7 Serious Problems K-12 Students Go Through

The educational system is constantly under the control of the government. It’s never stable. The teachers and other superior bodies invent the innovations, and implement them, change the existing order. Sometimes one cannot do without the complete restructuring of the system. And people often ask: what’s the point? Education should be effective and reach its main aim: form an all-round and versatile personality. 

But despite all efforts, the K-12 students still face crucial problems. By the way, K-12 means compulsory education in the USA, Canada, and other countries. It usually stands for the number of years, starting from kindergarten till 12th grade. The students from other countries often are jealous of the K-12 educational system. Better conditions, the possibility to choose the subject, and other advantages cannot cut down the existing shortcomings.

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The Issues That Should Be Changed in the K-12 System

The issues in education always are the subject of great discussion. Reorganizations in education always suppose that people move away from traditional forms and models. And the more serious the amendments, the more problems and challenges appear. It’s a great mistake to think that discussion of problems is only teachers’ and parents’ responsibility. 

But the students have the primary right to express their opinions because they are direct participants of the educational process. They’re the subject of education. That’s why it’s reasonable to address their meaning. The most significant problems of modern K-12 education are the following:

  • The financial issues are as old as time. The State structures often experience poor financing, and education isn’t an exception. It has a direct impact on students. The uncomfortable environment in the classroom, which are in need of renovation. Moreover, because of poor funding, schools have insufficient staff. The lack of resources influences the quality of knowledge people acquire. 
  • Too early age for choosing the strand. Students are forced to choose the major when they’re less than 16 years. This choice affects their future, and in such age, they can’t adequately define their abilities and aptitudes. Due to it, most of them will lose interest in studying several years after.
  • The use of outdated methods of studying. Teachers should elaborate on new ways to interest students. It’s better to establish a dialogue between the teacher and the student. Discuss this problem and find the assignments and methods of collaboration that will interest students. Learning should be hands-on, problem-based, and encouraging. 
  • Students lack the skills, which aren’t connected to the studying – social, behavioral. The greatest attention is paid to subjects and sciences, whereas one of the education’s objectives is the all-rounded personality, social being. Establishing a mindset, ability to communicate with people, etc., are even more important in further life. 
  • The absence of versatility. They are focusing on one area if controversial. On the one hand, the student learns what he or she wants. On the other, it contributed to the narrowing of worldview. In this case, to find a balance is important.
  • Bullying and discrimination. These are the issues that are acute in modern educational surroundings. Children are suffering. They experience aggression from classmates and teachers. The situation worsens when the students are from a racial or ethnic minority. As a result, children don’t want to go to school; their self-esteem is undermined.
  • Students are still afraid of testing. This method of evaluation also requires a revision. Now the teachers and students adjust the curriculum according to the tests. And the whole process comes down to the banal test preparation. It can be justified. Standardized testing was used as a measure of the teacher’s professionalism: the better the scores, the more effective the teacher.

Local and state governments should pay more attention to these problems. They usually tend to overlook and change the spheres, which don’t need it. That’s why the task of the participants of the educational process is to draw their attention to the issues and develop options for their solving.

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