Elevations RTC’s Campus: A Supportive Solution for Troubled Teens

There are countless options families can pursue if they have a teenager going through troubles. Every solution is different, but residential treatment centers are becoming more of the norm than ever before.

With popularity comes a lot of choices, and not all residential treatment centers are created equally. Only trusted options with the proper accreditation and experience can provide the type of support most teenagers need at this difficult time. At Elevations RTC, they spent years perfecting a safe, secure, and supportive environment for teenagers to get their life together and make changes that last.

Is a full-time residential treatment center the right option for providing support? Many families count on a campus-like Elevations RTC to provide that safety. Similar in fashion to a boarding school, getting support from all angles helps out exceptionally well. It only truly makes a difference when teens buy-in and living on campus changes a person’s mindset.

The campus

When Elevations RTC created the campus in the greater Salt Lake City area, the goal was to provide a community feeling for everyone involved. By providing a close-knit environment, teenagers can lean on each other for help and reach out to faculty at any time as well.

Similar options that do not require students to live on campus are unable to have the same effect. For some, it is as simple as getting away from distractions at home that might be hindering performance. Others need to feel surrounded by teenagers dealing with similar issues as a way to get the support they never knew they needed. The campus set up gives students a sense of freedom since they are away from home, but a different type of family to count on during the journey.

The campus is big enough for multiple classrooms, a sizable library, dining rooms, residence halls, and plenty of space for extracurricular activities. Students on campus get an opportunity to learn in a traditional setting while also taking advantage of interest outside of formal studies.

Support from others

Living on campus for months at a time requires teenagers to build relationships with others. It is easier than ever to find someone with a shared interest to jump into a new activity together with different interests to pursue. There are various activities to try and finding something to bond over with a peer can help tremendously with the overall development.

Another benefit of having support from others comes when times might be less than ideal. In a perfect world, there would never be any complications whatsoever while on campus. However, teens will have some challenging times that they need to get through one way or another. Having a built-in support group with peers on campus helps out in that regard. What ends up happening each year is that students rely on each other and confide in each other to make it through the challenging times.

This strong connection is hard to come by in a traditional setting where teenagers do not live on campus. Bonding goes on outside of the classroom, and it takes time for strangers to create a bond if time is limited. Since teens on campus are around each other all the time, it speeds up the process of developing friends and learning who to trust.

Finding a passion or hobbies

One of the more overlooked aspects of many residential treatment centers is the lack of extracurricular activities to help with the development and overall atmosphere on campus. This emotional and social support through extracurricular activities can go a long way towards a breakthrough for certain teenagers. For some, it is as simple as finding some type of passion that they can start investing in while enjoying life.

Even if it seems like an extracurricular activity to some, a hobby can turn into a career. It is one reason why Elevations RTC is so adamant about offering a wide range of options. Instead of limiting what a teenager can and can’t pursue, opening up opportunities for many different paths increases the chance of finding something that works.

Why a campus setting is the best way to go

The initial separation between families and teenagers is tough to handle, but most graduates agree that it is for the best.

In the grand scheme of things, months at Elevations RTC is a minor investment into lifelong changes. The program is designed to take full advantage of the spacious campus that allows teenagers to live their lives normally.

The community built within the campus during a short stay can translate to the outside world. It makes sense to reduce the bubble and get the little things right before transitioning back to home. This is a way to isolate problems and work through them without ever feeling overwhelmed. A campus setting is a beneficial place for many troubled teens, and one that offers all the different amenities as Elevations RTC is a great choice. Teens are allowed to be themselves and receive all the support they could ask for on their road to changing their life for the better.