Top Credit Repair Companies – A Review

We are living in an era where much of what happened in our lives is watched, collected and solved, such as, our medical background, our driving records, internet traffic and our credit information. An error on your credit report can cost you a lot. It can increases the interest rate on the loan you pay, the value of getting a loan or to buy a car, getting a job and to get a security clearance. It’s not uncommon.

A recent government study has released the statistics that as many as forty million citizens of America have mistaken on their credit report, that means 1 out of 5 Americans have an error on their credit reports. 20 million have noteworthy mistakes, and these mistakes are nearly impossible to erased from the records, and that makes their credit score very low. So, it has become an element of concern of most people’s lives.

Consumer credit reporting is a 4 billion dollar/year industry, dominated by three large companies, named as Experian, EQUIFAX, and the TransUnion. They keep a file on 200 million Americans. They make their money by collecting information from the ones we do our businesses with and then showing it to the banks, merchants and insurance companies and then they actually use it to make decisions about our solvency and dependability.

However, in 2017, six credit repair companies are featured as best ones, and at the same time reliable, one’s also. Here is the list:

  1. Pyramid Credit Repair’ is a reputed professional company that gives full money back guarantee within 90 days.
  2. The Credit People Network’ is also one of the competent credit restoration company. They charge you monthly after they finish all their assigned work.
  3. The Credit Assistance Network’ has a 4-star rating from Trust Link, and it strictly obeys the federal laws. So, it is dependable.
  4. Lexington Law’ has a very solid reputation as they work purely with the legal practitioners. They charge you only for the credit repair services they provided you.
  5.’ also hold very good name in this field and ask for payment only for the work they do for you.
  6. Sky Blue’ has a very good image in credit repair industry as they are reviewed by the top review sites and declared A+ in ranking. They give you full 90 days payback guarantee.

All such companies have a goal to balance your credit and upgrade your FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) score. They also, sometimes, talk to your mortgage lender through letters to request them for the eviction of negative items from your credit report.

As now the reliability of this industry is questioned in a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) study this year. So, it is important to have some guidance about the companies that are dependable. Also, the federal government protects against any fraud. Therefore, while you are in a pursuit to increase your credit score and choosing a company to fix your credit mistake, you must first do all your research and homework.