4 Ways to Find Writing Jobs on the Internet

Are you having trouble finding consistent writing jobs? Sometimes, being a professional writer can feel like wandering in a desert looking for water. Even for seasoned authors, finding decent freelance writing projects may be tough, and entering the market can be daunting.

So, where can you discover your working oasis if it’s typically dry out there? Continue reading to learn about the top four ways to locate writing jobs on the internet.

1. Classic Job Boards

Traditional job boards are the best place to hunt for a full-time writing career. You may occasionally locate freelance writing work on regular job forums as well. Some examples of online job boards would be LinkedIn, Monster, JOBTOPGUN, or Indeed.

Also, always be sure to create an alert for writing jobs! Writing is becoming increasingly popular as a career now and, for every job ad, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of applications. Apply for opportunities as soon as they become available to increase your chances of success.

2. Make Use of Your Network

While networking within your social contacts may seem like an old-fashioned approach, this is one of the most underutilized methods of locking in writing gigs. Leverage your connections! According to Columbia University studies, most people are connected to at least 600 other people.

It is extremely probable to find someone you know who works in your field. If you don’t, someone will likely be able to introduce you. Begin telling everyone you know about your new profession as a freelance writer and let them know you are open to new clients. You’ll be everyone’s go-to source for material once you’ve distinguished yourself as a writer in your community.

3. Creative Staffing Firms

For authors, creative staffing companies are a great resource. While their job ads are mostly for short-term assignments, they do occasionally offer full-time writing positions. In addition, many organizations choose to fill creative roles with temporary-to-full-time employees. This might be an excellent approach to get your foot in the door of a good firm.

To contract with most creative agencies, you must have some prior experience. Typically, you will apply to the agency. If they want to see your application, you’ll be scheduled for a brief interview with a member of their staff and if all goes well, they will add you to their freelancer database. They will then keep an eye out for opportunities that they will determine will be good for you and your talents.

4. Cold Pitching

An even more old-fashioned approach; become your own door-to-door salesperson! When you cold pitch, you reach out to potential clients with whom you have no prior contact and present them with your services.Cold pitchingis the most effective technique to find freelance writing employment, especially if you don’t have much (or any) experience.

You might also target consumers you know will benefit from your services. For example, if you’re a blogger, it’s rather simple to determine whether a customer requires your assistance. Consider sending them a pitch if they have an inactive blog.


One of the most difficult challenges for authors wanting to be compensated for their work is finding reliable, paid internet writing employment. Most of the time, “gigs” for freelance writing provide nothing more than publicity, which is unfortunately not how to make money as a professional writer.

Finding freelance writing gigs might be difficult, but you get to write the story of your writing career—and with the places listed above, you can help yourself discover (and be hired for!) your next job and find your happy ending.

4 Reasons Why Securing Data is More Important Than Ever

Professionals that run businesses have many things to keep in mind. From keeping track of profits to training employees, these tasks are essential, no matter the type of business. Data security and digital file management are just as important. Documents are e-shared more than ever before, and it’s the responsibility of each employee to keep sensitive information in the right hands.   

One of the safest ways you can share documents safely is through a data room. Here, we’re going to tell you four reasons why you should only share documents in these secure digital environments and take cybersecurity seriously.

1) Protects from Breaches

For any business, transactions with both employees and clients are of the utmost importance. With the advanced technology available to the public these days, there are many ways with which you can protect your data. However, there are also many methods with which someone can breach your security!

According to the data room experts at https://www.firmex.com/, one method for compromising data is through automated bots. Sometimes, it’s not a real person doing the heavy lifting. Hackers use bots to distract your security team, so they can gain access to your files. Understanding the different ways your security can be compromised is the first step towards combating these breaches.

2) Helps Save Money

Securing your business’s data will help save you money in the long run. A breach can cost a monumental amount of money for your company. According to IBM,the average cost of a data breach in the United States is $3.86 million dollars in 2020. It also takes an average of 280 people to fix the breach.

That money can be better spent on a data room plan, which offers space to share files securely with both employees and clients. With proper measures in place, you can rest assured your company is in safe hands!

3) Keeps Business Running in an Emergency

Many businesses today rely on online records to keep their business afloat. Imagine one day waking up and none of your files are there anymore. This could be due to a breach, natural disaster, or equipment failure. This can halt your operations for weeks, or even months! Therefore, choosing a reliable and suitable software development services is quite important.

If your information is properly protected in a data room and backed up, you no longer need to worry about this possibility.

4) Builds Trust in Your Company

Taking the time to properly build your online security can help build trust in your company. Clients should know that any information they send to you is confidential. Employees will also appreciate the effort you take in securing their files so their personal information is never in jeopardy. 

You’re taking a huge risk with a lack of proper security. One breach can tarnish your reputation with workers and clients alike. Not only will this cost you money while you fix the breach – you may not be able to build your clientele in the future, either!

In Conclusion

With the rise of online file sharing, losing data is a concern for businesses more than ever. That’s why you should make sure you take the proper precautions today. This security will save you time, money, and the trust of the people involved in your business.

Research the types of security that will work best for you. Data rooms, firewalls, antivirus, and backup/recovery plans are just a few of the most popular ways professionals choose to protect themselves. You should also make sure your plan is synchronized across the entire company so you’re protected on all fronts.