Tips for Working at Home

Working from home has become more common in the past few years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this growth. Whether this is your first-time telecommuting or your job usually allows it, there are a few tips that can make your day easier.

Transcribe Online Meetings 

If you can’t meet in person, you likely have online meetings to discuss important projects. It can be hard to keep track of all the information, but when you transcribe a Zoom meeting, you can easily document your conversations. It only takes seconds, and it can save time. Once the participants know that everything is being recorded, they don’t have to take notes, allowing them to focus on the conversation. After the meeting is over, you can refer to the transcription anytime, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything. 

Designate a Separate Workspace

One of the main challenges of telecommuting is keeping your home and work lives separate. The line can become blurred, and if you can’t disconnect from work, both your home life and productivity can suffer. If you usually go to an office, you have a physical separation, so try to recreate that in your home. That can be hard if you live in a small apartment, but even if it’s just a chair or corner that you use exclusively for your job, it can help you stay productive. Leaving the space signals your brain that you are done at the end of the day. Try to pack up what work you can, whether that means shutting down your laptop or just closing the applications related to your job.

Don’t Forget Social Time

When your office starts working remotely, you miss out on social interactions. Those normally help break up the monotony and prevent you from feeling lonely. While it’s not the same, try talking to coworkers through texts, calls, or messaging. If you usually ask how someone’s weekend went, keep it up, even if they didn’t go anywhere then. A little interaction can go a long way. Set some time aside to catch up with coworkers one-on-one. A break to talk to them is vital, even if you do not leave your home. Consider doing a morning video call with the team so you can get some small talk in. But don’t leave it at that. Many people are feeling uncertain, so find out how they’re really doing. 

Transition In or Out of Work

A morning commute is about more than just going to your job. It also lets your brain prepare for the day. If you normally listen to music on your commute, do the same thing in the morning. An evening commute can help your brain wind down and prepare for your nighty routine. Do something to signal the end of the day, such as going for a walk or run. Not only does it help your brain reset, but some physical activity can feel good if you spent the majority of the day sitting at a desk or on your couch.

Top Ten Work From Home Jobs That Can Substitute Regular Positions

From this post, you will learn about ten work from home jobs that let you avoid visiting an office. Change career or pick something as an addition to a regular job!

10 Best Work From Home Jobs

Due to various reasons, many people start thinking about remote jobs to be done from home. Nowadays, this issue has gone critical. Let’s find out what careers are pleasant and comfortable enough to make your stay at home.

1. Writing

Being a writer is the first option to recall when it comes to work-at-home jobs. With enough creativity and a good command of the language, you can build a good career. You can become:

  • A copywriter writing content for various websites;
  • A writer at a top paper writing service, if you are OK with academic writing;
  • A content-manager that supports and runs websites and applications;
  • A freelance ghostwriter for a publishing company.

The list can be as long as you can imagine. Good writers need only a laptop and a cozy place to sit and think.

2. Customer Support Representative

It is a bit nervous but an exciting position. People who know how to communicate are likely to succeed. Nowadays, it requires nothing but online communication applications and thorough knowledge of the company’s products. Lots of companies support their customers remotely and even hold offices in a distant country. 

3. Remote Accountant

Lots of businesses today look for the outsourced accountants. If you are good with the sphere of finance and know the technology, you can easily find a position with excellent salary and career perspectives. 

4. Graphic Designer

This position is ideal for creative people. It allows you to work remotely as well. All you need to have is a graphic tablet, laptop, and the internet. At the same time, it is an excellent way to turn your hobby into income. Another plus of this position is its project orientation: you are not likely to face part-time or full-time jobs, but deadlines and minimal management interference.

5. Teacher

Turn your knowledge into business. You can find lots of companies suggesting online lessons. With an excellent diploma and ability to work with people, you can become an excellent tutor. 

6. SMM Specialist

It is a combination of the common creative writing and communicativeness. Today, you cannot find a brand without a page on social media. Many companies hire people working with their SM accounts remotely. If you are a Facebook or Twitter geek, you will find your employer.

7. Manicure Specialist

According to the statistics, cheap and homemade beauty services are not less popular than typical beauty shops. Such positions include passing a specialized course, passion for the job, and getting some equipment. As soon as you get famous, you can build a stable income.

8. Photographer

Become a hired photographer or camera operator or sell your photos at a stock service. You’ll need a good camera, a bit of creativity, some camera mastery, and Photoshop knowledge. 

9. Blogger or Stream Model

If you are bursting with charisma, get yourself a camera and run your video blog. Do everything you want: play games, speak with subscribers, or tell people stories. With a large number of donation services and advertising integrations, you can become a wealthy person.

10. Tester

It is an employee who runs the company’s product to find errors and bugs. None self-respecting company will do without testers. To run this position, you need to pass the courses and have a good PC. 

As you can see, you can pick a remote job and succeed almost in every sphere, from cooking to engineering. With a bit of luck and creativity, you can bend the system.