How to Improve User Experience Using Video Interactions

Both the customer and the experience of the customer are both important whether you are a social media influence or a product designer. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Ascend Finance and writer for Ascend’s bankruptcy and debt settlement blog, I always ensure that the experience of the customer is always a priority to me—and this is reflective in our marketing channels. Due to this, I always put in resources into finding products that can assist me to understand the experience of my customer without necessarily asking the customer.  These actions help my business run more efficiently.

Most of the time, the tools I use don’t give me the insight I need, as I’m only informed when something is wrong. Unfortunately, when the negative information comes in, the customer has already made up his/her mind about my business. And chances are very high of losing such customers. 

To prevent such occurrences, I have engaged tools like Google Analytics and other Analytics software in the past. However, these tools never seem to provide the granularity that I need about how customers are being treated. 

Due to this, I have explored many things about customer video interaction software. With the video interaction software, I have built the capacity to adequately view the experience of a customer and make necessary alterations to areas where improvement is needed. As you read this article, you will learn what I learned using this software and how I made use of it to ease the pain of customers. 

What is video interaction software? 

Video interaction software is exactly as the name depicts: it is a video tool that gives a real-time video of how an individual interacts on your website. While searching for good software, I have tried out a few of them in this area. Each provider has its merits and demerits, however, it all depends on your goal for using the software. Irrespective of the platform you select, what you’ll benefit from using the software is far greater than what it’ll cost you. A great thing about this software is that you can directly observe how the customer interacts with your platform. 

What process did I utilize to solve customer’s pain points?

The major goal that I had in mind while searching for video interaction software was to solve both the obvious and subtle customers’ difficulties. At Ascend, we help people understand  whether filing bankruptcy or another debt relief option may be best for them. These are based on bankruptcy forms, which are long and complex. The complexity resulted in us having to build a complete Chapter 7 means test calculator and a Chapter 13 repayment plan calculator  that were  long and arduous, so our goal was to understand the customers’ pain points and try to optimize the process.

You can see the process we used to achieve our result in the steps given below: 

  1. Use the video interaction software to watch the interactions 

Firstly, we watched the interactions on the software. We put a lot of time watching the way customers interact. You must do that above anything else. 

  1. Watch out for errors 

While you’re watching the interaction, ensure that you notice the errors that occur on your site when there is an activity on it. As such, you should watch as many interactions as you can, this way, you can notice any widespread error and correct them as soon as you can. 

For example, when we were searching for errors on our bankruptcy calculator, we found out that there was a 0 in front of every digit they’ll have to enter. As such, they’ll have to first get rid of the 0 to type in what they want. Although deleting the 0 may not seem like a big problem, this little correction increased our customer’s experience immensely. Have it in mind that an error may be minor or major, you just need to pay enough attention to notice those errors. 

  1. Fill out the Google form and include the video snippet 

We kept track of the errors we noticed by filing a Google form to remind us of them. We also included the video snippet where the error occurred—this helps to make it easier to reference when we’re fixing the error. 

  1. Product and engineers meet to fix the problem 

After documenting the error, our product team took the video interaction and used it to identify and fix the problem. 


if you’re tired of flying blind like I was, and you want to properly observe and address the experience of the customer. Then you should use the video interaction software to help you know the customer’s pain point whether it’s on your product or even seeing how people interact with a blog post covering debt payoff apps. This software helped me a lot, and I know that it will do the same for you. 

The best benefit that this software has to offer is the ease it offers to help fix the challenges customers may be facing on the website.