Critical periods in childhood learning

Any parent wants the best for their child, even when this means that they have to be separated. As hard as it can be to decide to send them to childcare, research shows that early childcare can make a substantial difference to their success in later life.

The reason is actually simple. Children between the ages of 0-6 have brains that are like sponges, they literally absorb everything that is going on around them. This is the time that shapes their personality and outlook on life, even if they don’t remember all their experiences from this period.

That’s why it is critical that you find a good childcare center to expand their knowledge and make the most of their early years. Places like childcare Pakenham will allow you to see their methods before you sign your child up, this will allow you to see how effective these methods are and how important this period in their life is.

Is There A Critical Period Within This?

Research suggests that the first 1,000 days of a child’s life are the most important for learning. It’s during this time they will subconsciously learn to complete many tasks. Learning via the subconscious means that they are not actually being taught, they are simply learning by copying others. This is how children learn to talk, walk, and complete most of the basic functions that we take for granted.

But, it’s not just about subconscious learning. 

A child’s brain is 90% developed by the time they reach 5 years old, although they can continue to grow and absorb information after this point, they will gradually become less absorbent and find it more difficult to learn.

It’s believed that this is a primitive reaction as children used to need to learn the basics of survival at a very young age.

In fact, children can start learning while they are still in the womb. You’re probably familiar with the idea of talking to an unborn child, this doesn’t just get them used to the sound of your voice, they also start to learn about the emotional side of life, through the different tones you use.

Of course, learning should never stop, regardless of how old you are, it’s an important way of keeping your brain active and maintaining mental health.

The Secret To Learning

The real key to learning, and the reason why early childhood education centers are such a good idea, is that learning is encouraged through play.

It can be difficult for a well-meaning aren’t to see their child developing and this often results in a desire to push direct learning onto them. However, in reality, children learn better through play, in the same way, adults learn better if they’re enjoying the lessons.

The teenage years are important for a child to develop the skills they need to enter careers and build lives of their own, but the fundamental basis of those skills need to be established when the children are very young. If early childhood development is overlooked your child is likely to be disadvantaged throughout their life.