G Suite Backup: The Advanced Tools to Benefit From

Google applications have become the de facto options for many businesses and individuals because of their ease of expandability and interoperability. They make communication easy and allow your business to connect to other SaaS (software as a service).

Despite the thrill that comes with G Suite applications, data loss has also become a serious threat to businesses. For example, you might be surprised to know that though it is assumed that Gmail automatically backs up data, it does not! Indeed, loss of email data via malicious deletion or user error makes firms find it difficult to retrieve crucial information.

However, you do not have to lose your data because there are many G Suite tools that you can use for backup. Here are the top ten advanced tools you should consider.


  • SpinBackup


Spinbackup was created with the primary goal – to protect G Suite and Office 365 corporate data. It is a great option for companies that require complete backup and cybersecurity for their startups. The Spinbackup solution has multiple features that help not only to protect you from data loss but also prevent data leaks, helps admins with data compliances, has ransomware protection and third-party apps audit. The tool lets you back up your Gmail, calendar events, Google drive files, contacts, and even team drives. The price of this amazing tool starts from $3/user monthly.


  • Cloudfinder


Cloudfinder supports Office 365, and Salesforce to provide connectivity between different cloud accounts. It helps to back up your Gmail, websites, calendar, docs, and contacts. To guarantee optimal security, Cloudfinder also promises its clients a SafeHaven Vault using Amazon S3 cloud storage that uses AES-256 encryption. The tool costs $30/ year for every user.


  • SysCloud


SysCloud is a backup tool designed with enterprise features such as permission fidelity on restore, reporting, 24/7 support, multiple admin roles, and full domain coverage. It also provides an on-premise option that is ideal for backing up big firm’s data. The cost of the tool ranges from $2.25/ month per user to $695/terabyte/ per month.


  • Spanning


This is another top backup tool that provides a 100% guarantee restore guarantee for Google Apps backup packages. Its main features include on-demand backup-up, automated backup, audit logs, and status monitoring.

Notably, Spanning stands taller than others because of its impressive advanced search capabilities and restore options like account export, email filtering, and cross-user restore. It has become very popular for both small and large enterprises. The pricing starts at $40/ user per year.


  • Backupify


Backupify made a name for being the first tool to offer reliable media backup. The tool has proven to be particularly effective for companies that want to protect their data from ransomware that takes over a firm’s data and encrypts it until the management pays a ransom. In such a situation, you no longer have to worry because Buckupify will simply restore your data.

You can opt to buy different plans such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPAA) compliant plans from $99/ month to archive operations on social media. If you combine the HIPPAA compliant plan with Salesforce backup, the cost is $199/month while Google app support starts from $3/ month.    


  • CloudAlly


Today, planning and installing own internal data security policies installed and running is not an easy task. However, CloudAlly is here to help. It not only runs US-based servers, but it also maintains Australia and EU-based data centers in the event that your enterprise requires them. This means that you can easily manage your data if the enterprise operates in different continents without worrying about going against the law.  

In addition to allowing you backup Google apps such as chat, contacts, and tasks, CloudAlly will also backup Office 365, DynamoDB, Amazon, and Yahoo. The cost starts at $3/ month.


  • Vaultize


 If you are looking forward to getting more than Google apps back up services, this is one great tool to consider. It is a one-stop point for backing up data, mobility needs, and protection. It is preferred by many companies because you can schedule it to backup documents based on when you experience more traffic or expect sensitive info.

When restoring data from Vaultize, users have the option of selecting the entire accounts to restore or simply select the preferred labels or emails. Note that the account data can be downloaded or even frozen before backing up to maintain the data integrity.

Note that unlike others, Vaultize price is based on the user needs. You will be required to send them a request so that they provide pricing based on your needs.


  • Dropsuite


Dropsuite was created to provide an industry-leading solution to guarantee easy, fast backup and restoration of business email data. The tool automatically backups up your email content, Office 365, websites and make recovery as easy as a click. This implies you can easily recover all lost, corrupted and even deleted email files at any moment.

All the data is encrypted with AES-256 bit military grade encryption that makes it harder for hackers to gain access. Besides, they also provide unlimited backup so that you will never have to worry about backing up more photos or content.

  • UpSafe

UpSafe is one of the fast-growing cloud services providers that operate in conjunction with CloudBerry. The tool supports most G Suite applications such as Gmail backup, email archiving, Office 365 backup, website backup and Insights business intelligence (BI) for your enterprise. It also offers unlimited restore and item-level search.


  • CloudBerry


 CloudBerry operates as a software vendor and does not provide backup services directly.  Rather, it sells backup software that users can deploy to backup their Google apps data for business. If you opt to use CloudBerry tool, it is important to also make sure you acquire and configure own cloud storage such as Azure.

It is preferred by businesses because they can opt to store the backup data locally or on the cloud. It also allows the user to integrate the data with popular RMM solutions.

No matter the size of your enterprise, it is prudent to get the right backup solutions that cover the entire data. The G Suite backup tools discussed above are designed to offer a wide range of backup services and make recovery of your data easy and affordable. Make sure to check the business backup needs and go for the option that best addresses them.