How to write a custom essay on an unfamiliar topic

Writing an essay is not everybody’s cup of tea. People can try and build up a little enthusiasm for topics they know something about or when the topic is about lively and interesting things. But what happens when they face the situation where they have to write an essay about a topic that is far from their knowledge and understanding and does not hold the least bit of interest for them?  There are two options; either you can contact the professional writers to write this custom essay for you or you follow the tips mentioned below:

  1. Think of it as a possibility of learning a new field:

Being a student is learning new things and making discoveries on the go. The first step here is to take this opportunity as a way to learn and gain knowledge about a new arena. Consider it a way to educate yourself about a new topic which was not of your interest or something about which you never knew before you got this topic as an assignment. You never know, the new topic may be the next big thing that might interest you enough to build a future on.

  1. Conduct ample research:

Once you have made yourself generate interest about the new topic, the next step would be to add fuel to the fire, which means you will have to conduct research on the topic. There are two benefits of doing so:

  • You will generate greater interest in the topic as you read more and more about it.
  • As you read on you will be collecting information and matter for your content.

To conduct the research you can talk to your professors which can guide you the right path to take for your research. Use the power of the Internet which will provide you ample fodder for your content.

  1. Consider applying for a course related to the topic:

Look around yourself. Since earlier you did not have any interest in the topic bestowed upon you for essay writing, you might not be aware about the courses offered on the topic or subject. Look for the best course that suites your needs and apply for them. They are the best source of direct information for you on the subject as they would be like attending college and gathering notes.

  1. Ask for help from classmates:

There are some very sincere and dedicated students also found in colleges who take their assignments seriously. Usually these students are aware of every aspect of their studies and hopefully, they will also have some information about the topic on which you are supposed to submit the essay. Ask for help from such peers from your class. Talking to someone you know about the topic can make the topic less intimidating because of the personal perspective you receive from them.

Attitude is everything. If an individual immediately groans at the thought of writing an essay about something he is not in touch with then for him the task can prove to be a very hard job. But if the person has the right attitude of learning something new through the topic, then it won’t intimidate him at all.

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5 tips to become more productive with your assignments and get better grades

Nowadays, all students are trying their best to raise their grades and excel in their academic year. On the whole, most students can get better grades in their academic year through personalized study strategiesand also by making their study time more systematized.

Time management plays a big part in academic success, but from time to time students need some dedicatedassistance on one topic or more. If you want to score better grades in your current year, you can get expert help online to assist you with your assignment.

Here are a few helpful strategies which will get you better scores on your assignments.

1) Learning the techniques

It is important for you to concentrate on the most relevant aspects of your assignment. You must learn the techniques and procedures precisely which will help you to streamline your work and research processes. In order to complete those extra challenging assignments you can planon doing some additional research to understand the concepts before writing a paper or preparing for an exam. 

2) Staying organized

Keeping your college notes and lectures in an organised way will be very helpful for you when you are doing your assignments. Another key to improving your grades is time management. Making a schedule of how and when you will work on your assignment, will be very favourable. The first thing thatyou can do is track the time needed to complete a particular type of assignment. Then, based on that, you can strategize your timeline for the assignment at hand.  

3) Identifying the key elements

You must be aware and capable of identifying the key points of your assignment. The rest is not as important. You will be able to create a proper outline of your assignment, which will help you to focus more. You can refer to your class notes to check if your teacher or lecturer had given special importance to anything  related to the assignment or not. By mentioning those points, you can fetch more marks on your assignment.

4) Using guides

You can use other books than your general textbooks as references. You will find several books on any subject in your school or college library, which will help you prepare for your assignment in a much superior manner. You can also take guidance from websites which offer valuable content that you can use in your projects. By using references, you can make your assignments or projects stand out among the rest.

5) Tracking your progress

In order to up your grades, you must reflect on your work.  Keep challenging yourself by answering sample questions or previous exam papers to see how much you can answer on your own, to help yourself improve your results. In this way, you can track your progress about how much you know and what is left to be learnt. Taking extra stress and becoming nervous will only reduce your confidence level, which is not good for your grades.

Following these guidelines, you can reach the highest academic potential by producing outstanding assignments.

Vol 8, No.9 and No.10 (2017) Research Journal of Finance and Accounting

Vol 8, No 10 (2017)

Table of Contents


Journal Coverpage PDF
Journal Editor
Audit Committee, Contigency Factors, and Audit Report Lag: Evidance from Mining Company in Indonesian Stock Exchange PDF
Rediyanto Putra, Sutrisno T, Endang Mardiati 1-9
Bank Credit Availability to SMEs in Nigeria: The Impact of Firm and Owner Characteristics PDF
Yaseen Ghulam, Blessing Iyofor 10-20
Corporate Social Responsibility and Profitability of Commercial Banks in Nigeria (2006-2015) PDF
Cordelia Onyinyechi Omodero, Amah, Kalu Ogbonnaya 21-27
Determinants of Internet Financial Reporting by Egyptian Companies PDF
Laila Samy Aboutera, Amani Hussein 28-39
Determinants of Environmental Accounting Disclosure among Listed Manufacturing and Allied Firms in Kenya PDF
Umulkher Ali Abdillahi, Muganda Munir Manini 40-72
Impact of Board Gender Diversity on Profitability of Agricultural Listed Companies in Kenya: 2008-2015 PDF
Rozmina Rana, Mwangi Mercy Wairimu 73-86
Parental Economic Status and Academic Performance of Accounting Students in Nigerian Universities PDF
Odoh, Longinus Chukwudi, Ugwuanyi, Uche Boniface, Chukwuani, Nnenna Victoria 87-94
Multi-facet Performance Measurement System for Textile Industries: A Comprehensive Study from Bangladesh PDF
Mofijul Hoq Masum, A.N.M. Asaduzzaman Fakir, Md. Kaium Hossain 95-104
Determinants of Insurance Business Activities in an Oil Dependent Economy: the Case Study of Saudi Arabia PDF
Riyaz muhmmad, Yassen Ghulam 105-112
Stock Market Dynamics in Pakistan: What Do Political Events and Budget Announcements Disclose? PDF
Shahbaz Khan, Nida Baig, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Shaique, Ruqia Shaikh 113-123
Sustainability Reporting and Financial Performance: A Conceptual Landscape PDF
Ikenna Elias Asogwa 124-131
The Correspondence between Theories, Methods, and Topics of Corporate Governance Research in the Middle East: Systematic Review PDF
Hashem Alshurafat 132-141
The Effects of Credit Management on Profitability of Manufacturing Firm in Nigeria. (A Study of Selected Companies in Nigerian Stock Exchange) PDF
Onuora Joshua K, Ifeacho Samuel Nwafili 142-154
The Implications of Credit Creation by Banks on Economic Growth of Nigeria PDF
Ajinaja Olatunde Topson, Adedayo Olawale Clement, Akinuli Bankole Olu 155-160
Fiscal Illusion Detection and the Effect on Capital Expenditure, Fiscal Decentralization, Economic Growth, and Human Development Index for District/Cities in Bali Province PDF
I Ketut Jati, I Ketut Suryanawa, AANB Dwirandra 161-169
DAU, DBH, and PED Ability in Moderating the Effect of PAD on HDI and DSD of Districts / City in Bali Province PDF
I Ketut Sujana, Ni Luh Sari Widhiyani, I Dewa Gde Dharma Suputra 170-177
Corporate Governance and Financial Firm Performance: Evidences from Jordan PDF
Almostafa Zayed 178-191
The Effect of Corruption and Pipeline Vandalization on Nigeria’s Per Capita Income PDF
Okezie, Amachukwu Chibuzo, Marcus, Samuel Nnamdi 192-199


Paper submission email:

ISSN (Paper)2222-1697 ISSN (Online)2222-2847


Vol 8, No 9 (2017)

Vol 7, No.9 and No.10 (2017) Journal of Research on Humanities and Social Sciences

Vol 7, No 9 (2017)


Vol 7, No 10 (2017)

Table of Contents


Journal Coverpage PDF
Journal Editor
The Media’s Role in Protecting Young People from the Risks of the Spread of Drugs PDF
Afnan Mohammed Shaban 1-6
Angklung and Local Wisdom Values PDF
Endang Caturwati 7-11
Assessment on Healthy Dietary Habit in Relation to Human’s Health PDF
Aluyor Patience 12-15
Managing Cross-Border Tertiary Education in an Era of Economic Recession in Nigeria PDF
Emmanuel C. Ibara 16-20
Influence of Parental Occupation and Level of Education on Academic Performance of Accounting Students in Nigeria PDF
Odoh, Longinus Chukwudi, Ugwuanyi, Uche Boniface, Odigbo, Ben E., Chukwuani, Nnenna Victoria 21-27
Participation of Women in Developmental Issues in Nkayi District, Zimbabwe PDF
Whitehead Zikhali 28-35
Detection of Main Physical Indicators of Mental Status of University Students’ at Onset of Unrest. PDF
Eliud Oure Oyoo, Hezbon Kodero, Manson Sichari 36-39
An Assessment of Sanitation Facilities in Selected Public Primary Schools in Kericho Municipality, Kenya PDF
Sally Cherono Koech, Jane Chirchir 40-44
The Effect of Internet on Family Relationships: Current Theories and Controversies PDF
Saida Sultana 45-54
The Existing Laws Regarding Punishment for Household Violence against Females in Bangladesh: A Study on the Perception of Educated Class PDF
Md. Abul Hasam, Md. Mushahid, Dilruba Afrose 55-67
Political Activities in Ado – Ekiti during Colonial Era PDF
Adeyinka Theresa Ajayi, Lateef Oluwafemi Buhari 68-78
The Impact of Public Relations on Church Growth in the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Cross River State PDF
Patrick Ene Okon 79-85
The Relevance of Social Work Education for Social Development in Kenya PDF
Kennedy Karani Onyiko, Johnson Mavole Nzau, Ann Ngendo 86-96
Unending Discourse on the Brown Envelope Syndrome in Nigerian Journalism: Another Evaluation of a Deepening Scourge PDF
Abiodun Adeniyi 97-101
Dholuo Translations and the Complexity of Ambiguity: A Case of Tone in Dholuo Verbal System PDF
Erick Omondi Odero, Isack Otieno Odero 102-119
Child-Witch Phenomenon: A Stratagem for Capital Accumulation PDF
Chineyemba, Lydia Isioma 120-127


Paper submission email:

ISSN (Paper)2224-5766 ISSN (Online)2225-0484

Vol 7, No 5 (2017) Journal of Public Policy and Administration Research

Vol 7, No 5 (2017)

Table of Contents


Journal Coverpage PDF
Journal Editor
Political Elite Theory and Political Elite Recruitment in Nigeria PDF
Woleola J. Ekundayo 1-8
Practices of Human Resources and Organizational Performance on Secretariat of Government of Pidie Jaya District in Aceh Province PDF
Muhammad Basyir, Vilzati ., Banta Karollah, Mahdani Ibrahim 9-15
Community Satisfaction to Regional Public Hospital Banjar City, Indonesia PDF
Kamal Alamsyah 16-29
The Government Organizational Determinants on Solid Waste Management in Bandung City, Indonesia PDF
Herson Simbolon, Samugyo Ibnu Redjo, Utang Suwaryo, Mudiyati Rahmatunnisa 30-35
Assessment of Advertising as a Social Marketing Tool for Managing HIV/AIDS Spread Amongst the Rural Populace in Nigeria PDF
Odigbo, Ben, Okonkwo, Raphael Valentine, Ekemezie, Livinus I. 36-41
Determinants of Poverty and their Policy Implications in Rural Areas of Jimma Zone: The Case of Woredas Around Gilgel Gibe Hydroelectric Dam PDF
Muhdin Muhammedhussen Batu 42-49
Exploring the Applicability of Deming’s Concept of “Continuous Improvement” in the Contemporary Public Sector Organisations PDF
Okanga Boniface, Antony Matemba Sambumbu 50-60
Integrated Strategies for Creating Citizen-Centric Public Sector Organisations PDF
Antony Matemba Sambumbu, Okanga Boniface 61-72
Structural Measures and Competencies for Effective Performance of the Municipal Oversight Committees PDF
Antony Matemba Sambumbu, Okanga Boniface 73-83
The Effect of Local Wisdom Formalization by the Regencies/Cities Government in Bali Province to the Quality of Licensing Services PDF
Ni Putu Kusumawati, Made Kembar Sri Budhi, Made Suyana Utama, I Gusti Wayan Murjana Yasa 84-92
The Management of Enriching Farmers in Intellectual Property of Gold Arc Tea Producing Area in China’s Anhui Province PDF
Chunyu Cheng, Wei Song 93-100
The Role of Prison Experience on Recidivism in Kakamega County, Kenya PDF
Oruta Evans, Omosa M. Ntabo, Lusire Lumumba 101-107
Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Green Intellectual Property Development in Anhui, China PDF
Shanqi Wang, Chong Ren 108-118
Research on Synergy Appraisement of Regional Innovation Policy in China – Based on Objectives PDF
Xiaobao Peng, Yijun Zheng 119-124
A Study on the Modernization Path of Chinese County-level Government’s Governance Capability PDF
Xibing Dai, Wei Song 125-130
Democratization in Indonesia: Appearance Pattern of “Modern Kiai (Islamic Leaders)” in Moslem Community PDF
Arif Darmawan 131-135
Study on construction of the intellectual property enriching platform PDF
Xing Yan, Song Wei 136-143
Henry Rabi Sawe, Mussa S. Muneja 144-151


Paper submission email:

ISSN (Paper)2224-5731 ISSN (Online)2225-0972