Europe continues to be an attractive business hub for foreigners. Switzerland, especially, has continued to see a steady increase in the number of foreigners who are moving or expanding their businesses to the country. This trend has ensured that the country remains one of the top destinations for businesses that are looking to expand their operations into the European market.

If you are a business person looking to get into the European market, you are probably wondering what makes Switzerland so attractive. The following are some of the main benefits of expanding your business into Switzerland.

  1. Location

When looking to enter into a foreign market, your first prerogative will be to look for the right base, which is usually a country within that geographical market. One of the most crucial criterion that this base has to meet is location.

Switzerland is the best choice in this case because of its prime location, right in the middle of the most densely populated area in Europe. On top of this, the country borders some of the biggest economies in Europe and the world, namely, Germany, Austria, Italy, and France.

Setting up a business in this country will ensure that you have direct access to densely populated markets with participants that have high levels of disposal incomes. There will be a ready demand for your products, and guaranteed high market prices.


  • Infrastructure


Another consideration you need to make is whether the country has the infrastructure you need in order to undertake your business. The infrastructure includes roads, office space, communication, and other forms of infrastructure that are critical to the proper and profitable functioning of your business.

Switzerland is considered among the top countries in Europe in terms of infrastructure. The country boasts of world class public transportation, roads and highways. The Internet and communication infrastructure in the country are also highly modernized, and also regarded as the best within the continent and throughout the world.

Efficient transport, communication, and Internet connectivity not only means that business can progress smoothly, but this efficiency also keeps the business operations costs low guaranteeing you high profit margins.


  • Legal Environment


Business relocation to Switzerland continues to boom because of the pro-business government policies. The country’s government treats all businesses as well as institutions as customers, and its policies reflect this state of affairs.

Government advisors are available to help foreigners set up or expand their businesses in the country. These advisors provide guidance on the legal aspects of moving your business there, making the transition process ever so easy.

Furthermore, Switzerland has double taxation agreements with all of the major industrialised nations as well as some emerging markets. These agreements ensure that companies only pay federal tax in one jurisdiction, which makes the country’s tax regime very attractive to foreign businesses.

The labour market is also quite attractive to foreign businesses because of the limited government regulation. The employment laws as well are viewed as some of the most liberal in the developed world.


  • Labour


Of course you will have to consider the quality of labour in a country before setting up shop there. You want to operate in a market where you have easy and adequate access to a highly skilled talent pool.

Switzerland is very attractive in this regard because of its high quality, well-trained workforce. In fact, the country is among the top countries in the world in terms of highly qualified workers, and majority of Swiss employees work in fields that require highly specialised skills. With access to a talent pool like this, your business is sure to expand, the quality of your products is sure to improve, and your business will generate increased profits.


With the above reasons laid out, there is no reason for you to hesitate relocating or expanding your business to Switzerland.