6 Benefits of Being a Registered Nurse

Nursing is one of the oldest professions with a history dating back to the Middle Ages. Doctors need nurses to apply their medical knowledge to save patients’ lives and ensure they are in good health. Most healthcare systems can hardly implement their care and medical practices without nurses’ input. If you have already graduated or are still pursuing nursing as a career, here are some reasons why you need to ensure you become a registered nurse before you enter the job market.

  1. Getting registered as a nurse gives you access to a realm of opportunities

Part of why most hospitals and clinics are ready to hire registered nurses is that they want to be sure you have all the skills and experience needed to execute your duties. Nursing is an open field that provides many sub-specializations.

 As you build your experience, you get an opportunity into the realm of opportunities such as training budding nurses in schools, working in an industrial setting and nursing homes. As you keep scaling higher in your career, you get all the experience you need to work in healthcare facilities that rely on technologically advanced equipment to resolve challenging situations.

  1. Nursing is a real-life career path that keeps changing its way of doing things

If you have been keen on nursing practices that existed a century ago, you will realize how things are changing fast. Nurses are no longer the ones who do the donkey work. Nowadays, patients can consult nurses when they have healthcare issues, even without seeing a doctor. Nurses also take part in making critical decisions as far as the healthcare system is concerned. The only way to embrace nursing as a dynamic field is by getting registered.

  1. Registration clears any doubts about a person’s competence

Just like an architect needs to produce relevant documents to prove they are worthy to carry out architectural tasks, nurses also need certification to garner enough trust from doctors and patients alike. Doctors leave patients in the care of nurses as they attend to other patients. On the other hand, patients depend on nurses to get instant relief.

  1. Certification guarantees you satisfying job security

Entering the job market can be satisfying for any career person. However, the uncertainty that comes with not getting registered as a nurse is worrying. You do not know when you will lose your job because more people with relevant certifications apply for your position. In a setting where an employer has to choose between retaining an unregistered nurse and recruiting a registered one, it is obvious the unregistered nurse will have to go even if they have the necessary skills

  1. The nursing career pays extremely well

Due to the increase in demand for nursing services, it is evident that the government is creating more job opportunities for entrants. The median pay for a registered nurse ranges from $60,000-$80,000. That means you have higher chances of increasing your pay if you enter the job market as a registered nurse. Once you are in, it is easier to scale in your career and get better pay.

  1. Nursing allows you to work anywhere

Careers like being registered real estate agents require job seekers to stay in a specific place. A person who has worked in one place for a long time might not have the opportunity to travel to other places to see what the world can offer in terms of opportunities.

Nursing allows job seekers to work in any city, state or country. It allows you to work from high-end areas to rural areas. If your interest is in freelance consultation, you can travel to work in a city of your choice. To increase your job-seeking perks, ensure you fulfill all the requirements that make you worthy of certification.

Whether you are a budding nurse or have been in the nursing industry for more than a decade, getting registered comes with many perks. The nursing field is versatile, allowing you to be a consultant, teacher or researcher. The sooner you register as a nurse, the better your chances of enjoying limitless opportunities. If you want to land a lucrative job no matter where you are based, the time to learn how to become an RN is now.