Here’s How to Use Giveaway Bottled Water to Promote your Brand

Whether it’s for your conference, launch, or a daily on-site promo, supplying people with customized bottled water is a great way to boost your brand. Giveaway items are a super way for guests to remember you, but a gift like water goes a step further: it promotes your values and shows you care about your customers’ health.

But how do you give out bottled water in an effective way? Here’s a complete guide on how to make this strategy work for your business.

How Does the Promotional Bottled Water Giveaway Work?

Giving customized, promotional bottled water to your guests is quite simple. The idea is to hand out water bottles with your own branding rather than corporate labels.

But won’t people throw them away when they’re done using them?

Not if you invest in aluminum bottles they can reuse and take wherever they go. This makes your giveaway much more memorable and usable long-term.

To create this giveaway, you usually have to customize your own labels or aluminum bottles through a professional service, which give you full creative control. For example, lets you choose the material of your bottles, like recyclable plastic, glass, or aluminum.

You should include items on your bottle label such as:

  • Your logo, branding, company colors
  • Company name and or slogan
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Website

How to Present Your Giveaway

1. Reception Area Promo

Offering free water at reception is a lovely way to make guests feel comfortable. You will remind customers of your branding throughout the day and much longer if you go with aluminum.

Ask your receptionist to offer water to anyone who comes by.

2. In Meetings

Having water readily available helps people for more comfortable in board meetings, presentations, conferences, or team-building events. It is a small touch that goes a long way to creating a good impression.

3. At Charity Walks/Runs/Golf Days etc.

Whether your company is hosting, collaborating on, or participating in a charity day, handing out branded water to participants is a great way to gain visibility. You can have them at the finish line and/or at hydration stations.

By having employees get involved, your team will interact with the local community and establish new relationships.

4. In Swag or Tote Bags

Everyone loves getting a bag of goodies to take home after a conference, launch, or any event, really! If you are collaborating with other companies, tell them you’ll supply the water with your branding.

Make sure to have your branding on the swag bag itself and the other items in it if it’s an in-house affair.

5. At Markets or Trade Shows

Wherever you go to showcase your company, take your promotional water along. Chatting with all the traders and looking at what they offer is draining work. Visitors to your stall will be grateful to get that free bottle of water when they really needed it.

Make sure the water is clearly visible at your stand to draw people in.

6. Sponsorships

If your company doesn’t sponsor any local school programs and sporting, arts, literacy, or theater clubs, consider doing so immediately. It’s a wonderful way to give back to the people who support your business and reach new potential customers. As part of your sponsorship of projects and events, you can include promotional water. Parents will respect you for being a part of these youth development programs and are bound to support you in return.

7. Community Events

There’s always something going on in a thriving community — craft fairs, ladies high teas, sporting days, you name it. Having a stall handing out water alongside company pamphlets is another way to connect with your community and get your name out there. It’s also loads of fun to be a part of these community gatherings!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, handing out bottled water to employees, clients, and community members shows your company cares. It’s an effective way to market your company and thereby generate more business leads. So next time you’re considering buttons or pens, try your hand at designing water bottles instead!