How To Write A Successful Fiction Novel

Writing a fictional book is a major undertaking that lets your imagination roam as you construct characters and build a different world. There is no exact way to write a successful book, but the tips in this article will get you off and running. 

Have Passion For The Story

Many writers have a list of book ideas that they haven’t developed yet. But go over your list and find one that makes you feel most passionate – start with that novel. 

Most writers do their best work when they are passionate about the story, plot, and characters. In fact, many decide to make it a labor of love and even print and distribute their own novels

Write What You Want To Read

It usually doesn’t work to write a book that you think would be a hit. Or write a novel that you think a relative would like. 

It’s better to think about books, movies, and shows you love. If you love mysteries, then you probably aren’t the one to pen a science fiction novel. 

It also may not be an exact genre, but you may be attracted to certain characters or kinds of voices. So whatever you love, write about that first and foremost. 

Make 3-D Characters

Let’s say you write about an aggressive insurance salesperson who cheats on his wife. This is interesting, but it’s easy to fall into making him a stereotype. So instead, you need to make him into a complex or 3-D character

Describe how he looks and his size. For example, the aggressive insurance salesman is also over six feet tall, weighs 230 pounds, and drives a black Corvette. 

It’s essential to provide visual clues to the reader to develop the character in their mind.

Write Daily

The best writers have an outstanding, dedicated writing habit. This means they write every day. 

How you write is up to you. Some authors have a word count they must hit every day. For example, the rumor is Stephen King composes a minimum of 2000 words daily. 

Other writers are in a writing group. This holds you accountable and keeps you motivated. You shouldn’t worry if the things you write aren’t very good at first, or if you have trouble filling the page. 

Every writer finds that some times are easier to write than others. But there is no doubt – the more often you write, the easier it becomes. 

Introduce Main Characters And Themes

Many writing experts say you should introduce the main characters and themes in the novel’s first part. If you are composing a piece of genre fiction, you should make sure every theme and plot is introduced in the book’s first part, which is usually the introduction. 

Create more themes and characters in the second part. Then, resolve all the mysteries, themes, etc. in the last third. 

Provide Motivation For Each Character

Making real, fleshed-out characters can be challenging. So, as you compose each scene, ask yourself what the character wants at that moment. 

When you understand what the character wants to do, feel, or accomplish in every scene, you will be better able to write in a convincing way that intrigues the reader. 

Carry A Notebook With You

Experienced writers say you should always have a notebook with you. Short-term memory can only retain data for about three minutes. So unless you write down an idea, you could lose your fantastic story idea forever.

Remember these writing tips, and you will be sure to write a successful novel.