Vol 4, No 7 (2018)

Table of Contents


Air Write Letter Recognition Using Random Forest Classification on Arduino Dataset PDF
Osman Ecer, Zeki Yetgin, Turgay Celik 1-9
Healing-Therapy (Protective and Treatment) Effects on the Human Life of the Gemstones (Having Nodular and Crystalline Appearances); Some Samples Used in the Ancient and Medieval Times PDF
Murat Hatipoglu, Sibel Kilic, Hakki Babalik, Elanur Guner, Hilmi Guney 10-37
School Artifacts in the Context of Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions (Germany and Turkey Sample) PDF
Yilmaz Tonbul, Habibe Angay 38-56
Physiological Performance of Some High Temperature Tolerant Tomato Genotypes PDF
Yelderem Akhoundnejad, H. Yildiz Dasgan 57-74
Artificial Bee Colony Programming for Feature Selected Cancer Data Classification PDF
Sibel Arslan, Celal Ozturk 75-84
Comparing Performances of Homogeneity Tests Used for Intraclass Version of Kappa PDF
Harika Gozde Gozukara Bag, Celal Reha Alpar 85-102
An Analysis of McKinsey 7-S Model and Its Application on Organizational Efficiency PDF
Mustafa Seckin Salvarli, Dogu Kayiskan 103-111
Experienced Pogroms in Central African Republic, International System and the Role of Turkey PDF
Asena Boztas 112-118
Performance and Emissions Characteristics of Biofuel Blend In a CI Engine PDF
Cumali Ilkilic, Zeynep Aytac 119-128
Sulukule - From Past to Present: A Jane Jacobs Walk PDF
Yelda Aydin Turk, Selcen Mollayakupoglu 129-137
Cost Analysis in Urban Solid Waste Management with Panel Data Method: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality PDF
Saygin Bayrak 138-148
The Effect of CrataegusSp Seedling Rootstockson Growth and Performance of Some Apple cultivars (Granny Smith, Mondial Gala and Fuji apple) PDF
Nevzat Sevgin, Mehmet Polat 149-154

ISSN (online) 2422-8702