How To Host An Outdoor Holiday Event

Are you ramping up for holiday gatherings? In many communities, people are hopeful that the holiday season will include times of gathering, socializing, and celebrating. Many people are opting to cook outside as a way to once again celebrate together, as there are distinct advantages to hosting an outdoor holiday event

For instance, you won’t have to change venues if external circumstances shift at the last moment. You may be able to serve people while maintaining social distancing and meeting safety guidelines. And, you can promote safe celebrating, with a sense of calm relaxation. Let’s examine the top recommendations for success in this new hot trend of outdoor dining.

Preparing For Safe Cooking

Depending on your kitchen, building, or restaurant layout, consider the kitchen layout. Many kitchens were originally built to work for indoor cooking. If you’re setting up an outdoor kitchen, be sure to keep grills and cooking areas safe from fire. Keep flammable materials such as straw bales, paper, gas, or propane canisters at a safe distance.

Checking For Safe Management

While your master chef may be skilled in grilling, consider all the guests who are attending. Do some people need extra assistance with seating and mobility? Do children have a place to play at a safe distance from the cooking arena? By setting up your outdoor kitchen with your attendees in mind, you can easily prevent disasters from occurring.

Organizing For Food Safety

In addition to keeping food safe and clean, outdoor cooking creates some new organizational challenges. Check to make sure that foods are kept at proper cool temperatures. Check refrigeration areas to keep meats cold. Keep insects, small animals, cats, and dogs away from food storage and prep areas. With a little attention to your outdoor kitchen layout, you will help keep foods safe and ready to eat.

Preparing For Peace of Mind

Having a gathering at your home, office, or building requires your full attention and care. If you have other concerns on your mind, be proactive about your health and wellness. For instance, you can discreetly take an at home std test, rapid covid test, or an allergy test before hosting an event. 

With new convenient options, it’s now possible to get answers from the privacy of your home. You’ll get a confidential report to help guide your next steps, which may include contacting an independent physician network to discuss options or treatment.

Mastering The Elements

These days, many people are experiencing unprecedented climate situations. It may seem daunting to have a comprehensive plan to master the elements. However, with a little planning and teamwork, you can aim to be “ready for anything.” Here’s a quick way to become a master of al fresco holiday cooking and dining: 

  • Appoint a master point person. In many groups, there is a single person who is adept in project planning. Who comes to mind in your group? Give this person full authority to be the captain and commander of ceremonies. 
  • Create a plan of action. Use a single point of contact and a single plan to help your holiday gathering go off without a hitch. Before creating the plan of action, ask friends and family to brainstorm solutions. This may include a backup meeting location, a rainy day plan, and a place to meet up in the event of emergencies.
  • Organize crews for each section. Set up a cooking crew, a prep crew, and a set-the-table crew. Ask people to choose what crew they want to be part of, to avoid any misunderstandings. By making the crews optional, people will select the activity they most want to be part of.
  • Offer safety resources. Make sure that anyone who wants to do a health-test, has free access to testing resources. Have backup boxes of masks, gloves, and hairnets for food safety. Set up fire extinguishers in handy locations around your gathering area. 
  • Create signs with clear instructions. Many people will contribute to creating a safe and fun gathering. Yet, some people will come as guests or after the party has begun. Clear signage helps people orient and follow safety guidelines. Make sure that signs are easy to read and understand.

With careful planning and smart safety protocols, you can enjoy a delightful outdoor holiday gathering — ensuring your get-together is a fun, safe, and overall enjoyable experience for all.