Remote Work: Advantages of Being Freelance Translator

In simple terms, when you start working as a freelance translator or approach the world of being a freelancer for any other field, you become your boss, can maintain a flexible schedule and do not have to sit in the office from nine to five. While it may be challenging for some people to make the switch, which is quite understandable, the translation environment is even more advantageous when it is done remotely. Since you mostly communicate with people who want to have their documents or books translated, you do not have to be physically there as you only have to deliver the final content. 

Here are some freelance translator’s advantages to consider: 

You Set Your Unique Schedule. While it may seem obvious, starting as a freelance translator, you are not limited to working some typical office hours because you can translate some poems late at night or deliver official documents in the wee hours. Just remember to provide language certificates that will help you to stand out from the rest! Since you can communicate with every person directly, it is much easier to establish good contacts and work according to what your clients require and what you can handle as well. 

You Can Say “No” to Certain Requests. You do not have to deal with some requests that do not fit your vision or the price offered. As a freelance language expert, you can choose what to avoid and establish a specific client base, which will make you feel comfortable. If you already know more than two languages, you may provide your CV information in several languages and even start learning another language with the best 10 language learning apps. Since you have more free time and communicate with people from all over the world, you can drastically extend your translation services. 

Work Expandability. Another advantage of being a freelance translator is extending your work hours and managing several tasks at once, which is not possible when you are a part of some translation agency. Still, it doesn’t mean that you cannot approach some of them! Check reviews of translation companies that may be hiring freelancers and learn more about standards and the benchmarks that will take your translation quality to another level. Reading such reviews also helps to find out what is considered “the best” in terms of what you offer! 

Your Life, Your Rules. The most important factor of working remotely is not dealing with the stress of sitting in some office. You do not have to wake up early and get dressed because you can work right in your bedroom, on your soft bed, sip some coffee, and still meet the deadlines!  Finally, you can advertise yourself with the help of social media and special campaigns! 


The Art of Technical Translation

It is not often mentioned since it is quite challenging even for professional translators, yet you have a great advantage as a freelancer when you start with some technical tasks. If you have a relevant background and certificates to handle such translation requests, you are bound to earn a decent salary and make a name for yourself. Just make sure that you learn about the basic requirements for business confidentiality as you sign various agreements, share your existing certificates, and schedule your life the way it works best for you! 


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