Vol 25 (2013) Advances in Physics Theories and Applications

Vol 25 (2013)

Table of Contents


Geophysical Investigation into the Cause(S) of Structural Failure within Bacosa and Faculty of Science Buildings, Bowen University Temporary Site, Iwo PDF
New Law to Calculate Speed of (Electron and Proton) in Electrical Field PDF
Ibrahim Jabr 18-21
An Investigation and Reduction of Electro-Optical Noise in Tunable Diode Laser PDF
Samira Mahdi, Youhua Chen, Gary Anderson 22-35
Applying the “abcd” Monthly Water Balance Model for Some Regions in the United States PDF
Hadi Salim Al-Lafta, Balsam Salim Al-Tawash, Buraq Adnan Al-Baldawi 36-47
Studying the effects of Industrial Wastes on Tigris water in Al- Grea’t City-Baghdad-Iraq PDF
Taghreed.H. AL-Noor, Layla. K. Arslan, Laith. J.Abd Ali 48-57
The Effect of Hygroscopic Growth on Urban Aerosols PDF
B. I. Tijjani, S. Uba 58-75
The enhancement of prostate cancer treatment using gold nanoparticles and high energy photons PDF
Talib A. Abdulwahid, Imad K. Alsaberi, Ali A. Abojassim, B.A. Almayahi 76-81
Structural, electronic, elastic, optical and thermodynamical properties of zinc-blende SiGe, SiSn and GeSn from first principles PDF
Badal H. Elias 82-91
Topology of Charge Density from Pseudopotential Density Functional Theory Calculations PDF
Nawzat Saeed Saadi 92-104
Theoretical Study of the Effect of Hydroxy Subgroup on the Electronic and Spectroscopic Properties of Azulene Molecule: As a Nano Structure DFT Calculations PDF
Maan Abd-Al Ameer Saleh 105-112
Synthesis of Polyaniline: Clay-Chain Nanocompsites by Mechanochemical intercalation Method and study it’s optical properties PDF
Mohammed Hadi Shinen, Ghufran Mohammad Shabeeb, Hussein . F. Hussein, S.Sh. Hashim 113-119

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