How to Spot a Fake Essay Writing Service Review

So, you’ve decided to order a paper. Needless to say that if it’s your first time, you’ll want to search for a well-reviewed essay writing company you can really entrust your assignment to. However, how can one be sure that a review website is telling the truth? As with the rising demand for custom assignments, the number of scams and fraudulent review sites has been rising as well.

Well, the best advice would be to trust your gut and use essay writing services that are legit and proven to be safe and reliable. Still, we have singled out 7 tips that can help you to spot fake essay writing service reviews to help you tell a fake review and a genuine one apart.

7 Tips on How to Detect an Essay Review is Fake

1. Follow the “Too good to be true” Rule

First and foremost advice would be not to trust reviews that are too great. If there are 5-star comments only, and they sound too ‘superlative’ and written with ‘CAPITALS’ it may sound suspicious. If you feel like you’re smelling a rat when reading words ‘amazing’, ‘life-saver’, ‘best service ever’, you’re not wrong. What is more, usually such reviews don’t have enough description, and are just about сomplimenting the service. Here’s how such a review might look like: ‘The best service ever! AMAZING writer! GOT an A+, guys you’re a life-saver!’

2. Is It Too Short?

Another tip that may help you detect an artificial review, is examining whether they’re too short. Certainly, some people are quite laconic and hate beating around the bush, when it can be explained with one word only. However, if all the reviews at the website are too short and not specific, they’re likely to be fake. Such reviews will again include phrases like “Good service”, “Excellent”, “Nice work”, and “Got a good paper”.

3. Does it Sound Like an Advert?

Have you ever read an advert? Do you remember how it sounded? You’ve probably been asked a question and offered a solution. Moreover, the language used was to make you buy trust and buy something. It works the same way with reviews. In case you detect a comment or a review sounds too advertised, it’s probably because it’s artificially written by an essay writing service itself. Have a look at the following review:

“I have never ordered an online paper before. I was too scared I would get bad quality. However, after I turned to you guys, I realized that custom writing can be safe and 100% unique. Thanks a ton!”

So as you can see, such a review sounds like a person advertising a company rather than explaining their sincere feelings. Plus, there’s an overuse of ‘I’ as they’re desperately trying to make it sound more personal. 

4.Analyze the Style of Several Reviews

It would also be a good idea to read several comments at the website and compare their style. Do they look the same? Do they have something in common? Usually, fake reviews are crafted by one person, so the writing style will be distinct. There will probably be similar vocabulary choice, and peculiar grammar constructions. In fact, it’s quite easy to detect. What is more, you might spot the overuse of some words like ‘I’ or ‘my friend’ relating to some ‘non-existent’ friend who ‘recommended the website’ in fake reviews written by the same person.

5. Examine the Review Website Itself

In case you’re reading feedback on the review website, make sure you study the site itself. As it often happens, the website is fake. Creating fake review sites and generating fake reviews is a common practice among business owners. By this we mean that the overall idea of such a source is to promote particular essay writing services, posting the reviews that are all artificial. 

It’s not rocket science spotting a fake review source. First, you may examine the owner of the website. If the owner of the review site is the same owner of the linked essay services, such a website is fake. Or it’s even better to say artificial, as the essay company designed a review website to drive traffic and promote its services. Secondly, you may also examine the affiliate links. If you detect a referral code in URL, it’s likely a reviewer gets money for leaving a comment about this or that service, rather than being honest about their experience.

6. Is it Specific?

One more tip you can rely on when looking for fake reviews is the content of feedback. An honest and sincere comment is often quite specific and detailed. Certainly, a client won’t go too much into details as they don’t want to compromise their activity of ordering a paper online. Still, they will definitely include some peculiar details like page quantity for instance, the type of paper, the amount of time required to complete the assignment etc. Otherwise, if a comment is too wishy-washy as if it can be used for anything whether it’s a custom paper or a new ice-cream flavour, it’s probably fake.

7. Are There Any Negative Reviews?

Last but not least, if there are no negative comments, or even slight dissatisfaction, there must be something wrong with such feedback. As it’s impossible that all the clients are completely satisfied with everything. If all the reviews on the website are positive, or even ‘too positive’, it’s likely because they’re all fake.

Final Words

Summing up, reading online reviews about an essay writing company is actually no different from reading any other type of review online. You should remain skeptical and analytical, so that you won’t fall for artificial comments with the only purpose to persuade you to order custom assignments at this or that company. We hope that our list of 7 tips will be of great help and you’ll feel more confident when examining reviews and trying to spot the fake ones. Wish you good luck!