Tips And Tricks On How To Quit Alcoholism

For many people, quitting alcohol is almost an impossible mission. The substance is commonly associated with both physical and psychological addiction. And for you to overcome alcoholism, you will require counseling or rehab.   

But before you kick start your journey towards sobriety, you ought to evaluate your drinking habits. When you stop drinking, the way you feel changes significantly. And if you’ve alcoholism disease, you’ll need formal treatment. People who aren’t addicted to alcohol might be able to quit with the help of friends or even on their own.

With the help of an alcoholism assessment quiz available online, you can readily determine whether or not you meet the criteria for alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse disorder. This diagnostic criterion was devised by the American Psychiatric Association.

What Role Does Alcohol Have In Your Life?

Once you understand the role of alcohol in your life, it becomes easier to pinpoint effective ways of quitting drinking. Unfortunately, this isn’t always a simple process. What works for other people isn’t necessarily what will for you.

If you are a casual drinker, for instance, avoiding peer pressure might not be that easy. Some drinkers need self-help tools to overcome their addictions while others don’t. Similarly, certain alcoholics might stop drinking through the help of while others will need residential rehab as well as long-term aftercare support. So, if one method doesn’t work for you, consider trying another option.


If you’re physically dependent on alcohol, you should gradually reduce your alcohol intake. And this is commonly referred to as tapering. Remember, dependence is entirely different from addiction. Most often, those who’re dependent on alcohol but not addicted to it might not need rehabilitation.

Get Peer Support

Anyone who’s struggling with alcoholism needs peer support. Just like any other goal, overcoming alcohol addiction or dependence is easier when you’ve friends plus family members supporting you. They’ll encourage you to stay sober and assist you to find healthier ways of having fun.

Read Self-Help Books

Another great way to improve your confidence and stay sober is to read self-help books. They provide effective strategies and tools to assist you to maintain sobriety. Several self-help books are available online and in print.

Counseling and Therapy

Counseling and therapy can be highly beneficial for those who’ve problems with alcohol. A counselor can assist you develop personalized approaches to get sober. Depending on how severe your drinking problems are, the counseling you receive can be simple or intensive.

Smartphone Applications

The app store on your mobile phone has several sobriety apps that can inspire you to quit drinking and lead a sober life. Some of them help you monitor your alcohol intake and sobriety dates. Others offer daily motivational quotes. Though they haven’t been medically approved, most of these apps can help you overcome addictive drinking.

Popular support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, offer free help for those struggling with alcohol addiction. If you’ve minor alcohol problems or have already received treatment for severe alcohol problems, AA could be an excellent choice for you.

Alcohol Rehab

If you’re finding it difficult quitting alcoholism, it’s time you try rehab services. Formal treatment for alcohol abuse makes it possible for you to detox in a safe environment while also providing comprehensive therapy to help you learn how to stay sober.

The Bottom-Line

Drug addiction can be a real burden. It can pull you down for the rest of your life. But the good news is that numerous strategies have been devised to help people overcome their addictions easily and effectively. Follow the above tips and start your journey to recovery.