Publish a book

If you are an author and interested in publishing your book in the United States (with a U.S. ISBN) or Europe both in the traditional paper and electronic version, please contact the IISTE Book editorial team via Email,   Our guaranteed a short publishing cycle will impress your book writing experience.

The selection is mainly based on the originality of writing, significance of the topic and the quality of manuscripts.

Prospective author shall provide the editorial team with

  • The scope of the book and the significance of the topic;
  • The original full manuscript of the book with a table of content;
  • The targeted audiences;
  • A short introduce of the book;
  • Curriculum vitae of the author;
  • Your choice of publishing location (the United State or Europe)
  • If your manuscript is based on a dissertation, please discuss how the material and research has been developed, reframed, or otherwise revised.
  • If your manuscript is an edited collection, please include information about each of the contributors and note if any of the chapters are previously published.

Submitting and Publishing Procedure

  1. Authors submitting manuscripts to
  2. Editors will first confirm that your manuscript is reviewed and give the author an estimated time of receiving the evaluation report and publishing contract if the manuscript is approved for publishing.
  3. Authors revise the manuscript (if it’s required) and prepare the documents required based on the instruction;
  4. Book publishing both in paper and electronic versions.
  5. Sample paper book shipping and display of the book through different sales channels.

Sample Books Published by IISTE

To find, read and order the book published by IISTE recently, please refer to this page.

To publish your manuscript with IISTE, please contact the IISTE editorial team via Email,