8 Best Part-Time Income Opportunities For Students Abroad

It’s a well-known fact that millennials have it pretty rough, with student loan debt accounting for a staggering total of over $1.50 trillion of debt in the United States alone. And if a student loan funds your studies, you already know just how much of a debt burden you have hanging over your head before your professional career has even begun.

While there’s hardly a way for most students to obtain qualifications without the help of financial lending, another widespread issue among millennials is that student life is generally unaffordable, whether studying abroad or at a university in your home region. As a result, students abroad are faced with the extreme challenge of finding ways to make ends meet on an exceptionally tight budget. With general essential costs such as International Citizens Insurance, accommodation, utilities, internet, and quite a few others, making ends meet without any income supplement can seem impossible.

So, if you are among the multitude of students abroad searching for ways to ease the struggle by finding part-time earning opportunities, we have listed a few solutions for you. These opportunities are ideal for students as they probably won’t interfere with your education too much. 

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring isn’t too stressful, especially if you tutor a subject that you are well-versed in; English and maths are the most common options. The pay for online tutoring isn’t too bad either, and because class times are predictable, you will find it straightforward to plan your days well in advance around your own education. There are also several online tutoring platforms available that connect students with tutors, so you won’t have to advertise your service to find students either. 

Website Testing

Website testing is pretty straightforward; you test websites from a user’s perspective and provide recorded video footage of your review to the relevant company. Once again, you can find website testing opportunities by signing up with various platforms that will link you to available tasks. You don’t need any experience, although you will need a stable internet connection, a laptop or PC, and a headset. The average pay for website testing is also pretty decent, but different companies will offer different rates. 


Transcription is basically turning audio files into written text. You don’t need much to sign up other than a basic understanding of language and grammar, a stable internet connection, a laptop or PC, and a headset. Transcription service platforms are also relatively easy to find, and most will provide you with an introduction and a test to get you started. Because you can work in your own time, you won’t have to neglect your education to earn a bit extra with transcription services. Transcription may be somewhat mundane, although you won’t have to strain yourself at all to earn an income by turning audio files into written text. 

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a growing community, and opportunities are ample as a result. You can find writing gigs easily with a bit of research or sign up with a content mill. The hours are generally flexible, and depending on the client, the pay can be pretty impressive too. You will need to have an solid grasp of language usage and, of course, a love for writing. However, the flexibility of freelance writing makes it perfectly suitable for students. If your creative writing skills aren’t that great, you can also consider academic writing opportunities and resume writing opportunities that are also quite easy to find online. 

Part-Time Jobs That Aren’t Suitable For Students

While the above-mentioned extra income opportunities can help you make ends meet without interfering with your education, other options that are commonly opted for by students worldwide are not suitable. Unfortunately, even though waiting tables and bar-tending is generally considered a student job, this kind of part-time employment can have a massively negative impact on your education. These opportunities aren’t entirely suitable due to long hours on your feet, often draining work conditions, and minimal pay. 

Other jobs that you should avoid are customer service opportunities call center jobs and even babysitting and dog walking, as these will be taxing on your physical and emotional wellbeing. Because your main focus is obtaining qualifications, you should only consider flexible employment options. Moreover, remote opportunities are also ideal as you won’t have to spend extra on transportation costs.

The vast majority of students today work part-time jobs to make it through their studies in more comfort. While part-time employment is a practical solution, you should also consider saving various methods of savings as a student abroad, such as meal-sharing, walking to class, partying less, and others. The more you simplify your budget and cut your costs, the easier it will be to focus on your education and make it through each month with less stress about your finances.