Surviving College: 4 Alternatives to Coffee to Keep You Energized

We all know the importance of waking up early and keeping our energy on a high level while being in college. This is the essential part of being productive and actually getting things done. Most students survive thanks to caffeine and because they find someone who will “Do My Assignment“. 

Just remember how many times you have seen students walking around with a cup in their hands. Or maybe this perfectly describes you. However, such obsession can be detrimental to your health. Coffee is an amazing drink and can get you the temporary boost of energy you need. Yet, after some time, it can cause addiction and a list of other problems you don’t want to get after graduating college. 

Not to mention that some students simply can’t take in a lot of caffeine due to heart-related conditions. Excessive coffee drinking can also be a reason for anxiety and high blood pressure. 

Are you a struggling student who searches for ways to stay energized but doesn’t want to consume coffee? The following are the smarter and healthier options that will keep you up and studying all day! 

Dance to Your Favorite Song 

Many students are used to waking up gloomy and going to class in that state. Others feel less stressed because they find people to do their assignments for them and make time for hobbies that give them the energy they need. The whole day will go differently for you if you take 10 minutes to do a light workout or dance to your favorite song, taking your time and just enjoying the moment.

Your body will already start moving, and your brain will instantly feel like it wants to do more activities. A small dancing session will help release endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine, the hormones that will make you feel more confident and happy. 

Take Cold Showers 

Before running to the kitchen to make that coffee, jump in the cold shower. It’s been scientifically proven that cold showers help us stay more alert and completely awake in the morning, charging our bodies with a ton of energy. Such activity should be carefully done, though, and your body should get used to the cold water. 

But to begin with, try lowering the temperature every time you go for a morning shower. You don’t need to stay in cold water all the time if you are a warm shower lover. Just turn the cold water on for a minute before heading out. 

Opt for Peppermint Tea or Gums 

If you still want to sip on something in the morning, try peppermint tea. It’s extremely soothing and can bring the same type of comfort coffee does. But at the same time, it can have a similar effect as coffee when it comes to boosting energy. Except, it is a healthier choice to make. 

Even just by smelling a drop of peppermint essential oil or chewing gum, you could feel a whole lot more refreshed. 

Get Better Sleep and Quality Time Off 

Many may think, “How will resting more get me to the productivity level I desire?” But the truth is getting the sleep your body needs is crucial for it to work to the fullest the next day. 

You don’t need more coffee; you need more sleep. If you study how coffee works, you will be pretty surprised. It doesn’t actually ‘give us the energy’ but borrows the one we already have stored. This can end up with even more energy depletion afterward. 

To be healthy and have an energized week, you should get days off and spend them away from intensive studying. 

There are weekends, though, when having complete peace is impossible. Sometimes homework gets too overwhelming, and there are just too many assignments along with thousands of words to write due on Monday. In this case, students can use the best essay writing services and other helpful platforms like Grammarly to complete the tasks faster. 

Don’t miss the chance to make more free time for yourself. This will prevent you from burning out and even unlock new ways of coping with homework you don’t like doing. 


A student won’t survive daily college battles without a proper energy supply. While most people try to study with a cup of coffee in their hands, it can not always be the best option for others. If you try incorporating the mentioned energy-boosting methods in your life, succeeding in classes will be a whole lot easier for you.