Start a Special Issue with the Journals

If you are interested in publishing a special issue in one of our journals, please contact the journal editor directly. Please see IISTE full journal list and contact the corresponding editors to request a space of your Special Issue via Email,

To become a guest editor of a Special Issue, please provide following information

  • The scope of the Special Issue and the significance of the topic;
  • The editorial team / reviewers / board (if any) of the proposed Special Issue;
  • An estimation of submission / acceptance quantity;
  • Your plan to promote the Special Issue.

The Proposed Special Issue must meet the following criteria

  • Please contact the journal administrators first so we can arrange the space of the Special Issue.
  • In order to cover the hosting and administrative cost, authors may be requested to pay a publication fee for each article.
  • Guess editors and authors of the special issue should follow the Open Access Policy and Ethics of IISTE.
  • The electronic version of the Special Issue must be freely accessible online.  Printed journals, CD and form of the special issue can be available up on the agreement.
  • Guess Editors may arrange peer reviews by your nominated reviewers; otherwise, our the journal editorial team may arrange the review process.

Sample Special Issue

European Journal of Business and Management published a Special Issue on Islamic perspective of Management and Business in Vol 5, No 11 (2013).  The journal management team collaborated closely with scholars from Center for Research on Islamic Management and Business and selected 20 high quality research articles.

To request a space of your Special Issue, please contact the journal managing team via Email,