Top reasons to host your Hytale server remotely

Hytale is an upcoming sandbox role-playing video game, which is likely to be launched in 2021. Hytale is essentially based on the block building concept of Minecraft and is already being nicknamed as Minecraft 2.0. With the game creating ripples even before its launch, user expectations are at an all-time high. From the looks of a trailer released in 2019, Hytale has an extremely captivating and vibrant user interface. This is very much in line with the makers’ promise of a ‘world of adventure and creativity’.

One of the most defining features of Hytale is that the game is built for competitive play. This means that while ‘single-player mode’ remains available to users, playing with friends is sure to level up the fun. As any gamer would be aware, servers are a must-have for a multiplayer game and Hytale is no different from the rest. While some players may like to set up a server on their own, many others opt for remote servers that are readily available online. Many popular game server specialists have already announced that they will start offering remote Hytale server hosting as soon as the game is released. 

With the launch of Hytale just around the corner, now would be a good time to assess if remote servers are capable of giving you the bang for your buck. Let’s look at some of the key reasons for you to consider opting for online server hosting providers versus setting up a server on your own:

  1. Convenience: Most remote Hytale server providers utilize high-end infrastructure, which enables easy, one-click set-ups. This is a far cry from setting up a server on your personal computer, which is a time-intensive and tedious task.



  • Seamless gaming: Hytale boasts of vivid graphics and exhilarating adventure. From minigames to video play capability, the game is set to leverage an array of dynamic systems. A personal server running on a residential internet connection may not be the best resource for these enhanced features. Remote servers generally run on a high-quality internet connection that is sure to provide a hassle-free gaming experience without latencies of any kind.




  • Financial benefits: Contrary to what a lot of people may believe, running a self-hosted server is an expensive task. You will need to bear the cost involved in keeping your computer powered at all times. There may also be a need to invest in cooling devices and other ancillaries. With remote gaming servers, not only do all these costs get eliminated, but you can also earn through in-game monetization. This is an added benefit that is being offered by several online game server providers.




  • Diversity of tools: Opting for a remotely hosted Hytale server will give you access to a vast collection of weapons, costumes, and buildings, as many game server providers offer additional plug-ins to users. This stands in enormous contrast to using a personal server, where you are restricted to a pre-existing set of features.




  • Protection from stray attacks: DDoS attacks are a major concern in internet security today. Such an attack aims at crashing a server and interrupts gameplay. Online Hytale server providers come with DDoS protection so that you can continue to play without disruptions.




  • Troubleshooting support: Managing a self-hosted server can be difficult, especially when you face technical glitches and outages. With game server specialists, you can rest assured about this aspect, as most of them come with 24/7 support for quick troubleshooting.




  • Data backups: In-house servers are more vulnerable when it comes to data loss during disaster situations. With remote Hytale server providers, you never have to worry about losing game data as automatic data backups are in place at set intervals. 


If you are aiming for superior game performance with enhanced user experience, it is worthwhile to opt for remote server hosting providers. Online Hytale servers are a smart way to cash in on the endless possibilities that this exciting game has to offer.