10 SEO tips to rank better than competitors in the industry

With millions and millions of websites on the internet and about hundreds of similar lines, it gets really difficult for anyone website to garner the traffic towards itself. I’m sure you also are aware of the websites that are selling similar products or services are about in hundreds.

So, what is it that you can do to get more traffic and visibility for your website and rank better than your competitors? I know, you have probably hired the best marketing agency in the market to boost your website and are paying lump sum amounts in order to get better visibility.

SEO is the most popular method by which one can increase the traffic and visibility of a website, thereby, increasing the ranking of the website. We all know that the users’ first search for a product or service over the internet using the search engines and how we utilize the search engines in our favor is all it’s about. About 80% of a website’s traffic begins via the searches that are made by the users and this is why SEO is a really important tool in the field of digital marketing.

Appearing on the first page during the search gives your website better visibility and studies reveal that the users tend to complete the purchase if your website ranks in the top 5 of the first page of the search results page.

Here’s how you can work towards increasing the ranking of your website with the help of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics.


  • Understand the needs of the users

Understanding what your users need and look for in your website is the basic step towards attracting more viewers and users.

Most search engines act as a data bank for the websites. Their content is such that the users are compelled to provide their data and the search engines store them.

Turn your website into a data bank and have content that will attract more viewers and in the process collect more data for you. Having a questionnaire-based survey with the data you have collected will give you the requirements of your users for your website.


  • Apply for an advanced SEO training course

SEO certification and training courses offered by many institutes provide the professionals with the advanced knowledge and training.This will help them increase the visibility of the websites organically.

Market Motive’s Advanced SEO training provides an all-around learning on all Search Engine Optimization concepts. One can use this SEO course to master the process of driving traffic to one’s website organically by learning various important components of digital marketing such as on-page and off-page optimization, keyword research, and SEO analytics The course looks to increase the user experience of a website with its hands-on experience and training that can be used in real time situations.

With this certification one would acquire not only the needed training and be up-to-date with the market trends and the updated algorithms of the search engines, it will provide the exposure and experience that will help the professionals increase the website’s visibility and traffic and will help you rank better and turn your company in to a role model company for many.


  • Work on finding the best keywords

Keywords are the ones that work in favor of a website in the SEO tactics. If you have not found the best keywords pertaining to your website, optimizing it on the search pages will prove to be a mere waste of time.

By now, you’d have understood how the users search on the internet; by typing in the keywords and if you don’t incorporate the right keywords for your product or service, the search engines will not take your website into consideration.

In order to appear on top of the search engine pages, finding the best keywords will do the trick.


  • Long tailed-keywords will do wonders

Users generally tend to type in or more recently say long phrases instead of short words while searching for something online. For instance, if one is looking for a place to eat, say sandwiches, he is bound to type in or say ‘best sandwich place near me’ or ‘ best sandwich place in ……..’ instead of just typing ‘sandwich’.


  • Create content that the users can relate

As they say, ‘content is the king’ in the digital marketing world. But, it is not just any content that will work in your favor.  Content should be such that which can attract users and be related to the website.

For instance, your website is an e-commerce website and your content is more in the form of essays and long articles, then the users will surely lose interest and never return to your website. Check out this full-service SEO agency that can help you create a content strategy.


  • Make full use of your homepage title

The digital marketing industry is divided between two beliefs. One believes that the homepage title should be short and less informative and the other group including me are of the belief that when the homepage title provides more search related info, it works better. For instance, Amazon.com: Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more.


  • Work on your homepage meta description

It is always better to provide a description on the homepage regarding what the website is all about. This will help the users to know what they are looking for and will make looking for the particular stuff easy.


  • Giving importance to headings and subheadings

When organizing a webpage, the best practice that will have a better effect on the users is the W3C’s guidelines.

The page should ideally have only one heading and optionally 3-5 sub-headings. Each page should have at least 400+ words.


  • Add emotional quotient to the title tags

Title tags often garner more share than anything else. Adding emotions to it will help in getting a better result than simply having multiple title tags.

For instance, when the title tag is about green tea, and you add words like ‘benefits’, ‘ weight loss’, ‘metabolism’ and such, it tends to work better.


  • Using brackets in the titles

Adding brackets to the post title is a masterstroke to stand out in the crowd of many. It tends to draw the users’ attention towards your website in the SERPs.