Vol 3, No 11 (2013) Journal of Energy Technologies and Policy

Vol 3, No 11 (2013)

Special Issue for ICEESE-2013

2013 International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Economy (EESE 2013) was held in Bangkok, Thailand, Dec 1st- 4th, 2013.  IISTE published the articles in this special issue based on the recommendations from the conference organizing committee.

Table of Contents


Renewable Energy in Malaysia: Experience from Perlis PDF
Aslam, M.M, Zulkifli, D.A. 1-5
The Importance of Energy And The Use of Energy As A Power Factor PDF
Bahadir Aydin 6-15
Tenant participation in sustainable renovation projects: using AHP and case studies PDF
Brano Glumac, Susan Reuvekamp, Qi Han, Wim Schaefer 16-26
Temperature Dependent Current-voltage Characteristics of P-type Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells Fabricated Using Screen-printing Process PDF
Hyun-Jin Song, Won-Ki Lee, Chel-Jong Choi 27-31
Solid Waste Management Practices of Households in the University of Eastern Philippines PDF
Cherry I. Ultra, Allan A. Ultra 32-34
Willingness to pay bid of households for improvement in solid waste collection and disposal services in the University of Eastern Philippines PDF
Cherry I. Ultra 35-38
Outdoor Large scale Microalgae consortium culture for biofuel production in South Africa: Overcoming adverse environmental effects on microalgal growth PDF
Maranda Esterhuizen-Londt, Ben Zeelie 39-45
Issues and Strategic Approaches in Strengthening Agricultural Education: The Case of The University Of Eastern Philippines PDF
Leah Anquilo- de Asis 46-51
Variation In The Role And Coping Mechanism of 4Ps Beneficiaries In Northern Samar PDF
Veronica A. Piczon, Leah A. De Asis, Tito M. Cabili 52-63
Inventory of the Aquatic Macrophytes in Lake Kharungpat, India PDF
K. Khelchandra Singh, B. Manihar Sharma, Khuraijam Usha 64-75
Economy Growth and Oil Import Requirement in Indonesia PDF
Dwi Atty Mardiana, Zulkifli Husin, Muhammad Zilal Hamzah, RS. Trijana Kartoatmodjo 76-83
Electrochemical Treatment of Hazardous Organic Pollutants – A Status Review PDF
Himadri R. Ghatak 84-89
Vegetation Analysis of the Pasonanca Natural Park, Zamboanga City, Philippines PDF
Jocelyn D Partosa, Jamaica L Delos Reyes 90-100
Early Detection of Defects and Energy Cost Reduction through Combined Burn-in and Vibration Test for Switching Power Supplies PDF
Jose Rizaldy A. de Armas 101-106
Environmental Policy and Tournaments: A Theoretical Formulation with Over-compliance PDF
Linus Nyiwul 107-115
Perceived Problems and Prospects on Acceptability of Industrial Waste Sludge As An Alternative Component for Bricks Making PDF
Ma. Estrella Natalie B. Pineda 116-136
Technical Challenges of Utilizing Biomass Gasification Gas for Power Generation: An Overview PDF
Mohammad Asadullah 137-143
Improved biological delignification of wood biomass via Ionic liquids pretreatment: A one step process PDF
Muhammad Moniruzzaman, Tsutomu Ono, Suzana Yusup, Sujon Chowdhury, Mohammad Azmi Bustam, Yoshimistu Uemura 144-152
Sorption kinetics and equilibrium studies on the removal of toxic Cr(VI) ions employing modified Indian almond nut shells PDF
N.Muthulakshmi Andal, G. Gohulavani 153-164
A round-robin project in Japan for the evaluation of nondestructive responses of natural flaws PDF
Noritaka Yusa, Jing Wang, Iikka Virkkunen 165-169
Forecasting of Electric Consumption in a Semiconductor Plant using Time Series Methods PDF
Prayad B., Somsak S. 170-177
Regression Models For Prediction Of Water Quality In Krishna River PDF
M. Chandra Sekhar, K. Surender Reddy 178-181
Growth Linkage between Oil and Gas and Construction Industry of Malaysia (1991-2010) PDF
Raza Ali Khan, Mohd Shahir Liew, Zulkipli Bin Ghazali 182-186
Greening of the Solid Waste Management in Batangas City PDF
Paz B. Reyes, Mabelle V. Furto 187-194
Rice Straw Geotextile As Ground Cover ForSoil Erosion Mitigation PDF
Rolando P. Javellonar, Victorino T. Taylan, Ireneo C. Agulto, Teresito G. Aguinaldo, Emmanuel V. Sicat, Helen F. Gavino 195-203
Optimal Generation Scheduling of Hydropower Plant with Pumped Storage Unit PDF
Krittaphong Chitphairot, Somboon Nuchprayoon 204-210
Effect of Operating Condition on Performance of Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor at Thermophilic Temperature PDF
Sorawit Wanitanukul, Warin Rukruem, Pawinee Chaiprasert 211-219
Impact of Carbon Tax levy on Electricity Tariff in Thailand using Computable General Equilibrium Model PDF
Suwichak Wachirarangsrikul, Chumnong Sorapipatana, Nattapong Puttanapong, Jaruwan Chontanawat 220-228
The Impact of Providing Surface Cover on the Soil Loss and Water Discharge under the Moderate Rainfall Event PDF
Syed Muzzamil Hussain Shah, Khamaruzaman Wan Yusof, Zahiraniza Mustaffa, Ahmad Mustafa Hashim 229-233
Use of Incinerated Rice Husk for Adsorption of Reactive Dye from Aqueous Solution PDF
Taimur Khan, Malay Chaudhuri, Mohamed Hasnain Isa, Amirul Zaki Bin Abdul Hamid 234-239
An Analysis of RF Sputtering Power and Argon Gas Pressure Affecting on ITiO Films Characteristics PDF
T. Chaikeeree, P. Nuchuay, N. Thungsuk, N. Kasayapanand, A. Chaoumead, N. Mungkung 240-245
Knowledge Management as Bridge Of Accounting Information System And Strategic Management PDF
Vienda A. Kuntjoro 246-250
Smart Growth Principles Combined with Fuzzy AHP and DEA Approach to the Transit-oriented Development (TOD) Planning in Urban Transportation Systems PDF
Wann-Ming Wey 251-258
Separation, characterization and leaching behaviors of heavy metals in contaminated river sediments PDF
Yi-Kuo Chang, Zh-Hong Hu, Zhen-Wei Hong, Tsung-Yen Wu, Chun-Chang Cheng 259-263
Techno-Economic Study of Series Current Limiting Reactor and Its Impact in the 11KV Network with Harmonic Pollution PDF
Characterization of Diesel-Hydrogen Peroxide Fuel Blend PDF
Muhammad Saad Khan, Iqbal Ahmed, M I Abdul Mutalib, M A Bustam 274-279
Natural Adsorbent: Removal of Anionic surfactant from grey water and its comparison with chemical adsorbent PDF
Chanda Verma, Santosh K. Sar, J. Mathew 280-290
Attribute prioritization in choice experiment pre-design: suggested method and application to solid waste management service improvement PDF
Shehu Usman Adam, Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Shaufique F. Sidique, Khalid Abdul Rahim, Alias Radam 291-298
Water hyacinth ((Eichhornia crassipes [Mart.]solms) Chopper cum Crusher : A Solution for Lake Water Environment PDF
Shailendra Mohan Mathur 299-306
Enhancement on Radon Adsorption Property of GAC using Nano-size Carbon Colloids PDF
Seung-chan Choi, Seon-hong Kim, Do-hyeon Kim, Min-jun Kim, Gyeong-min Kang, Seung-yeon Cho 307-311
Evaluation and Implications of Greenhouse Gas and Energy Targert Management System in Korea PDF
YeonSang Lee, Meoung-Do Kim, Intaek Yoon, Sohyun Yoon 312-319
Living More Humanely and Sustainably: A Framework to Embracing Environmental Ethics as a Driver to Stable, Just and Self- Sustaining Societies and Economies of the World PDF
Githui Donatus Mathenge 320-333
Green Supply Chain Management: Strategy to Gain Competitive Advantage PDF
Meythi ., Riki Martusa 334-341
New-type of Multi-purpose Standard Radon Chamber in South Korea PDF
Min-jun Kim, Seon-hong Kim, Do-hyeon Kim, Ho-jun Jeon, Seung-Yeon Cho 342-345
Prospects of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Malaysian Construction Industry as Conflict Resolution Tool PDF
Syed Shujaa Safdar Gardezi, Nasir Shafiq, M. Faris B. Khamidi 346-350
Design and Development of Autotransformer Motor Starter for Induced Draft Fan (IDF) of Batangas Sugar Central Inc. PDF
The Sustainability Accounting Information System PDF
Riki Martusa ., Meythi . 364-368
Sun as a clean energy source for lighting buildings Case Study: Daylighting Design in Tehran (Iran) PDF
Seyed Hossein Mirmousavi 369-373
Assessing Financial Vulnerability of Cooperative PDF
Muhammad Anas Mohd Bukhori, Rohana Othman, Nooraslinda Abdul Aris, Normah Omar 374-381
Assessment of Risk Using Financial Ratios in Non-Profit Organisations PDF
Norliza Omar, Roshayani Arshad, Wan Ainul Asyiqin Wan Mohd Razali 382-389
Assurance of CSR and Sustainability Reports: Empirical Evidence from an Emerging Economy PDF
Tamoi Janggu, Faizah Darusi, Yussri Sawani, Mustaffa Mohamed Zain 390-396
An Examination of the Diversification Benefits of SRI in a Portfolio Context PDF
Sophia X.N. Bian, Victor Wong 397-407
Financial Vulnerability, Risk Management and Accountability of Non-Profit Organisations PDF
Roshayani Arshad, Noorbijan Abu Bakar, Wan Ainul Asyiqin Wan Mohd Razali, Normah Omar 408-414
Environmental Management Accounting Practices: A Survey of ISO 14001 Certified Malaysian Organizations PDF
Aliza Ramli, Mohd Sobre Ismail 415-432
Environmental Disclosure of Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs): Preliminary Evidence from Malaysia PDF
Faizah Darus, Haslinda Yusoff, Nor Khadijah Mohd Azhari 433-439
Exploring the Environmental Reporting Practices of Islamic Banks: A Case of Malaysia and Indonesia PDF
Haslinda Yusoff, Faizah Darus, Hasan Fauzi, Yadi Purwanto 440-445
Exploring Risk Management Disclosure Practices In Non Profit Organisations In Malaysia PDF
Wan Ainul Asyiqin Wan Mohd Razali, Roshayani Arshad, Normah Omar 446-456
Pyramid of Maslahah for Social and Economic Welfare:The Case of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad PDF
Nooraslinda Abdul Aris, Rohana Othman, Rafidah Mohd Azli 457-470
Review of Green Building Demand Factors for Malaysia PDF
Godwin Uche Aliagha, Maizon Hashim, Afeez Olalekan Sanni, Kherun Nita Ali 471-478
Organisational Characteristics and Accountability in Protecting Risk Exposures in Non-Profit Organisations PDF
Noorbijan Abu Bakar, Roshayani Arshad, Nik Amalena Najebah Nik Azman, Normah Omar 479-488
Hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of One-dimensional Ceria Nanorod for Chromium Ion Removal from Wastewater PDF
Sujan Chowdhury, Madiha Yasir, Mohammad Azmi B Bustam, Kuen-Song Lin 489-494
The Strategy of Upland Tropical Agriculture Development Towards Sustainable Environmental Management: Case Study at Ngebel, Ponorogo District, East Java, Indonesia PDF
Suhartini . 495-500

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