Top Toronto Colleges for International Students

Traveling is a great experience and education can give you the best chance at it. Toronto is a heaven for education, thus attracting scholars across the globe. If you have always dreamt of studying abroad, this article is for you.

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The Best Colleges in Toronto for International Students

Canada’s education rankings globally makes it a dream destination for many international students seeking higher education. The country’s capital, Toronto, is home to numerous international universities that enroll as undergraduates and postgraduates from all over the world. Below are the top colleges for international students in Toronto, Canada.

  • University of Toronto

Being the largest university in Canada, it is the best college for international students. It is a home to more than 15,000 international scholars from 150 different countries. It is by far the best school you can pick to further your knowledge as a postgraduate scholar or start your career as an undergraduate student.

Its facilities are a state of the art, thus doesn’t fall short of what is expected for a world-class university. The institution offers more diverse programs and courses more than any other campus in the country. You can pursue any program that interests you. More about this prestigious school can be found online.

  • York University

Not only is York a prestigious university in Ontario,; it is also the third largest in the country. This automatically translates to its facilities and amenities being world-class. As an international scholar, this is an ideal choice for you. They enroll learners from 178 different countries around the world. The total population is close to 53,000.

On a financial focal point, this is the most affordable institution with the quality of programs and facilities it has to offer. It is cheap and affordable to most people. Fun fact: the college boasts of offering the only space engineering program in the entire country.

  • Ryerson University

It is another perfect choice for international scholars hoping to study in Toronto, Canada. This institution accepts applications from close to 149 countries world-wide. The entire population of its scholars speak close to 80 languages from across the globe.

The college has invested in a career-driven education system based on innovation. This prepares students to compete favorably in the industrial market, thus considered to offer some of the best business programs in the country. Details on how much you pay as tuition fee as a non-citizen can be found in their official website when you ask for their help.

  • Humber College

With a population of close to 31,000 scholars, Humber College is a considerably big institution. It has a total of more than 6000 international students from over 100 countries. The school enrolls non-Canadian citizens from private high schools in Toronto Canada as well as those from within.

It is a polytechnic institution that gives its students real-world experiences in preparation of them facing their careers. It boasts of more than 180 programs that are taught on a full-time basis and 40 different areas of study. It is an ideal school for undergraduates focusing on computer, writing, engineering and business related programs.

  • Trent University

Located in Peterborough, Trent University is not among the largest universities in the country nor in the province of Ottawa. But, it is one of the best in terms of undergraduate programs and research. It only has a population of 8,000; 700 of these are international students drawn from over 70 countries.

The school is known for small sized classes that make it easy to reach each and every student personally. It is a perfect place to start your career path as an international undergraduate. A lot of online essays and articles give detailed information about what the institution has to offer.

Final Remarks

Making the right choice as far as a college is concerned is harder than you anticipated. Factors like global rankings, programs offered, tuition and accommodation fees and education system play an active role while making the decision. The 5 discussed institutions above happen to be some the best colleges in Canada.

These will give you a bearing as you make your final decision on which institution to enroll for and the programs that please you. Good luck!