How to Write a Quality Dissertation Without Professional Education

Nowadays, many people are attempting to write a dissertation to advance in their academic career. The reality is that writing a dissertation is a very difficult process. I have been providing dissertation writing assistance for years, and the first thing I can tell you is that you need to prepare yourself for this long and arduous journey. You may know the subject matter very well. You may know how the final paper should look like. But don’t think that you are able to write such a complex paper in a couple days or that you can write it perfectly from the first try. It will simply not happen.

Can You Write a Dissertation Without Prior Experience?

The good news is that you can write a dissertation even if you don’t have professional education. You will need to learn the subject matter very well though. Nowadays, you can find information on almost anything online. There are even online courses and classes that you can pay for. Learning something new is not at all difficult. So the very first thing you want to do if you plan on writing a dissertation is to learn the subject matter very well. After all, it is impossible to write such a complex paper on a topic you know nothing about.

Preparing to Write the Dissertation

Now that you know the subject matter well enough to attempt to write a dissertation on it, you need to take the next two steps. You must find an interesting topic that brings value and then you need to start doing the necessary research. A dissertation means serious research. You are not gathering information from the Internet; you are researching a new topic. This means there is very little information available. Be prepared to do the research and test your hypotheses for weeks, even months.

Steps to Take to Write the Paper

While conducting the research, it is a very practical idea to write an outline. It will help you immensely throughout the endeavor of writing the dissertation. You basically gather all the important ideas and findings and create an outline out of them. It’s like a table of contents. You can find examples of how a dissertation is structured online, so make sure you include all the chapters. Failing to include the Methodology or Bibliography chapter will get you disqualified, so be very careful. Write the body of the dissertation first.

After you’ve finished writing the body of the paper, write the introduction and the conclusion. These two parts are very important and must be written perfectly. Remember that some universities may require you to write an abstract as well. After you have written the entire paper, you need to start proofreading and editing it. Remember, it has to look and read perfect. Also, make sure all the sources you’ve used are properly cited and referenced. Every single one!

Final Considerations

It is a very good idea to get accustomed to the academic writing standards before even attempting to start on your dissertation. Also, learn everything there is to learn about the chosen writing standard (APA, MLA, or Chicago). You must use proper formatting and properly structure the paper. Otherwise, you will get penalized harshly. There are style books available and you can even find cheat sheets to help you with learning the academic writing standard of your choosing. It’s not as difficult as you think. Even though I am an experienced academic writer at, I am still referring to the style books when I am writing complex dissertations. You should too!