5 of the Reasons Why You Should Learn Spanish as Part of Your Education

There are many students who never have the opportunity to learn a foreign language. Their school may not require them to learn one at any level, regardless of whether they’re in middle school, high school, or college. They also might not necessarily have the inclination to learn a foreign language on their own.

However, learning a foreign language can come in handy more than you might anticipate. There are dozens that you can take, but if you do have the opportunity, you may find that Spanish is the best way to go. Let’s discuss a few of the reasons why you may wish to learn it if you ever get the chance.


You Can Communicate with the Locals if You Ever Go on Vacation

Talking Spanish with native speakers is one thing that you can do if you ever go on vacation to a Spanish-speaking country. If you go to Spain, then they obviously speak Spanish there. There are several great cities worth visiting in Spain, such as Madrid, Salamanca, Barcelona, Ibiza, or Seville.

You could also head south of the border to Mexico, where they speak Spanish as well. You might visit Mexico City, Oaxaca, Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende, or Punta Mita.

There are some other countries you might visit where they speak Spanish or at least a version of it. The natives speak Spanish in Columbia, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Venezuela, and many more.

When you arrive, you can communicate easily with the desk attendant at your hotel. You can ask for directions at the airport, or you might talk to your tour guide if you decide to go out on a guided tour. Your Spanish knowledge will doubtless impress all of them.


You Can Speak to Various Contractors You Might Hire

It’s also highly likely that you might encounter contractors somewhere in the US that speak Spanish. You might hire a gardener, roofer, plumber, electrician, or other workers who speak Spanish primarily.

You also may need to hire a nanny, a website designer, mechanic, or many other positions where the candidate speaks more Spanish than they do English. If this is true, then you can talk to them about what you need done and get some idea about whether they will be the right fit for the project.

They will also likely appreciate your knowledge. You encounter many Spanish-speaking individuals in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, but you might run into them virtually anywhere across the US.


You May Have a Spanish-Speaking Person in Your Family One Day

It’s also definitely not outside the realm of possibility that you may have someone in your family one day who speaks Spanish fluently. Since there are so many different Spanish-speaking countries, you might easily meet and fall in love with someone who speaks Spanish, either as a first or second language.

If that happens, they will be happy that you can communicate with them in multiple languages. That will make things easier when you meet their parents or other relatives.

It’s also possible that someone else in your family might fall in love with a Spanish speaker. You might end up having a Spanish-speaking step-parent, or perhaps your brother, sister, cousin, etc., may bring a Spanish-speaking person home. If this occurs, they will like speaking to you in Spanish, and that will certainly make them feel more welcome and comfortable.


You Can Put Spanish Speaker on Your Resume

It’s also nice when you’re applying for a job, and you can put on your resume that you speak fluent or even a little Spanish. There are many jobs where the company will appreciate that skill.

Your boss might speak Spanish, or some of your other coworkers may speak it. You can understand what they want from you if you’re about to start a new project or you’re meeting them at a job site.

If you speak a foreign language, that might be what a would-be employer notices on a resume that can set you apart from some of the other candidates. If you can have a brief conversation with them to prove that you do indeed speak Spanish like you say you can, they may even hire you on the spot.


You Might Find that You Enjoy Learning Foreign Languages

One more reason why you may enjoy learning Spanish is that you might find out that learning a new language is a lot of fun. The more of a new language you understand, the more you will feel like you are broadening your horizons.

You might start with Spanish, but you may decide to learn some others as well, like Portuguese or French. There are also many Chinese and Japanese speakers abroad, and if you travel often, you may discover that the more languages you speak, the easier of a time you will have.

Aside from the reasons we mentioned, you may learn that you can help people in more situations than you might envision or expect. You might find a person lost in an airport, and if you speak their language, you can assist them.

You may come across a person who’s in trouble, such as if they are having a medical emergency. If they are not a native English speaker, you can give them a hand.

The reality is that people speak so many different languages, and with America being the melting pot that it is, you never really know when you’ll need to whip out your new linguistic skills. If you pay a tutor to teach you a new language, you will definitely find that the cost is well worth it.

If you speak more languages, then you will appear more worldly as well. You can impress the strangers who you meet, and they’ll realize that you’ve lived a rich and exciting life. Some of the world’s greatest travelers, inventors, and other historical figures were also bilingual or even multilingual.