Top 5 Helpful Websites for Students, or Learn Online Efficiently

Many people believe that modern students don’t have many things to do. Just open the browser and download the needed assignment, get ever the rarest book and so on. And what about those magic apps that promise to teach you anything within a couple of days? However, any student knows that not all is that simple.

It is very challenging to select helpful websites for students among all those educational resources. To make your life simpler, here you are a list of top online services where you can get high-quality help.


The specializes in providing one-to-one assignment writing help to students, in all subjects, and for any academic level. Actually, this is the most important thing for most of their clients. Whenever you place an order to assist with your:

  • Dissertation
  • Essay
  • Research or term paper
  • Thesis

Or any other written assignment, you get not only a perfectly written task. You can ask the tutor any questions about the assignment or even get a complete explanation of the topic. This is the main advantage of the You get your assignment done and explained. That’s why you will be able to do a similar task on your own. You don’t get dependent on the services provided by the specialists, but you are always welcome to place your order again whenever you need it.

2.    Ninja Essays

As you can see from the name, the resource specializes in providing essay writing services. They claim they can write any essay within a record short time. Prices are cheap. So, whenever you want to place a “create my essay for me” order, you might do it there. However, no further assistance or follow up is provided. So, if you buy any of your papers from them, you will get the best service. But whenever you need similar help you will have no option but to get back to them.

3.     EdX

This is one of the best online learning websites if you want to complete a good course. EdX provides plenty of courses in all subjects. What you will definitely like is that the courses are provided by the leading universities of the world, such as Harvard University, Berkeley University, the University of Queensland and similar. If you want a degree, however, you will be requested to pay for it.

4.    Khan Academy

Ok, this website is not for any student. It is the best source of useful knowledge if you are keen on mathematics. However, if you are looking for an assignment writing service, you cannot do much with this website. But if you need mathematics assistance, of any service provided in this subject, you will be sincerely enjoying using this resource.

5.    Academic Earth

Free online courses from the leading universities are offered here for free. The main idea of the company is to provide top class education to those who would never have money for it otherwise. You can find courses by subject or by the university. As well, you can filter them based on a degree or a category.

For a certificate or a degree, you will have to pay, but the payment is very reasonable. Moreover, you will be learning all the materials from home. So, you are not going to have expenses for trips, accommodation. Maybe this is not the best place for a “do my assignment” request. But this company is definitely worth attention.

So, your choice will depend greatly on your targets and long-term expectations. Define your needs and select the best resource for you!