Making Friends in College: Tips that Work

There are many tips on making friends in college. What for? Why do you need these tips? Some people – we know this from life and numerous movies about college students – have only one or two best friends or maybe even just a sibling and are doing just fine. They completely devote their student life either to study or to some hobby. They have a goal, and they don’t need to hang out aimlessly. Mostly these guys and girls are introverts. They can make more friends, but they don’t need it. But such students are a minority. What about the rest?

So You Are in College…

Being alone in college, especially if you live on campus, is next to impossible. And quoting someone famous, “One cannot live in society and be free from society.” So even if you have the strongest desire to keep your distance, be ready to accept the fact that it’s not going to happen, always someone will keep you company, even if you do not want it: a teacher, a roommate in a dorm, a neighbor at a table in the dining room, and so on. 

But one thing is the society that is being imposed on you, and another thing entirely is the society that you want and seek. We are social beings and need to be surrounded by people. Just be sure to choose the right ones. 

So the question is, What to do? How to make friends with people who potentially may change your life for the better?

There are a lot of “classic” tips, whole instructions and guidelines, which contain various tips on how to make friends in college. Some of these tips are more like good wishes because, in practice, not all of them work.

On the other hand, some of the tips are quite suitable for their use, because they are taken from life and tested by real people. Below we will try to share only the tips that do work.

Become Interested in Others

If you want to make friends with someone, you must show genuine interest in a person. Ask about his or her hobbies, favorite movies, exciting experiences like traveling or backpacking, about their day and family, but not in a stalking way though – just a friendly interest. Let them ask you the same questions, and don’t be shy to answer. It may turn out you have lots in common, and the next thing you know, you are the best buddies.

Try to be open and friendly, but don’t overshare, or you might end up earning a reputation of a weirdo. Show only your positive sides, and leave your flaws for the next level of friendship.

Of course, for some, it may contradict the Be Yourself advice, but in this case, you need to take time and be sure it is the right person you are opening up to.

Remember not to impose your company on another person, especially if he or she gives you the cold shoulder repeatedly. Here it is best to politely “bow out” and leave.

It’s All About the Right Place

Let’s also think about where and how it’s easiest to make friends in college.

Where does a college student spend the most time? The answer is obvious: in the classroom, in the dorm, and in the cafeteria. It is easiest to try to make a friend in one of these places. You will have to get acquainted in any case cause you will not be able to remain incognito for all of your university years.

And one of the simplest ways to make a friend is to suggest a joint pastime: going out for a coffee or lunch before the classes start, walking together to the next class or back to the dorm, watching a movie in the nearest cinema, or going to a university event. Spending time together will let you learn more about the potential friend and whether you’d like to continue building a friendship. It is also an ideal moment to let the other person learn more about you. As mentioned above, try to show your best self. And most importantly, be positive: people tend to feel uncomfortable and confused around sad and or negative individuals!

Joint pastime is not limited to fun activities only. You can also be spending lots of time on a joint project or working together on complicated writing assignments, for which you can hire professional essay writers and spend the extra free time getting new knowledge on favorite subjects.

Sports events, social activities, music groups, theater performances, libraries, and any other type of student activity you can think about – all are great places to make friends, and at the same time, do what you enjoy. Just like you get interested in other people, they will get interested in you and will try to make friends with you. Just be sure not to get too nervous and give them a chance to know you. After all, not only you want to build friendships in college.

Final Thoughts

Having someone to have your back in college and share unforgettable moments of being a student is priceless. Often friendships built during the college years turn into lifetime friendships. Don’t rid yourself of a chance to find a new best friend by staying aside and distancing. We only live once!