Benefits of documentation and creative writing

Writing is often deemed as a cathartic activity. For young adults and teenagers, writing is arguably one of the best activities one can indulge in.

It doesn’t matter what sort of writing or reading you’re into; what matters the most is that you’re making an active endeavor to integrate this activity in your lifestyle and daily activities. To help you get there, or to provide more momentum, this segment is directed towards highlighting the many benefits that this activity brings for the user!

Simply speaking, the benefits and advantages of these presents are endless. However, we’ve highlighted the top few ones that we believe are the most influential. 

A subtle form of therapy  

There are several studies and research done on the matter of reading and writing, especially when done by young individuals. The general conclusion that the bulk of the authorities arrived at stated how writing could be a form of therapy for young kids. 

This is primarily attributed to the fact that writing enables self-expression and acknowledgment of how you’re feeling in the present moment, which can often lead to self-actualization. 

Helps improve vocabulary

We’ve all been there. Once you get the hang of writing, you’ll want to get better at the craft. To help you get there, users often integrate a thesaurus into their daily reading.

By writing daily or indulging from time to time, you’re paving the way for an improved vocabulary, which will also carry over to your speaking spills. 

Fuels imagination and creativity 

Writing is a continuous process. Once you get into the groove, the collective process of writing can help you be more elaborate with your thoughts. If done consistently, various patterns of thinking can inculcate creativity in an individual.

Furthermore, this also triggers the subconscious mind to actively seek out more connections in the real world so that you can write about it. Long story short, writing is a great way to increase your imagination and creativity, especially when it comes to the arts. 

Asserts self-confidence  

Writing is also reputed to assert self-confidence in young adults. This is because writing gives the user a voice that they can assert and acknowledge. For a lot of individuals, this can help build self-confidence down the road.

This can go a long way and can help individuals aspire for more down the road. Programs such as Immerse education often lookout for individuals who are good with words and are confident in their abilities. 

Encourages empathy 

When writing, users are often encouraged to put themselves into their character’s shoes. This helps build empathy and makes individuals more accepting of others and accepting diversity. 

This is an attribute that should be encouraged in all. Writing is one way you can go about it. 


The countless benefits that writing offers are priceless; you can’t put a tag on it. Regardless of your age, this is one activity that you should actively seek out and engage with if you want to keep your mind young and fresh.