Writing a good narrative essay that attracts readers

A narrative essay describes a series of connected objects, around one or more main ideas. It can be non-fictional and fictional. All persons and events revolve around the central point. It has the same format as a simple five-paragraph essay, but it also has characters, incidents, and dialogues.  

As explained by the Purdue Writing Lab, the three main components of a narrative essay task are:

  • Figures: Figures or characters are one of the critical part of a narrative essay. No matter essay is autobiographical in nature, or it is a piece of anecdote, myth, or legend.
  • Theme: the main idea(s) that the narrative essay will follow.
  • Conversations:  the interactions between figures are reflected in dialogue or conversations, which help to illustrate the worth and liveliness of the characters.

Selecting good topics goes a long way in writing a unique narrative essay. The best narrative essay ideas will mostly come from a past occurrence for example during a period in childhood. Selecting topics from personal experience or interesting stories shared by others will make the narrative essay writing journey much easier.

Narrative essay writing experts can always provide customized writing service and entice the reader to continue reading the essay to the end. Capturing interest can be done by appealing to their emotions and making the story personal. Using the first person has proven to be one of the most effective methods of capturing a reader’s interest.