5 Benefits of Remote Work

A lot has changed in recent years when it comes to the workplace. Many Americans have discovered the benefits of remote work and how it improves their work and home lifestyles.

Having the flexibility to work from home and avoid the time and money-consuming daily commute has offered employees the chance to tailor work hours to their needs. And as people see productivity increase with WFH (work from home) situations, it’s no wonder some employers are encouraging their employees to work to the beat of their own drum.

Are you thinking of making the switch? Here are 5 benefits of remote work to consider.

1. You Have More Freedom and Flexibility

There’s nothing the modern worker appreciates more than their freedom. Working remotely allows people to plan their day around their work and home life schedules.

People have the flexibility to attend appointments, pick children up from school, run errands for family members, or even work from anywhere in the world. This freedom appeals to people juggling many responsibilities.

2. You Can Save Money

This one’s for the workers who have spent an ungodly amount of time and money commuting to the office in even the worst weather conditions. One of the biggest perks that people relish when they go remote is the amount of money they can save.

As soon as you take your office home, you cut the costs of gas, parking, lunch, and coffee straight away. And for the average American who spends $2,327 on take-out coffee, that could add up to be an even bigger bonus than you imagine.

Remote working reduces these expenses by having everything you need at home at your fingertips. And once you cut out these costs, you’ll realize that you have a much larger disposable income to spend on things you genuinely enjoy.

3. It Improves Inclusivity

Remote working is beneficial for both employers and employees, as it has enabled companies to become more inclusive and embrace diversity. Employers can hire people from different cultural, socioeconomic, and geographical backgrounds who have different perspectives. When companies are recruiting people to work on-site, it can alienate people who are just as talented but may not have the means of physically getting to work.

This inclusivity gives people the opportunity to show off their skill-sets in the environments where they feel the most comfortable. It shows that companies actively choose to support and celebrate diversity.

4. It Benefits the Environment

For those looking for reasons other than their personal benefits to working from home, consider that you’re saving the environment while typing away at your home office desk should do the trick.

Remote work benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions because fewer cars and vehicles commute to and from work. It also reduces the amount of paper wasted, as people are more conscious of printing and copying documents at home that could easily be shared virtually.

5. You Can Improve Your Health and Happiness

While the traditional 9-5 and commuting to and from work has been ingrained in society for as long as anyone can remember, being in an office for 8 hours a day isn’t the healthiest activity.

Physically, remote working can reduce the chances of coming into contact with colds, flu, and other viruses. Mentally, it can reduce stress and improve productivity and motivation. It also makes it easier to strap on some sneakers and go for a walk in your neighborhood.

Take Control of Your Life

Essentially, remote work gives people the opportunity to design their perfect work-life balance. From increasing freedom and flexibility to being generally happier and healthier, 9-5 office life could soon be a thing of the past.