Vol 4, No 10 (2018)

Table of Contents


The Application of Taguchi Method in Drilling Process for Optimization of Multi Response Problem PDF
Funda Kahraman, Gokhan Basar 1-9
Synthesis of Disulfiram Imprinted Polymer and Electrochemical Application PDF
Mert Soysal, Ali Ersin Karagozler 10-19
A Study of Solar Energy Production in Turkey, Incentives, Solar Power Plant Installation Cost and Solar Energy Production Investment Return: A Case Study of Tarsus District, Mersin Province PDF
Oguzhan Nacak, Murat Kayalar 20-25
Applications for the Prevention and Detoxification of Mycotoxins in the Food and Feed Industry PDF
Ayhan Filazi, Burcu Avci 26-37
Influence of Rose Oil Processing Waste Compost Media on Tomato Seedling Quality PDF
Havva Okuyucu, Harun Ozer, Kamil Ekinci, Aysun Peksen 38-43
The Effects of Turning Frequency in Incubatıon and Storage Duration on Hatching Results in Turkey Hatching Eggs PDF
Serdar Coban, Mehmet Fatih Celen 44-55
Aquatic Miracles: Some Aquatic Plants and Their Uses PDF
Latife Ceyda Irkin 56-60
What Happens to Erythrocytes When Ca2+ Accumulates in The Outside and Inside of The Cell? PDF
Armagan Caner, Muge Gulcihan Onal, Nazmiye Bitgen 61-71
Determination of Slaughter and Flaying Defects in Sheep and Goat Skins Obtained from Van Province Slaughterhouses PDF
Asuman Kabay, Ferda Karakuş 72-78
Maternal and Lamb Behaviors after Birth in Akkaraman Sheep PDF
Ferda Karakus 79-83
Determination of Antimicrobial Activity of Tyhme and Black Cumin Seed Essential Oils Against Some Clinical Isolates PDF
Ozge Selda Gureli, Binnur Mericli Yapici 84-95
Effects of Local Ecological Conditions on Some Anatomical Features of Black Alder (Alnus glutinosa Gaertn. subsp. barbata (C.A. Mey.) Yalt.) Wood. PDF
Salih Malkocoglu, Murat Yilmaz 96-110
A Simple Equalization Pressure Prediction Method for Pressure Equalization via Tanks in PSA Process PDF
Hanife Erden, Lutfi Erden 111-119
Determination of Trace Element Level in Some Lichens from Mount Ida (Çanakkale, Turkey) By ICP-MS PDF
Ozlem Tonguc Yayintas, Latife Ceyda Irkin, Atila Yildiz, Selehattin Yilmaz 120-127
Social Media for Businesses: Requirements and Functions for Management PDF
Duygu Toplu Yaslioglu, Nil Selenay Erden 128-134
Technical and Economic Analysis of Kangal Shepherd Dog Breeding Farms PDF
Hakan Murat, Mustafa Kockaya, Yusuf Ozsensoy 135-140
Correlations Some Associated Characters Grain Yield in Maize PDF
Gul Ebru Orhun 141-144
Recent Developments in Aerospace Gears and Gearbox Designs PDF
Mert Vardar, Fatih Erdogan, Nihat Yildirim 145-155
The Effects of Polyvinyl Chloride Microparticles on the Apoptotic Processes in Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Embryos PDF
Burak Gokce, Ozlem Onen, Mustafa Kiran, Sema Isisag Ucuncu 156-161
Quantitative morphometric analysis of the watershed of Baki Basin, Eastern Anatolian using GIS methods PDF
Halil Gunek 162-177
Experimental Investigation and Probabilistic Modeling Of Shear Resistance and Stress-Volumetric Unit Deformation Behaviors of Sands Having Different Mineralogies PDF
Seda Cellek 178-191
Effects of plant extracts of Bakayan tree (Melia azadirachta L.) on Cotton aphid, Aphis gossypii Glover (Hemiptera: Aphididae) PDF
Erol Bayhan, Selime Olmez Bayhan, Necmettin Taskiran 192-196
Determination of some biological parameters of Myzus persicae (Sulz.) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on different pepper cultivars PDF
Erol Bayhan, Selime Olmez Bayhan, Nagehan Kilic 197-201
Metformin Attenuated Hyperoxia Induced Oxidative Damages on Different Tissues in Young Rats PDF
Erdal Ince 202-215
The Effects on Yield and Quality of Applications in Different Doses of Humic Substance in Alphonse Lavallée Grape Cultivar PDF
Muhammed Alagoz, Aydin Akin 216-221
Anthropometric Measurement-Related Musculoskeletal Complaints in Office Workers PDF
Mehmet Ali Can, Nihal Agbas, M. Haluk Uluutku, Gamze Can, Murat Topbas 222-229
An Analysis of the Views of Turkish Tourists Participating in the Blue Cruise Trip as an Area of Maritime Tourism Business a Case Study PDF
Erdal Arli 230-236
The Effect of Mineralogy on Engineering Behaviour of Sand PDF
Seda Cellek 237-243
Effects of Different Growing Media on Organic Pepper Seedling Production PDF
Yuksel Tuzel, Ezgi Gurkas, Golgen Bahar Oztekin 244-249
Effect of Shading on Organic Pepper Seedling Cultivation PDF
H. Seyma Saribas, Andac Kutay Saka, Harun Ozer 250-254
The Use of Heterotic Effects for the Improvement of Some Fiber Technological Properties of New Cotton Varieties in Diyarbakir Conditions PDF
Remzi Ekinci, Sema Basbag, Yusuf Guzel Demiray, Mustafa Yasar, Fuat Kayir 255-261
Determination of Fruit Quality Properties of Loquat Genotypes Grown In Ordu Province of Turkey PDF
Burhan Ozturk, Ahmet Ozturk 262-268
Early Childhood Special Education for Children Who Need Special Education in Turkey PDF
Sunay Yildirim Dogru, Simge Cepdibi 269-273
Potential of Cattle Manure, Biogas Production and Design of Sample Plant Some Provinces PDF
Aytekin Celik, Ekrem Aydin 274-281
Social Media Use in Disasters PDF
Vildan Oral, Meliksah Turan 282-293
Carbon Nanotubes: Synthesis, Functionalization, Characterization, Toxicity Researches PDF
Bircan Dinc, Ayhan Unlu, Muhammet Bektas 294-304
Design of Weave Pattern Model for the Selection Box Driving Software PDF
Mustafa Dulger 305-315
Effects of Salt and Potassium on K+/Na+ Ratio in Eggplant(Solanum melongena L) Plants PDF
Fikret Yasar, Ozlem Yasar 316-319
Determination of Textural and Color Parameters of Fish Fillets Stored at Refrigerated Conditions PDF
Zafer Ceylan, Raciye Meral 320-326
Importance of Employer Brand Management in the Branding Process of Advertising Agencies PDF
Gonca Kose 327-333
Effect of Annealing on ZnO Thin Films Deposited by Thermal Evaporation on Si (100) Substrates PDF
Gokhan Utlu, Sahin Kinal 334-343
A New Isocratic HPLC Method for Simultaneous Determination of Paracetamol and Flurbiprofen in Pharmaceutical Preparations PDF
Neset Nesetoglu, Serap Saglik Aslan, Durisehvar Ozer Unal 344-349
Potential of Electricity Generation with Solar Energy in Turkey PDF
Tarkan Koca, Serhat Aksungur 350-356
Effect of Temperature and Water Stress on the Flower and Fruit in Fruit Trees PDF
Selma Kuru Berk, Selma Tuna Kocoglu, Tuba Bak, Akgul Tas, Muttalip Gundogdu 357-363
The “Dispersed Hotel” as an Architectural Model in Mediterranean Rural Tourism: The Italian Experience and Proposals for Turkey PDF
Kemal Reha Kavas 364-375
Benefits for Human Health of Geophytes Having Economic Importance in Turkey PDF
Selma Tuna Kocoglu, Ferit Ozen, Murat Karakus, Selma Kuru Berk, Tuba Bak 376-383
The Effect of Oxygen Content on Mechanical and Conductivity Properties of Copper Rods Produced by Contirod and Up-Cast Continuous Casting Methods PDF
Ilkay Kinas, Engin Tan, Hilal Can 384-391
A Research on Determining the Expectations of Yacht Owners from Marina Enterprises within the Scope of Social Responsibility Activities in Maritime Tourism Business PDF
Erdal Arli 392-396
Importance of Senses in Design Education: From Eye Centralism to Anti-Eye Centralism PDF
Dilara Onur, Tulay Zorlu, Ayhan Usta 397-406
Class Contradictions in the Economy Policies of the Early Republican Period PDF
Mehmet Devrim Topses 407-411
The Effect of Pistacia Therebinthus L. Oil Biodiesel Blend on Emissions of a CI Engine PDF
Zeynep Aytac, Cumali Ilkilic 412-423
Evaluation of Synergistic Effect of TiO2 and Al2O3 Nanoparticles on Hela Cell Line PDF
Nese Keklikcioglu Cakmak, Ayca Tas, Yavuz Silig 424-434
Increasing the competitiveness of Ukrainian dairy products in line with European standards PDF
Оlena.В. Zharikova, Oksana. V. Pashchenko 435-441
Quality Control Analysis during Housing Construction Process PDF
Hasan Polat, Nihal Arioglu 442-449
Nurses' Attitudes towards Elderly Patients and Related Factors PDF
Rukuye Aylaz, Sabriye Yalcinkaya, Hilal Yildirim 450-456
The Use of Ultrasonic Washing Technology in Denim Fabrics PDF
Abdullah Arikan, Teoman Karadag, Munevver Ertek Avci, Onur Karlik 457-463
Determination of Antioxidant Vitamins and MDA Content in Petals of Rose Species Used in Food PDF
Sevket Alp, Suzan Karagoz 464-469
An Analysis of Educational Linked Data PDF
Yasemin Gultepe 470-477
Class Management in Islamic Education PDF
Mehmet Okutan 478-487
Investigation of Friction Performance Related to Use of Pinus Nigra Cone Powder in Automotive Brake Pads PDF
Ilker Sugozu 488-494
Use of the Comet Assay and Molecular Docking Techniques to Evaluate the Effect of Nicotine in Human Breast Cancer Cell Line PDF
Leyla Turker Sener, Serda Kecel Gunduz, Aziz Sener, Yasin Celikok, Bilge Bicak, Yagmur Kokcu, Aysen E. Ozel, Isil Albeniz 495-508
The diversity of zerconid mites (Acari, Zerconidae) in Akdag National Park (Denizli/Turkey) PDF
Rasit Urhan, Elif Hilal Duran, Mehmet Karaca 509-517
Determination of Root-Knot Nematodes, Meloidogyne spp. (Tylenchida: Meloidogynidae) in Greenhouse Areas in Simav District of Kütahya Province PDF
Gulcan Tarla 518-521
Product Identification System Design Based on Deep Learning PDF
Muhammet Rasit Cesur, Elif Cesur, Ismail Hakki Cedimoglu, Orhan Torkul, Alper Okuyan 522-527
Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test for Bivariate Distributions in Polygonal Area PDF
Orhan Kesemen, Bugra Kaan Tiryaki, Tuncay Uluyurt 528-540
A Comparison of Financial Instruments between the Turkish Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS) and Financial Reporting Standards for Large and Medium-Sized Entities (BOBI FRS) PDF
Taylan Altintas, Nesegul Parlak 541-552
Investigation of the Knowledge Levels on Food Safety and HACCP of Food Engineering Department Students: Selcuk University Case Study PDF
Nuran Erdem, Didem Onay Derin, Busra Zeynep Ogutlu 553-562
Determination of the Ingredients and Production Steps of Traditional Lid Pastry (Kapak Boregi) of the District of Guzelyurt, Aksaray Province PDF
Nuran Erdem, Suleyman Gokmen 563-571
Temperature-Rainfall and Drought Analysis for Diyarbakir City, Turkey PDF
Nizamettin Hamidi 572-582
Analysis and Classification of Tigris River Water Quality in Terms of Pollution Sources and Some Pollution Parameters PDF
Nizamettin Hamidi, Fevzi Onen, Recep Çelik 583-598
Evaluation of Evaporation and Runoff in the Goksu Basin according to the Methods of PENMAN and THORNTHWAITE PDF
Fatih Karaosmanoglu, Halil Gunek 599-614
Parameters of the Knowledge and Thought in the Qur'an and Sunnah PDF
Mehmet Yolcu 615-626
Perception of Space Modernity and Postmodernity Transformation Process PDF
Nihal Arda Akyildiz, Hasan Polat 627-634
The Effects of Hydrolyzed Electrostatic Powder Coating Wastes on Fluidity and Density of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene PDF
Yilmaz Kismet 635-639

ISSN (online) 2422-8702