Brighterly – The Best Service for Teaching Children Online


The number of online training platforms has increased since the COVID -19 pandemic. Children had to study to meet learning requirements even while at home, and so many online startups sprung up to meet that need. One of them is Brighterly, the best online learning platform with professional tutors holding maths classes for kids.

As a company of the 21st century, this online learning platform is changing the education industry by introducing simple and exciting methods like games and hands-on activities to teach kids math. To convince you that Brighterly is the best service for teaching children, here are some reasons that make it stand out:

2. The tutors interact with children

Unlike some learning platforms that focus on a child’s learning through levels, grades, and points, has tutors wholly invested in a child’s knowledge. Every tutor has a one-on-one interaction with a child and also maintains personal relationships. The educators at Brighterly understand the need to have small talks with students and win their trust before teaching kids math. Due to this approach, kids find lessons exciting and not monotonous.

3. The instructors motivate kids

Understandably, most children can find math challenging and feel like giving up. But the educators at Brighterly take time to help kids understand math. The tutors never use harsh words for students; instead, they always have kind and loving things to say. 

Even when a child seems discouraged because they don’t get answers correctly, the tutors never make them feel bad. Instead, children learn that mistakes only get them closer to the goal of understanding math.

4. There are placement tests for prospective students

Nothing damages a child’s sense of accomplishment and confidence more than learning educational material that is much above their capabilities. The platform can provide your kid with placement tests to understand their level of understanding to avoid these outcomes.

The educators understand that even if a student is in Grade 5, it doesn’t mean they have a perfect understanding of Grade 4 math. So, after the tests, the educators know better what instructional materials are needed to solidify a child’s understanding of math.

5. The educators provide valuable insight into math concepts

Not every educational resource on the internet is beneficial to children. Some students may focus on educational YouTube videos and become passive learners who don’t ask questions in class even when they find math concepts challenging.

To promote active learning, the educators at Brighterly provide students with valuable insights into math concepts. As kids learn, they can interact with tutors and hold discussions that could be helpful in understanding the subject.

6. Brighterly’s developers understand children’s love for gadgets

Brighterly is the best online math platform for teaching children because its educators recognize that children enjoy screen time. So, they introduce kids to online educational games, worksheets, and other resources that can capture their attention for long hours.

Also, kids willingly do some hands-on activities offline without their phones, tabs, or PCs. By exposing kids to online and offline fun learning methods, Brighterly’s tutors do kids a lot of good.

7. The educators use customized teaching methods

The tutors at Brighterly are professional, attentive, and empathic, so they understand how children work. Every child has a distinct way and speed of learning and understanding of math concepts. 

So, the tutors use customizable teaching methods until a child is able to understand math concepts in their entirety. The tutors are willing to take their time to identify what works best for your child.

8. There is an effective feedback system

Feedback is an essential feature for every parent whose child is learning math. Through placement tests, parents know their child’s development trajectory. After that, the tutor can see how much the student has learned.

If there is a need for improvement, a tutor can ascertain how much work still needs to be done. Brighterly’s tutors give parents constant reminders and feedback on the child’s performance, proof that it’s an online learn service that carries the parents along.

9. The teachers work with the flexibility of students’ schedules

The educators at Brighterly understand that kids have their own schedules and daily activities. Thus, the tutors are flexible and tailor each class to your child’s needs. They work together with parents to create personalized timetables for students.

Parents are free to cancel the class for the day and reschedule it to another time in case of emergencies.

10. The educators provide homework help to students

Once, there comes a time in a child’s life when parents can no longer meet the homework requirements. Sometimes, parents are too tired after a long day at work and just want to take a breather. Other times, parents can be at a loss with complex concepts like geometry, trigonometry, logarithm, etc.

No matter the scenario, Brighterly’s instructors are always eager to help out their students.


When you need professionals to care for the children’s educational needs, look no further than a Brighterly’s instructor. Brighterly is the best online math learning platform with professional tutors that can make learning math an exciting experience. The educational requirements of children can be different, and the instructors understand that part clearly.

Also, the tutors provide their students with fun, exciting, and lovable games that can make kids have only the best experiences. With all these benefits listed, what are you waiting for? Register your child on the Brighterly platform today.