Vol 20 (2016) Journal of Literature, Languages and Linguistics

Vol 20 (2016)

Table of Contents


A Study of Wordsworth’s Romantic Conception of Nature in Gibrabn Khalil Gibran’s poem Munajat Arwah PDF
Ekbal Al-Jabbari, AlaEddin Sadeq Jarab, Raheem Rashed 1-7
Use of Symbols & Classical Allusions in Hamlet PDF
Zaheer Ahmad 8-12
Critical Analysis of William Wordsworth’s Poetic Diction PDF
Sana Mansoor 13-16
Pakistani ESL Student’s Attitude towards English Language Grammar: A Case Study of University of Education Lahore PDF
Amina Shahzadi Fauzia Janjua 17-23
Articulation of Environmental Issues in Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower PDF
Sartaj Ahmad Lone 24-26
Saussurian Structuralism in Linguistics PDF
Tanveer Ahmed Muhammadi 27-31
Serial Verb Constructions in Dangme PDF
Regina Oforiwah Caesar 32-43
Social Reformer Premchand – A Review PDF
Developing Communicative Competence of Engineering Students PDF
Sunthara Valli.K N.S Vishnu Priya 47-49
The Syntactic Power of Transformational Rules in Shona PDF
Isaac Mhute 50-52
Victorian Age and Literature PDF
Vikas Jaoolkar, Poonam Matkar 53-55
Internal and External Variables in EFL Learning: An Exploratory Study PDF
Soheil Mahmoudi, Asgar Mahmoudi 56-65
Expressing Fear via Intonation in Kurdish with Special Reference to English PDF
Safwat Al-Bazzaz, Sarkawt Qadir 66-80
Effect of Brainstorming Strategy on Balqa Applied University’s Students’ Achievement in the Course “E 101” and Its Relation to Some Variables PDF
Kholoud Hussein Mohammad 81-86


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