Vol 5, No 12 (2019)

Table of Contents


Addition of Capsicum Oleoresin, Carvacrol, Cinnamaldehyde and Their Mixtures to the Broiler Mixed Feed I. Effects On Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Intestinal Microflora, Some Blood Parameters and IGF-1 Gene Expression Levels PDF
Hasan Huseyin Ipcak, Ahmet Alcicek 1-20
New Type Ultra-Banach Spaces PDF
Ibrahim Sanlibaba 21-27
The Phenomenology of the Corners in “Bes Sehir”s Istanbul PDF
Cagla Anilmis Soydemir 28-32
Lawrence Kohlberg's Cognitive Moral Development Theory and the Ideal Human Developed By Religion PDF
Hulya Cetin 33-50
Mistakes in Suffixes in the Written Expression of Kyrgyz Students Who Studied Turkish PDF
Sibel Barcin 51-56
Effect of Heavy Metals Stress on Polyphenolic Compounds in Hydroalcoholic Extract of Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) PDF
Amir Rahimi, Fatemeh Ahmadi, Gulen Ozyazici 57-64
Evaluation of 2007 and 2018 Turkish Earthquake Code For the Provinces of Erzurum and Erzincan PDF
Erdem Bayrak 65-73
Energy Harvesting From Electric Power Line: A Brief Review PDF
Yunus Uzun, Taguchi Kozo 74-81
A Study on the Reliability of Breads Baked In Wood Fire and Sold In Konya Province PDF
Suleyman Gokmen 82-86
Energy Efficient Use of Microclimatic Elements and Today's Interpretation in Mardin Traditional Housing Architecture PDF
F. Demet Aykal, Kubra Suna, Kubra Kochan 87-101
Traditional Pit Growing Method of Diyarbakir Watermelon PDF
Vedat Pirinc, Erhan Akalp 102-111
Classification of Variables Affecting Birth Weight by Decision Trees and K-Nearest Neighbor Methods PDF
Sadi Elasan, Siddik Keskin 112-119
Radiation Sterilization Applications PDF
Emine Selin Demir, Emre Ozgenc, Evren Atlihan Gundogdu 120-126
Discipline Understanding in Islamic / Traditional Education PDF
Mehmet Okutan 127-137
Using Neural Networks for Heart Sounds Classification: A Review PDF
Omer Deperlioglu 138-145
The Effects of Different Concentrations and Combinations of Plant Growth Regulators on Micropropagation Potential of Pomegranates (Punica granatum L.) PDF
Emine Orhan, Kadir Yuksel, Murat Aydin 146-153
Evaluation of the Cases Hospitalized in our Burn Unit PDF
Tulay Diken Allahverdi, Ertugrul Allahverdi 154-157
Evaluation of Candidemia Cases PDF
Meltem Avci, Serdar Gungor, H. Haydar Kutlu, Utku Eser 158-166
Perturb/Observe Controller and PI Controller for Battery Charger with Photovoltaic Panel PDF
Fatma Aslan, Yasemin Onal 167-178
Heavy Metal Induced Gene Expression in Plants PDF
Abdul Razaque Memon, Nuriye Merakli, Fatma Kusur, Orcan Demircan, Emine Ayaz, Muhammet Memon 179-195
Gold Nano-Particle Based Localized Plasmon Resonance Biosensors PDF
Saime Cigdem Yorulmazd 196-205
New Equipment and Software Provided By Virtual Reality Technologies to Visual Designers PDF
Huseyin Baran 206-215
Biophilic Playgrounds as Playscapes in Child-Nature Interaction PDF
Canan Cengiz, Aybuke Ozge Boz 216-226
Determination of Mineral Contents of Sorghum (Sorghum sp.) and Corn (Zea mays L.) Varieties Grown for Roughage PDF
Mehmet Arif Ozyazici, Semih Acikbas 227-237
Determination of the Feed Value of Wheat Straw: Turkey, Siirt Province Case PDF
Semih Acikbas, Mehmet Arif Ozyazici 238-243
Investigation of the Mechanical Properties and Changes in Water Absorption Capacity of Natural Fiber Reinforced Polyoxymethylene PDF
Yilmaz Kismet 244-250
Comparison Some Fruit Characteristics of Eggplant Population with Their Selfing Lines PDF
Vedat Pirinc, Ayse Yildiz Pakyurek 251-259
Prozercon sellnicki Halašková, 1963: A new record of zerconid mites (Acari, Zerconidae) for the Turkish Fauna PDF
Rasit Urhan, Elif Hilal Duran, Mehmet Karaca 260-264
The Problematic of the Gradual Transition of Urban Spaces into “Non-Places: the Urban Squares of Antalya (Turkey)” PDF
Sadik Gokhan Ekinci, Kemal Reha Kavas 265-278
Healthcare Waste Management Practices in Al Leith Hospital, Saudi Arabia PDF
Alshebli Ahmed, Abdulmjeed Almaki, Faisal Alosmani, Mohammed Alghumwi, Saeed Bahshwan, Ibrahim O, Modawy Elnour Modawy 279-287
A New CR-Chord Based P2P Protocol in the Presence of Malicious Nodes PDF
Musa Milli 288-295
Evaluation Alternative Tourism of Bingol (Turkey) PDF
Omer Kilic, Zeyneb Kilic 296-300
Investigation of Ionospheric Storms Occurred over Turkey during a Geomagnetic Storm PDF
Ramazan Atici 301-305
Plant Use on Urban Roads within the Scope of Streetscape: Zonguldak Case Study PDF
Canan Cengiz, Deniz Karaelmas, Aybuke Ozge Boz 306-313
The Impact of Social Identity and Empathy on Helping Behavior: The Moderator Role of Empathy PDF
Elvan Kiremitci Canioz, Hamit Coskun 314-323

ISSN (online) 2422-8702