Publish a Proceeding / Special Issue

If you are a conference organizer and interested in publishing the academic articles presented in an academic conference in the format of Proceeding Book (with ISBN) or a Special Issue in the journals hosted, please contact our IT support team via Email, so we can get you connected with the editors of the journals.   Our guaranteed a short publishing cycle will add extra competitive advantage to your academic conferences.

To start with our IT hosting, conference organizers shall provide

  • The committee / reviewers / board (if any) of the proposed conference;
  • An estimation of submission / acceptance quantity;
  • An estimation of participants;
  • Venue, supporting institutes of the conference and any other information you would like to provide
  • Publishing requirement.
  • The electronic version of the academic articles must be freely accessible online.  Printed journals, CD and form of the special issue / proceedings can be available up on the agreement.

Sample Conference Proceeding / Special Issue based on our IT system

To found more sample special issues for the conferences hosted around the world, please refer to this page.

To request a space of your conference, please contact the IISTE editorial team via Email,