Improving Your Social Status in College

Why is social status so important? It’s because it gives the holder easy access to money, power, connection, influence, and a number of other good things. A person with a higher social status is virtually more respected than a person with a lower status.

A lower-status person is unlikely to have the things that usually come easy with high status; money, influence, power, and so on. For example, just imagine the way a TV personality like Kim Kardashian will be treated in a five-star restaurant – definitely different from how a regular citizen with no social status will be treated. The chefs will do everything in their power to impress her, and everyone will be scrambling to get an autograph, and maybe, a picture with her.

It may even lead to the story of an hour summary in the tabloids. That’s what it feels like!

Why is social status so important?

So, having a good social status can allow you to get whatever you want, literally with just the snap of your fingers. Just look at the number of celebrities that have evaded jail terms because of their high status and fame.

In school, social status also allows you to build up a strong network of friends, especially with other successful and high-quality people than you’d normally be unable to do. It also allows you to build a strong network of fans and followers; people that will always be loyal to you on a daily basis.

In a business strategy game, you will need the necessary connection to always get things done for you. Even after school, the status you have built along the line will help you in your career.

How to Increase Your Social Status?

There’s always that instinctive drive to achieve greatness; or high status in this case. Everybody wants to be given that preferential treatment; everyone wants to be influential; everyone wants to have that strong network of friends and fans. However, certain factors are important if you want a social status change. It’s just like playing a business strategy game, which requires tactics and high intelligence.

Actually, the kind of social status you have in college is completely based on the things that you do, whether intrinsically or extrinsically.

Canon-Bard’s theory states that the psychological reactions and emotions that we feel occur simultaneously, rather than consecutively. So, it means that social status is like the Freytag’s pyramid; the actions you take determine your rise, climax, and fall. Imagine the implication of helping a stranger struggling with their essay by just suggesting to them a free online plagiarism checker for students so they can easily scan their works and check for plagiarism. This simple action of giving a hint where to find a decent plagiarism checker for students, can easily change you from a “static character,” that nobody knows, to a “round character” that everyone wants to meet and talk to.


Extrinsic social status necessitates that you join a club, fraternity, or a sports team, regularly attend events/parties and run for political posts. These activities are external influences on your social status.

But most importantly, you can focus on your intrinsic social status; for, without them, it is virtually difficult to increase your social status

    1. Don’t Dominate, Be Humble: Surprisingly, humility tends to attract high status. When you are humble, and you respect other people, and their individual opinions, no matter how completely different they are to yours, people will come to respect you too.
    2. Tolerance: for example, when you join a frat house, and you are not tolerant, they might cancel your membership. The core value of fraternity is to teach tolerance. When people notice that you tolerate them well and you complain less about their character, however bad it may be, it increases the influence you have on people. The more people you tolerate; the more friends you have.
    3. Network: networking can also change your social status and put you at the top of the social rung. When you make a lot of friends and relate well with almost everybody you meet (just like in the analogy I gave earlier), you will create a strong social influence that can help you later in life by creating opportunities.
    4. Honesty:  Always saying your mind and telling people the truth and nothing but the truth, even if it hurts, will make them trust you better. You’ll even become the lady or the guy who always speaks the truth.
    5. Create Interest in People: The interest you have in other people’s life can help you a lot. When people know they can always talk to you about anything they may be going through, and that you’re always there to see them through their difficult situations, they will learn to respect you more. This, in turn, increases your social status.