Vol 9, No.21 and No.22 (2019) Journal of Natural Sciences Research

Vol 9, No 22 (2019)

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Comparative Study of HBV Light and GR4J Conceptual Hydrological Models for Assessment of Impact of Climate Change on Water Availability of Awata River Watershed, Genale Dawa Basin; Southern Ethiopia PDF
Asfaw Kebede 1-9
Performance of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) varieties Using True Potato Seed (TPS) at Gerado, Northeastern Ethiopia PDF
Hassen Yassin Mossa 10-16
Control of Vector Borne Diseases of Public Health Importance: The Role of Integrated Vector Management and Indigenous Knowledge PDF
Oda Gizaw 17-24
Contribution of Non-Timber Forest Products in Rural Communities’ Livelihoods around Chilimo Forest, West Shewa, Ethiopia PDF
Gadisa Demie 25-37
Effects of Residual Organic Manure and Supplemental Inorganic Fertilizers on Performance of Subsequent Maize Crop and Soil Chemical Properties PDF
Almaz M. Gezahegn 38-45
Rasheed Ibrahim, Smart Bello, Seghosime Sule 46-55
Smart Bello, Samuel O. Eguoaje, Eriakha E. Collins 56-65


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Integrated Effect of Mulching and Furrow Methods on Tomato (Lycopersiumesculentum L) Yield and Water Productivity at West Wellega, Ethiopia PDF
Robel Admasu 1-6
Determination of Optimal Irrigation Scheduling for Onion (Allium Cepa L.) in Raya Valley, Northern Ethiopia PDF
Yemane Mebrahtu 7-13
Wetland Conservation and Management Practices in Ethiopia: A Review PDF
Demeke Asmamaw 14-21
Adaptation of Released Tomato Varieties (Solanum lycopersicum L. mill) Under Jimma Condition South West Ethiopia PDF ()
Getachew Etana Gemechu 22-31
Determinants of Beef cattle Market Participation Decision by Smallholder Farmers in Dugda and Bora Districts, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia PDF
Solomon Ayele 32-38
Soya bean Adoption: A Double-hurdle Approach for Chewaka and Gobusayo Districts of Oromia Region, Ethiopia PDF
Galmesa Abebe 39-50
Effectiveness of Hydrogen Peroxide on Reducing Irrigation Water ‎Quantities, Pests and Enhancing Kohlrabi Production PDF
Rewaa. S. El shatoury, Marwa S. Kamel, Amr K. Mahmoud 51-59
Electrochemical Investigation of the Effect of Activated Coconut Shells in the Negative Plate of Lead Carbon Battery PDF
T.I. Imalerio, G. O. Oyerinde, T.A. Adetula, N.O. Alu, O.A. Babalola, A.A. Sallau 60-65


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Ethnobotanical Study of Traditional Medicinal Plants Used for Treatment of Human and Livestock Ailments by Traditional Healers in Goba Woreda, Bale Zone, Oromia, South East Ethiopia PDF
Habtamu Tedila 1-8
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Cu (II), Co (II) and Ni (II) Histidine Complexes PDF
U. Lawal 9-13
Organic Fertilizers Use and Application for Cereal Crop Production in Ethiopia PDF
Zelalem Addis 14-25
Bioecology and Efficacy of Aenasius bambawalei in Population Management of Invasive Mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis on Cotton Crop in Pakistan PDF
Ashfaque Ali Dhaunroo 26-31
Effects of Different Level of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application on Growth, Yield, Quality and Storage Life of Onion (Allium cepa L.) at Jimma, South Western Ethiopia PDF
Muluneh Bekele Etana 32-40
Effect of Cow Parity and Calf Characteristics on Milk Production and Reproduction of Friesian Dairy Cows PDF
Annah Indetie Hoka, Michael Gicheru, Syprine Otieno 41-46
Precise Computation of Energy Levels and Radiative Lifetimes in the s, p, d, and f Sequence of Hydrogen Isotope, with Natural Line Widths PDF
Salman Raza, M. Adil Khan, Saqib Shahzad, Shahzaib Naeem 47-64
Value of Pollination Services in Farmlands Adjacent to Mau, Cherangany and Mt. Elgon Forests PDF
Jonah Kiprop, David Langat, Joshua Cheboiwo, Joram Kagombe, Abdala Kisiwa, Stella Gatama, Samson Okoth 65-70
Design and Construction of Wireless Instrumentation System for Measuring Solar Module Performance Parameters PDF
Adebayo Segun Adewumi, Hope Kofoworola Adewumi, Francis Dubem Chizea, Yekinni Kolawole Sanusi, Benjamin Gbenro Ayantunji 71-78


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ISSN (Paper)2224-3186 ISSN (Online)2225-0921