5 Reasons Every Business Should Have a Blog

Did you know that about eight in 10 consumers trust blog content and that nine in 10 companies use some sort of content marketing strategy? 

If you don’t have a blog for your company, you should consider the benefits of doing a 180-degree turn. Blogs provide businesses with advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked. Let’s take a look at five reasons businesses need a blogging strategy.

  1. Increase Website Traffic

Having a website is essential if you own a business. But people won’t visit your site just because it exists. There are around 1.88 billion websites online today. So, simply having a website on the world wide web isn’t nearly enough. You need a way to interest consumers and attract eyeballs. One way you can do so is by adopting a consistent blogging strategy. Studies demonstrate that businesses that blog can bring in more consumers than businesses that don’t. The more traffic you bring to your site, the more opportunities you’ll get to gain additional customers. And this means more potential revenue, so you can’t afford not to start a blogging strategy.

  1. Demonstrate Industry Expertise

Another reason it makes sense to start a blogging strategy is that you can demonstrate your subject matter expertise. No matter what industry you operate in, consumers want to find service providers who are on top of things and can provide expert commentary. So, you’re missing out if you’re not blogging to share insights with customers and prospective customers.

“For my law firm, the articles I write for my blog give prospective clients an idea of how I think and show that I’m keeping up with changes in the nuances of my area of law,” says Rowdy Williams from Rowdy G. Williams Law Firm P.C. “It’s also a place for me to write about successes I’ve had with clients, which helps with credibility and conversion.”

Consumers know that one of the best ways to tell if a service provider will help them is to see how they’ve assisted customers in the past. So, demonstrating how your business has met the needs of customers will help potential clients see that your business is worth patronizing.

  1. Differentiate Your Company From the Competition

You can also use a blogging strategy to differentiate your company from competitors. Focus on explaining the value proposition you offer to customers. You can do this by demonstrating how your products and services can meet the needs of consumers. If you’re blogging, but your competitors aren’t, you can gain a competitive advantage that sets you apart in a good way.

  1. Engage With Consumers

Blogging is also a way you can encourage engagement with consumers. They can respond in the comment section, you can react to their comments and suggestions, and they can share your content with people they know. Engagement will expand your business’ reach, build trust between your company and consumers, and strengthen brand loyalty.

  1. Tell Consumers More About Your Business

You can use blogging to let consumers know more about your company. Consumers want to make informed buying decisions. Before they patronize a business, they want to know they can trust it to provide the best products and services. Do your products and services require explanations? You can set up question-and-answer content so people can get the answers they need to make informed decisions. 

Another way to let consumers know more about your business is to combine a blogging strategy with a social media strategy. Doing so can help you supercharge efforts to reach out to customers and potential customers so that they know what your business is about.

Starting a blog is a good idea if you operate a business. In this digital age, you can’t afford to ignore the benefits that a blog offers.