Vol 6, No 6 (2020)

Table of Contents


Preschool Religious Education in European Union Countries (Example of Vienna) PDF
Abdullah Akin 1-24
Localised Flux Density Distribution around Different Holes on Electrical Steel: Prediction and Calculation PDF
Naim Derebasi 25-33
Effect of Coating and Annealing on Giant Magneto Impedance in Co and Fe-Based Amorphous Wires PDF
Naim Derebasi 34-41
Are Primary School 2nd Grade Students Ready for Division? PDF
Niymet Demirci, Nese Isik Tertemiz 42-57
Examining Distributed Leadership in Terms of Various Variables Based on Teachers' Opinions PDF
Cigdem Cakir 58-76
Investigation of the Effect of Piano Education on Attention and Concentration in Preschool Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder PDF
Pinar Celik Demiray, Safiye Sunay Yildirim Dogru 77-83
Current Educational Policies of Political Parties in Turkey PDF
Ismail Erol, Munevver Cetin 84-103
The Analysis of Children's Development Associate Degree Program Students' Attitudes towards Inclusion in Preschool Period in Terms of Different Variables PDF
Belgin Parlakyildiz, Semih Ucar 104-113
An Examination of Perception of Science and Art Centers’ Teachers about Organizational Change and Organizational Dissent PDF
Mahire Aslan, Umit Dogan 114-133
Ministry of Education Turkish Overseas Schools as a Factor of Soft Power in Public Diplomacy: A Qualitative Analysis PDF
Munevver Cetin, Bahar Dogan 134-150
Can Exergames Use As an Educational Tool in Physical Education for Cognitive, Social, and Affective Domains? PDF
Yakup Zuhtu Birinci, Nimet Hasil Korkmaz, Inci Ece Ozturk 151-166
The Comparison of the Intuitive Mathematic Skills of Preschool Children Who Take Education According to Ministry of National Education Preschool Education Program and Montessori Approach PDF
Yildiz Guven, Seray Durkaya 167-178
A Brief Analysis on the Main Course Books Music Theory in Turkey PDF
Rohat Cebe 179-182
A Qualıtatıve Research on the Kyrgyz Literature Textbook of the 9th Class PDF
Sibel Barcin 183-187
21st Century Skills in Business and Maria Montessori PDF
Betul Kuru 188-196
Determination of Variables That Affect the Mathematics Success of the 7th Grade Students PDF
Abdullah Suslu, Sule Otken 197-203

ISSN (online) 2422-8702