must ensure that it is properly researched.

  • Pick the best exhibit of art from your collection

If you have a wide variety of images, designs or articles to choose from, you should highlight some of your common and beautiful works to take with you. Pick your own authentic work to represent your level of skill and competence.

Random writing helps you have a wider variety of work to choose from once required to. Hiring competent writers and artists can help improve the quality of your collection.

  • Ensure that all your works are properly documented

Documentation is also another thing that determines whether or not you will be successful. Your work should have something unique that identifies with you. If you keep all your artwork properly, it shall be easy producing art portfolio examples when called upon.

  • Review your work keenly

If you are sending in your application attached with your collection, you ought to go through your selected work of art carefully. For a college-planned portfolio review, you must examine each piece carefully before deciding to include it in your showcase. This is one of the most important graphic design portfolio tips.

You need to show how excellent your skills are to supervisors and potential college recruiters as well. Remember, this is your once in a life-time chance to make a better artist by getting into the best college, or landing that dream job.

  • Carry along your sketchbook if you have one

If you rely on sketches before making the final drawings, you need to bring your sketchbook along too. It is like a representation of how you think as an artist, what inspires you. Some schools are attracted to potential students by going through their sketch work rather than their finished work.

Even in an art exhibition, sometimes sketches fetch better prices than the finished drawings. Moreover, it is a guarantee that your work is legit, thus you can’t be considered a scam or a con artist.

Final Thoughts

Portfolio review is nothing close to an assignment or a test, it is like a guaranteed opportunity for you to excel because you do it how you know best. For this reason, you really need to be when preparing one. It might be the only chance you get to get into your college of choice.

Remember to trust your skills and present nothing but the finest collection in your work. Your showcased work must be reliable and a perfect representation of your skills at the finest. It is through determination that you shall grasp tips on how to create an art portfolio.

Why Should You Attend at a Personal Trainer Conference?

Wanting to turn your passion into a job is not a bad thing, and it can be a great option. You will have an income while doing something you like, which means you are going to have a pleasant job.

If you are into fitness, you can do that through a personal trainer conference. More than that, you are not only going to cultivate your talents, but help other people stay healthy as well. So, what makes attending personal trainer conferences so important? Here are four reasons.

  1. Educational Opportunities

Although you probably think that you have enough experience, you always have something to learn from everything. Considering there are many other people attending the conference, you may not only learn something from the conference itself, but from these people too.

Because the business venture is small, you may feel pretty isolated, with no exposure to other points of view. Consequently, you can miss certain trends or ideas that can have a good influence on your future results. So, if you attend a conference, it can show you new and unknown ways to conduct a business and help you discover how to be more productive.

  1. It Can Ensure You a Stable Career

Basically, personal trainer conferences can give you a unique insight into the practices of being a personal trainer. If you are dedicated to it, this course can improve your skills and trainer qualities, so you will be a successful personal trainer and maintain the position.

You will get the training that you need, and it will be easier for you to gain a position if you have what it takes.

  1. You Can Help Others Stay Healthy

Personal training is not only about making money to sustain your life – it’s about helping other people have a healthy body and mind too. After all, that’s why the occupation exists. People seek your help, and offering it is your responsibility. Their smiles after helping them achieve their goal is a reward in itself, and if people are pleased by your services, they may recommend you to others as well. As a result, you will become even more successful.

  1. You Will Meet Other Passionate People

You won’t be the only one attending the conference – there will be other people interested in personal training. The conference is a great way to meet other people and make friends in the field you’re interested, and share the passion with likeminded individuals.

Also, meeting other people will keep you more motivated to strive for success in the field, because seeing it so appreciated will give you a boost. So, you will work even more on your skills and become a unique personal trainer.

Final Thoughts

Attending a personal trainer conference is a great opportunity to educate yourself, improve your skills and meet other people who share the same passion. All of these will contribute to your future career as a personal trainer, and you could be successful in helping people stay healthy.

So, what are you waiting for? There are PT Courses in London, and it can be a great way to start your journey as a personal trainer.

UNILORIN cut off mark 2018

Are you planning to become a student of University of Ilorin? Then you should know UNILORIN cut off mark. We provided all latest information in the article below.

When considering candidates, the admission committee takes into account two types of marks: JAMB and O level results.

JAMB cut off mark

In accordance with the general statement for all universities, prospective students must have at least 180 points. UNILORIN followed this rule. If you scored less than 180 points, you will not be able to become a student of this educational institution.

Take into account that this year’s competition is very tense. The high JAMB mark plays a crucial role. With good results you can choose the most popular and prestigious specialties.

It is not recommended to relax if you have 180 points. This level is not enough to enroll in some UNILORIN courses. If you have 220 points, there will be virtually no restrictions in choosing a specialty. However, even this high result is perceived just as a minimal University of Ilorin cut off mark at some faculties.

As you can see, there is a direct relationship between your success at admission and the JAMB score.

O level marks

There are 50 O level marks. Each grade is tied to certain mark:

A – 8 marks;

B – 5 or 4 marks;

C – 2 marks.

Simple logic works here. You need to get as many A marks as possible. And vice versa, a large number of C marks can push your candidacy to the background. Try to get a lot more points than prescribed by the minimum level in order to obtain a place in the university.

UNILORIN courses and their cut off mark

The enrollment process can vary depending on the direction chosen by the student. In fact, you can apply for any courses if you have at least 180 points. But you should understand that the real selection will take place according to the cut off mark of each faculty. Find your course in the detailed list below:

  1. (Aquaculture and Fisheries) – 180

B.Agric – 180

B.Sc. Food Science – 180

B.Sc. Home Economics – 180

  1. Forestry and Wildlife – 180

B.A. Arabic – 180

B.A. English – 180

B.A. French – 180

B.A. History and International Studies – 180

B.A. Linguistics – 180

B.A. Yoruba – 180

B.A. Hausa – 180

B.A. Igbo – 180

B.A. Performing Arts – 180

B.A. Christian Studies – 180

B.A. Islamic Studies – 180

B.A. Comparative Religious Studies – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Social Studies – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Economics Education – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Geography Education – 180

B.A. (Ed.) Social Studies – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Educational Technology – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Technology Education – 180

B.Sc.(Ed.) Health Education – 180

B.(Ed.) Primary Education Studies – 180

  1. Ed Adult Education Studies – 180

B.(Ed.) Counsellor Education – 180

B.(Ed.) Educational Management – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Business Education – 180

B.Sc.(Ed.) Human Kinetics Education – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology Education – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry Education – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Maths Education – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics Education – 180

B.Sc. (Ed.) Agriculture – 180

B.A. (Ed.) Arabic Education – 180

B.A. (Ed.) Christian Studies Education – 180

B.A. (Ed.) English Education – 180

B.A. (Ed.) French Education – 180

B.A. (Ed.) History Education – 180

B.A. (Ed.) Islamic Studies Education – 180

B.A. (Ed.) Yoruba Education – 180

B.Eng. Water Resources and Environmental Engineering – 180

B.Eng. Computer Engineering – 200

B.Eng. Food Science and Technology – 180

B.Eng. Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering – 180

B.Eng. Civil Engineering – 200

B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering – 200

B.Eng. Electrical Engineering – 200

B.Eng. Chemical Engineering – 200

B.Eng. (Metallurgical Engineering) – 180

B.Eng. (Biomedical Engineering) – 180

B.Sc. Architecture – 180

B.Sc. Estate Management – 180

B.Sc. Quantity – 180

B.Sc. Surveying and Geo-informatics – 180

B.Sc. Urban and Regional Planning – 180

DVM – 190

LL.B. Common Law – 240

LL.B. Common & Islamic Law – 220

B.Sc. Anatomy – 200

B.Sc. Physiology – 200

MB;BS – 235

  1. Nursing Science – 210

B.Sc. Computer Science – 200

B.Sc. Mass Communication – 220

B.Sc. Information and Communication Science – 180

B.Sc. Library and Information Science – 180

B.Sc. Telecommunication Science – 180

Doctor of Optometry – 190

B.Sc. Bio-Chemistry – 200

B.Sc. Microbiology – 200

B.Sc. Plant Biology – 180

B.Sc. Zoology – 180

B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry – 180

B.Sc. (Applied Geophysics) – 180

B.Sc. Chemistry – 180

B.Sc. Physics – 180

B.Sc. Geology & Mineral Science – 180

B.Sc. Mathematics – 180

B.Sc. Statistics – 180

B.Sc. Finance – 200

B.Sc. Marketing – 180

B.Sc. Industrial Relations & Personnel Management – 180

B.Sc. Public Administration – 180

B.Sc. Accounting – 200

B.Sc. Business Administration – 200

B.Sc. Psychology – 180

B.Sc. Social Work – 180

B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies – 190

B.Sc. Economics – 210

B.Sc. Geography & Environmental Management – 180

B.Sc. Political Science – 200

B.Sc. Sociology Surveying – 180

Now you know the cut off mark for UNILORIN. We hope that your knowledge will be enough to start a bright, interesting and fruitful student life in one of the best universities in Nigeria. Good luck!