How Elevations RTC Encourages Every Student To Remain Healthy and Active

Going off to a troubled teen program for any reason can be a bit of a scary situation for teenagers. A lot of the time, students are stepping away from home for the first time, and they are trying to get their life on track to be a better person overall.

While education and rehabilitation are often stressed early on, there are hidden benefits to living full-time on campus. For instance, Elevations RTC feels very strongly about making sure that every student has the chance to stay healthy and active while on campus. Offering countless opportunities makes it so much easier to follow and stick to a plan that works, which leads to numerous benefits.

Whether it is team sports in the gym or weekend outings in the winter to the mountains nearby in the greater Salt Lake City area, the options are there for students to decide how they want to get physical activity. A step inside the cafeteria and a view of food choices also showcase healthy opportunities for food. Why such a focus on healthy living? The benefits are endless.

Fighting against physical struggles

No matter what someone is facing before heading to the Elevations RTC school, staying busy is a perfect way to take the mind off of lingering issues. There is less time to think about troubles when staying active and doing something exciting. A lot of people end up finding an activity or two that truly stands out, and that can make a huge difference.

Staying active can cut back on the chance of depression or anxiety seeping in and becoming an issue. Less idle time reduces those bad thoughts and keeps more focus on why a teenager is at Elevations in the first place.

Learning new passions for life

If every student who comes through the doors at Elevations RTC can leave with just one new passion in life, it can be viewed as a successful run. Healthy passions can have so many different benefits for people of all ages, and it is conducive for those who are attempting to get their life on track.

Developing healthy habits in a controlled setting can go so well that they continue away from Elevations. In some scenarios, students will find work opportunities later on in life that relates to their passion. A few examples include working in the arts, finding a job in sports, or landing a tech job. Even if it is as simple as understanding the difference routine workouts can make, it pays to stick with it.

There is every opportunity for students to pursue whatever passion they are into at Elevations RTC. There are extracurricular activities, and even ways to learn more on certain school subjects. Even if there is currently no group or any other students interested in something, the Elevations RTC staff will work with each individual to ensure that they are getting an opportunity to do what they want.

A boost in self-esteem

Even if a person already feels like they are in good shape, there is something to be said for staying active and getting in even better shape. Some leave Elevations RTC in the best condition of their life because they are actually using the time for physical activity the way teens should use it. With smaller class sizes and more opportunities than a traditional classroom,

Just a little bit of added self-esteem can affect a person’s entire life. They feel more confident when they are around others, and they start to feel what a difference it can make to live a healthier life. Eating healthy and exercising keeps the body fresher than ever, and many students at Elevations RTC surprise their family back home after being away for a while. The majority of families notice a positive change in appearance and mood after spending time on campus.

Eating for success

The saying goes that a person can never outwork a terrible diet. Nutrition is just as big of a part of physical goals as working out and staying active. That is why it is taken so seriously on campus, as students have resources that just are not available in traditional school systems.

The biggest positive at Elevations RTC is that students have a nutritionist on campus to turn to when staying on the right track. The nutritionist runs a specialty healthy eating group to support students on campus. They also are available for individual meetings for anyone who needs additional support in regard to eating issues and diet.

Eating healthy has even turned into a group activity, as there are specific gardening and food clubs on campus. Students have the opportunity to learn how to grow particular things and eventually incorporate them into their diet. This is a skill that can last a lifetime, as many students realize for the first time just how easy it is to start and maintain a garden with a decent amount of space to work with.

Strength in numbers at Elevations RTC

Students have the opportunity to work out every day with their peers. They have a physical education teacher who helps create workouts and structure regarding their time in the gym.  Having strength in numbers and all the support one could ask for is the perfect opportunity for anyone to start with healthy habits.

It is a challenge to eat healthily and work out multiple times a week, but it is doable with the right support. Once students taste positive changes, it can even make matters that much better in the end.